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1442846 tn?1284654177 I have no clue why my body is doing this but, i really hate it. And i kind of think it has something to do with me getting my tongue pierced. One day after i got this done, is when i started to feel this way. I would very much appreciate it if you can reply to me. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have also had my tongue pierced for 8-9 weeks. Is this blotch related to my tongue piercing? and what is this red blotch? what should i do? please help p.
461010 tn?1208482459 thanks alot guys, i really apreciet your comments,, thank you auntiejessi for all the advise you have given me
Avatar f tn This may be tmi, sorry but, i have my nipples and tongue pierced. Among others, but those are the ones im wprried about. Did/do any of you ladies have either done? And did you have to take them out, if so around how many weeks did you remove them?
2001085 tn?1327443140 Hello everyone, I hope someone can help with this question, yesterday I had a sore throat feeling which seem to come & go, well now not so much feeling the sore throat much but having a very piercing earache in left ear hitting me every minute or two which if I lay down then the earache pain shifts to inside of head more to top left corner inside, what is strange about this is the top of my head in that area is very sensitive to the touch feeling somewhat a bit of pain, this feels like an ea
1222635 tn?1366396286 does anyone have a genital piercing? i got a hood piercing (piercing through the skin covering your clit) for me and dh to enjoy and its supposed to be a simple fast healing piercing but mine hurts like S H I T when i move the ring. its only been 2 days so i was wondering if anyone on here has an experience with these or knows anything about how much and how long they're supposed to hurt for?
Avatar n tn So many people have been telling me that because of the oral piercing and sore that I put myself at serious risk, even though semen was not involved.
Avatar f tn I never removed my tongue piercing during labour. The only one I ever took out during pregnancy was my belly ring, and it went right back in after delivery.
Avatar m tn she has a piercing on her tongue, should that be cause of concern. it seems it was old piercing and she recently got tested for HIV two weeks backs and is negative ...
5330867 tn?1366526333 Ok so i just got my tongue pierced about a week ago it is a venom tongue piercing so its a double tongue piercing. But when it is fully healed (4 weeks) i have to change the bars to a smaller flat-headed post but i dont know where to go to find one i live in Sudbury so maybe somebody knows where to go, and if you do PLEASE comment below and tell me where!? thxs.
Avatar f tn Do you have any burning sensation or itching in your urethra as this is key to some common infections. I doubt from the tongue piercing. Try to squeeze towards the front and see if any white comes out.
Avatar n tn Previously two days ago dry cough started again along with headache and fever (up to 102 F) and for the last 2-3 days i was feeling drowsy and tired as well as had white coating on my tongue and blisters on the back of my tongue. Apart from tonsil i have no gland swollen and have no other symptom like the weight loss or rashes. I had unprotected sex with my girl friend 6 months ago who has multiple piercing (from piercing guns) but no other sexual relationship.
Avatar n tn I got my tongue pierced about a year and half ago, but I have suddenly got a lot of ulcers in around my mouth and my tongue and gums are swollen and i just wanted to know if that had anything to do with my tongue piercing. my tongue piercing looks pretty normal apart from the fact that my tongue is swollen and the end of it is numb and funny feeling as if i've burnt the to of it.
Avatar f tn I had to take my belly piercing out cause of the risk of it tearing open when i get bigger but i didnt ask about the tongue piercing. Is it safe to keep it in my mouth since ive had for about 5 years now, hopefully someone can help me with the answer. THANKIESS!!!!
Avatar f tn About two weeks after I had it pierced, I had a fever with diarrhoea, vomiting, dry cough, blocked nose, muscle pains, joint pains, head ache, sore throat, sneezing, difficult sleeping, tiredness and lose of appetite. But, do note that I didn't have the body rash that's typical with a HIV primary infection so that could've been just a seasonal flu or my body fighting against the piercing. However, I have been paranoid ever since then thinking that I have HIV.
Avatar m tn I was fairly confident I had no risk, but her tongue piercing is what worries me know as the next day I felt it was very sore underneathe my tongue (as if it was cut and the wound was healing). I will test at 3 months to ease my fears, although Im worried the doctor wont even test me because of the apparent low risk factor.
Avatar m tn The girl was 22 years old from Poland. She had one tongue piercing which went right through her tongue and one lips piercing. She gave me fellatio for some 3-5 minutes and then she did vigorous handjob and then fellatio again. She then did handjob again until I ejaculated. I removed the condom and could see the semen inside. However I am worried since she had piercings and this could have made holes in the condom and let viruses through.
Avatar m tn Hi, I met a CSW yesterday and we french kissed for a while. She had a piercing on her tongue. She said she had her piercing done quite a while back. What if the piercing was bleeding or still not healed? Do I need a 3 month wait period to test for HIV?
Avatar f tn it can take weeks for tongue piercing to heal, and some pain and swelling is normal. If you see any pus or indication of infection or fever, take it out and see dr for antibiotics.. I have several piercings myself and I know it ***** having to take them out.. Also a possibility you're allergic to the jewlery?
Avatar n tn The process of piercing would put someone at risk if the piercing instrument was contaminated with HIV infected blood, just as contaminated needles risk HIV transmission occupationally for health care workers or among injection drug users. But simply having a pierced tongue, navel, or nipple doesn't mean the instruments used in piercing were contaminated. If everybody with a body piercing were at increased risk for HIV, then that would apply to amost every woman.
Avatar f tn I want to get my tongue pierced for my husband and surprise him with it is it safe to get a tongue piercing when your pregnant or is it not safe and it can affect the baby hit me up and tell me what you think.
5611158 tn?1370900304 s Monday and I have redness on the tip of my tongue and underneath my tongue. Is my tongue infected and if so what precautions should I take to treat it. Please help me.
Avatar f tn i highly doubt it's an allergic reaction to the metal because i've had my tongue pierced at the same piercing place and it didn't give me any problems =( also, if it is my body's reaction to a foreign object, do you think my body will eventually get used to having it there? i really like it and would rather not take it out unless i absolutely have to.
Avatar f tn I Have My Septum Tongue Lip And Belly Button Done And Im 27 Weeks And Still have Everything In But I Can't During Labor Unless It's spacers