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Avatar n tn The large taste buds and down the back of my tongue taste buds are real large and very sore. It has been this way for several weeks. what could be wrong? Also, back of my throat stays sore, tongue and throat are painful and feel burning. No white or pus.
1644331 tn?1372337256 Now i have a decent sized area of my tongue that has what seem to me to be inflamed taste buds? They dont hurt alot but they do cause irritation it feels like i burnt the back of my tongue on something really hot..And when i swallow i "flex" my tongue a bit and it makes the area hurt. Im considering going to my dentist but wanted to post to see if someone might be able to say what it definitely is and if it might just go away by itself. Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn I noticed that I had a couple of sore taste buds on the tip of my tongue about 1 week ago that were really bothering me. I sort of bit them off, they bled and the pain was gone but the next day more had popped up. It seems like as soon as I ged rid of one or two, more seem to appear. The area where they started is kind of numb now and they seem to be moving across the front of my tongue.
Avatar n tn I noticed that I had a couple of sore taste buds on the tip of my tongue about 1 week ago that were really bothering me. I sort of bit them off, they bled and the pain was gone but the next day more had popped up. It seems like as soon as I ged rid of one or two, more seem to appear. The area where they started is kind of numb now and they seem to be moving across the front of my tongue.
Avatar f tn I have sore throat from acid reflux (just have been diagnosed today) and often have sour taste after eating,. and just now i've discovered i have quiet a few swollen taste buds at the back of the tongue!! does anyone else have the same problem?? any advice how to heal them?? my doctor gave me pantoprazole/protonix to take . , will this also help to reduce the swollen taste buds??
Avatar n tn For several years i have had an ocasionalenlarged &painfultastebud from time to time .Usually on the left or tip of my tongue .
Avatar n tn She gave me a mouth rinse to make it better, but it actually makes it hurt even more, and it usually bothers me more on the side and tip of my tongue. I noticed enlarged taste buds, but my tongue does not have a white coating and it's not red, just on a few small spots. It's very strange and I'm frustrated! Does anyone have any idea what could be? It also has a few "cuts" on top.
Avatar n tn I eat a lot of very spicy food (everyday) and at first I thought the bumps might be irritated taste buds. I called my internal medicine doctor and they did a strep culture test and it came back negative but they gave me an antibiotic. Its been about a week and a half and I still have the same symptoms. There is no other symptoms along with it (no fever, headache, lethargy, etc) Could it be from the tooth?
Avatar n tn The next step the doctors say is a biopsy on my tongue. Can anyone relate to these symptoms.
Avatar m tn - starts with lips feeling like they are burning - get random blisters on my lips - those burst and scab over, along with scabs in the corners of my mouth - I get sore taste buds on my tongue as well In the past few days I have noticed a couple of red sore spots on my penis. But it could be chafing...I am hoping that is all.
Avatar n tn I've been studying the throat and tongue thing for a bit and have some new information. The problems with the small sores on the tongue that seem like inflamed taste buds are generally caused by fungi and sometimes sugar feeding bacteria,(it can affect your throat as well). Those sores are listed as a symptom for stomach disorders like ulcers and acid reflux, something to do with stomach acid destroying good bacteria in your throat that keep the fungi and bad bacteria in check.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning with swollen taste buds, sore throat, and froggy voice. My tongue feels kind of painful. Anyone have any idea's of what it could be. My tongue and taste buds are normal color, there just swollen, and I have no fever.
Avatar n tn I don't really have the white bumps that come from burning, but I do have at least one sore red bump (swollen taste bud maybe?) on my tongue. Thanks for the response!
Avatar n tn My "bitter" taste buds are enlarged and very sore. I also have bumps forming on the side of my tongue as well as two canker sores underneath my tongue. My throat is sore and my ear has began to hurt. What could this possibly be?
1391518 tn?1280003994 To give you a little background I am a 25 yr old guy and since about last november I have had something my dentist calls geographic tongue which is where the taste buds go away and it has a little white line around it usually on the edges of my tongue and I just thought it was strange that out of the blue all of a sudden this appeared.
