Sore throat and vomiting in children

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Avatar f tn amd I have two healthy children and another almost her They makes me have projectile vomiting. You should be fine till your sore throat is better.
Avatar f tn My last child keeps breaking out with this strange rash on his hand that resembles ring worm but before the rash he suffer from vomiting fever and sore throth. The first break out the pus bumps grew really big and had to be busted at hospital and test were ran but no results just medicine for ring worm. What questions should I be asking my childs peditrician?
Avatar f tn My throat has been dry and sore for the past 6 days and it hurts to eat and swallow, but also ive been having headaches. I've been drinking along of water and orange juice to see if it will help my throat but it hasnt and i just looked in my mirror and my tonsils had white stuff on them. I gargled with warm salt water but it didnt help at all.
554896 tn?1215442613 I got very sick Saturday all day. Vomiting, and dry heaving. I couldn't eat anything for the first part of the day. Finally, my stomach was better, but when I went to eat, my throat was so sore from vomiting I couldn't swallow anything. Its three days later, and my throat pain is worse than ever. I've tried hot tea, salt water gargle, soup, and ice cream.
Avatar n tn Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain. Sometimes coughing can cause vomiting. If you develop a fever, or if there is enlargement of the tonsils with pain or if there is white coating on the tonsils, you will need to consult your primary care physician for a strep test, which if positive you will be given antibiotics.
Avatar f tn maybe puree his food if its hard for him to eat ,the fever should go down soon.,if he is still vomiting in 24 hours I think you should take him back to see the doctor ,Good luck hope hes better soon .
Avatar f tn They gave him a shot of penicilin, some pills for nausea and sent him home. Today, he continues to have a headache, a bad sore throat and threw up again. He found a doctor, but since he is a new patient, the doctor cannot see him until next Tuesday! Any advice?
Avatar f tn Frequently urinating and vomiting then after vomiting you feel sore in your throat ? ..
Avatar n tn my 2 1/2 year old grandson has a little problem with his ability of throwing up. just tonight his mother told him to go to bed and when he didn't want to stood in the bedroom door and threw up without gagging himself. this isn't the 1st time. they have lived with us for about 10 months and whenever there is someone usually his mother telling him no or time for bed he throws up. it doesn't seem to be painful for him but he also seems to like the reaction he gets from it.
Avatar f tn t remember which had occurred first, the vomiting or the hoarseness in the throat.) I took him home and he went to bed. The next day he was fine. About a month later, at about 8:30 pm, he came to me and asked me for some tablets for his throat. I assumed he had a sore throat from getting a cold so I told him you can't take tablets for that. A couple of seconds later his voice changed immediately and sounded very hoarse. Then the difficulty breathing began.
533880 tn?1237612452 At first I thought I had the flu, constant high fevers, my body was swore, could not eat, no vomiting, but after one week with that I would get a sore throat and that is when I would notice the white patches in the back of my throat. Is this the usually pattern of strep throat. Why am I having so many problem with this? I have kept a sore throat for the last two first I thought I had strep now but the white patches went away. I have been having allergy problems...
Avatar n tn The following week, her symptoms changed. The vomiting and diarrhea went away, but the abdominal pains and sore throat remained. She would only eat a tiny amount every day. She continued to complain of reflux. At the end of the second week, they put her on Prevacid to help with the reflux symptoms. The third week, the doctor did an abdominal x-ray which showed everything was fine.
Avatar m tn It is in the middle of my throat and i just feel bad all day so far. Is there anything i can do or should do and should i be worried?
Avatar m tn Since then every time I throw up from being sick from some bad food, my entire chest and throat is sore for almost a week, so that I am not able to take in deep breaths because it is slightly sore. Is this permanent? Have I damaged my esophagus for life?
Avatar f tn I went to the dr. with a sore throat, and acid reflux was diagnosed. I first took Prilosec, no effect and am now on Nexium. Problem is better but persists. Blood tests done with a check up indicated anemia (iron VERY low). I have gained approx. 20 pounds since Christmas. I have always had irregular bowel movements (as opposed to my children who regularly go at the same time every day) but exercise and diet helps. No blood in stool that I can tell. No vomiting blood.
Avatar f tn i have a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, diarreah, tight feeling stomach. i am a 26 year old female. would might this be?