Avatar n tn Then the area where the blister originally was at begins to turn pink and very smooth about 1/2 my tongue. It no longer hurts but feels weird cause I dont think my taste buds work too well when this is happening. Then it all goes away and my tongue goes back to normal until it happens again. Can you explain what is happening or what should I do please?
Avatar f tn I don't see anything regarding my question
Avatar n tn However, for the past 2, or 2 1/2 weeks, I have been experiencing some oral problems including very sore gums, sore tongue and a bit of soreness inside my cheek and inner lip. My gums are red and a bit swollen and bleed when I brush them and my tongue looks like my taste buds slightly swollen, red and inflamed. The inside of my cheek is likewise red and a bit swollen in places as if I have bitten it while chewing food.
Avatar f tn ok so i was noticing today that i have the same bumps in my mouth on the back of my tongue but just smaller in size its almost all of my taste buds it looks like and my gums are redder than usual i also have a canker sore now behind my top front tooth ..can these symptoms that came up be something different than hypertrophied lingual tonsils or a ectopic thyroid tissue ..and the proton pump inhibitors that you suggested can i get them at the drug store or would i have to get them prescribed ?
1181820 tn?1264080370 I dont remember burning or biting my tongue so i am very confused. There is no discoloration or swelling of any of the taste buds, I just dont get it! This is twice in the past month and with no instance of injury i can think of. I am also a smoker... started when i was 17, now i am 22.. I worry that this might have something to do with smoking and im scared to death of getting some kind of oral cancer... but they said it usually starts out painless...
Avatar m tn Have anyone experience a similar symptom, and knows what might the tongue blister and the sore throat be up to? If anyone have any suggestions to improve any one of my 3 symptoms, please post!!! Below is a list of history regarding my problem 1) Earlier this year, January, I got lower esophagus pain when swallowing food, and was diagnosed with esophagus inflammation, and was given a week of medication, which treated the problem.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I noticed a red circle on my tongue (not taste buds, my tongue appeared red under my taste buds) the next few days my taste buds disappeared from that red circle. That spot is now back to normal, but today I noticed two more red spots that burn. 5 months ago I had unprotected oral and am concerned that this could be hpv. I went to the doctor who said hpv is a possibility but he really isn't sure.
Avatar n tn Within days, my sores went away. My tongue is still sore (kinda like freezer burnt) but I can eat again! I drink the juice for my red blood count and hemo. It seems to be working because for the last 2 months, my count is going back up, very slowly though. But its not dropping anymore. I am in week 25 outta 48. I am starting to feel human again! And for those who know 24 week pcr came back the same as my 12 week.....undetectable!!!!
Avatar m tn My taste buds are swollen and my tongue is a little sore. I brush my teeth and tongue, use mouthwash, I even quit smoking. I drink lots of coffee, I'm on a pretty healthy diet (aside from the coffee LoL), I'm not on any meds, I havn't burned my tongue (maybe chemically with the salt water), the doc says she doesn't see anything that looks like cancer. Anyone think they can tell me what's up with my mouth? Thanks!
Avatar n tn What causes taste buds to be raised and very sore? Any natural remedies?
1744544 tn?1311303462 The tongue chewing desire comes periodically with a certain feeling of certain swollen/raised taste buds that are quite hard underneath and are sore when my teeth brushes past them. In frustration of just tear them away by biting. The situation is now so dire that I now enjoy the pain of biting them away, which leaves me to now think I am truely falling thru the cracks. The next day when the desire has abated and I go to eat, it really hurts.
Avatar n tn Once you are found to have a low B-12, you need to stay on lifelong supplemenation, to maintan a normal level. Low B-12 can cause many symptoms with a sore tongue being just one. Poor taste buds. Even though your B-12 went back to normal, or above, your levels needs to be monitored for the rest of your life. I have low B-12 also. My level was 89 when it was discovered. I had been sent to a neurologist for numbness in my lower face that was coming & going.
Avatar n tn You have seen 2 doctors who said it was nothing, just taste buds. An online doc rarely can compete with the opinion of a healthcare provider who actually has examined someone. Anyway, the taste bud explantion sounds right. It certainly isn't oral herpes and doesn't sound like any other STD. Everybody has a row of 7-9 prominent taste buds--not exactly a row, but arranged in a shallow V shape--running across the back of our tongues.