Avatar n tn t feeling nausious anymore but thatI had really bad gas and that the lump in throat feeling was still there along with a sore throat. He said it sounded more like a stomach broblem than anything serious and put me on prilosec for one month. The lump feeling in my throat has went away almost completely and the sore throat is almost gone. That was around a week ago. Also around a week ago I started noticing a small amount of blood in the morning coming from my throat.
Avatar m tn Now about 5-6 days later my voice is really hoarse, deep and croaky plus im getting abit of acid reflux. Can vomiting so much and the acid effect my throat causing it to be sore along with damaging my vocals chords causing the hoarse voice? Or should i see a doctor?
Avatar n tn I also have soreness on the back of my tongue, and now a sore throat to accompany it. Depending on how I move my tongue, it sort of hurtsm like there may be a sore of some kind. Is it possible that I am biting it in my sleep?
Avatar f tn I took my daughter into the ER with a severe sore throat, fever, vomiting, and exhaustion. The influenza A&B, Strep, and Mono tests came back negative. Her AST is as 52 and ALT is at 110. The paperwork says she has hepatitis, but I have to take her in Monday for blood tests so I assume that this is just a suspected diagnosis. How likely is it that she actually has hepatitis?
Avatar f tn I have had a tiny amount before and it was due to irritation in my throat. You should at least make an appointment with your physician. If you vomit red blood, become dizzy or faint or have black sticky stools you should go to the emergency room.
Avatar n tn Both my children and my mother have all been sick the last couple of weeks with the common cold virus. Their symptoms included sneezing, sore throat, coughing and body aches. I have none of these symptoms. For the last 3 days, I have experienced a sore and swollen neck, NOT throat. The pain is localized to one particular area which is painfully sore to touch, which is by the round lump...I believe is comparable to the Adam's Apple; however, I'm female.
Avatar m tn If you inhaled either droplets or particulates with droplets attached, you could experience symptoms such as difficulty breathing, coughing, sore throat, and worsening of the typical symptoms you have with your asthma (wheezing). Possible symptoms that may result from exposure to sulfuric acid: Inhalation of sulfuric acid droplets can cause a chemical pneumonitis (inflammation in the lungs).
Avatar n tn t sound as lactose intolerance. Viral diarrhea (Rotavirus) is common in children younger than 5 years, and some immunity develops after that, so it would be unusual to have 4 consecutive bouts of diarrhea from the virus. What is the color and consistence of his stool? How many times a day? He is complaining (or you suspect) about school problems? Any abdominal pain, if yes, where exactly?
Avatar m tn i have had 4 episodes of severe sore throat in the past 3 months and i have been put on 4 different antibiotics. The last antibiotic i took was 3 weeks ago. I get recurrent sore throats that last for a week or so and go away and come back. Last time i got the sore throat it made my front neck lymph nodes to get swollen and it would hurt to touch. The tenderness and pain got better and its getting less swollen now. But 5 days ago i started getting a very bad stomach pain and nausea.
Avatar n tn My nephew has a growth in this throat that looks like it is coming up from his stomach, kind of like an asparagus stalk - he also has a stomach ache and his throat is sore. Has anyone ever heard or seen this? Any response welcome.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 9y/o who is experiencing on and off high fever with complaints of headache, fatigue and vomiting. She just had urinalysis which was hazy in transparency,ph 6, pus cells of 0-3hpf, rbc is 0-2, epithelial cells is few, bacterial cells is few and a urine specific gravity of 1.025. Please let me know if this result is significant for UTI. What antibiotic do you recommend if any? Thanks.
Avatar n tn My child was wetting the bed, extremely thirsty all the time and was vomiting; his vomiting, we think, was contributed to a stomach virus he had at the time. We took him to the ER due to dehydration -they did a blood chemistry and his blood sugar was 399-they immediately admitted him to ICU and he was put on IV insulin. He's been a diabetic now for 3 years-he's now 9. He's has handled it amazingly well!
Avatar f tn Six days ago I began to experience nausea, vertigo and dry heaves. In order to relieve the terrible feeling of nausea and dry heaves I triggered my gag reflex by sticking my finger down my throat and I vomited bile. I have generalized weakness, loss of appetite but NO fever, sore joints, bloating or diarreha. The nausea subsided for about 48 hours but it returned today with the same outcome. Nausea and vomiting bile. What does it mean when you vomit bile?