Sore scalp on left side of head

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579705 tn?1276776649 the feeling is usually on the left side of my head but can also be in several other places on my head too. is this maybe just overactive nerves? can it be anything to do with the migraines i have previously suffered? may it be that i also have problems with my neck?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have frequent twinges in the right side of my head/brain (under the scalp), almost like a little muscle cramp, spasm or flash of pressure. It's not associated with a headache or any other symptoms, and it's not especially painful just distracting and disconcerting. Sometimes I have a lot of them (today for instance, I've had a twinge every minute or so) and sometimes I go days without them.
Avatar m tn the lump is more to the top and back of my left side of my head . i asked my doctor she said not to worry about it . just interested that is all could it be a cyst or something ? no cancer history in my direct family history.
Avatar n tn Hi, last night when I went to lay in bed, I noticed a sore feeling on the back of my head towards the right side. I felt the area and noticed a fairly large lump. The next morning, I noticed another fairly large lump, this time on the left side. As the day progressed. I began to develop smaller lumps in the back of my ears, 3 behind my left ear and one behind my right ear. The lumps are very tender and even hurt when I look up or turn my head in different directions.
Avatar m tn i had a auto accident about 15 days ago. it was single accident that hit the tree in the median. I had laceration on forehead and a couple of fractures on my face. ED said they did CT SCAN and X-rays on several parts of my body and nothing else was fractured. 2-3 days after I was discharge from hospital, I was getting this heavy soreness on my head. Some reason, my right side of body is injured more than left side and even my head is sore only right side.
Avatar f tn I have a small (1/3in wide) hard lump on the left side of the crown of my head. I was told it was probably a calcium build up by my doctor but she never examined it. I still have the lump six months later and it feels like it is getting bigger (I can't see it in the mirror where it's located), I am also getting more frequent headaches. It is under the scalp, I can move the skin a little, no hair loss and the lump itself does not move as if it's attached to the skull.
Avatar f tn For the last few days i have been experiencing if you could imagine where a hairband would lie on your head (directly in the middle) a sore burning/tight feeling of the scalp. Almost feels like my hair is being pulled its very sensitive- but very very sore and burning feeling. Does anyone have any ideas on what this is & what i can do??
Avatar m tn Have these same symptoms. Painful scalp area on right side of my head, swollen glands on the right side and a dull headache. It's Spring so I've attributed it to allergies or a mild virus. It's day three so if I don't see improvement item I'm off to the doctor. Extra vitamins are a good idea.
Avatar f tn I was talking to my friend on my cell and suddenly it felt like my ear was stabbed with an icepick. The pain ran through my ear canal and up the left side of my head to the left top. Very quick and excruciating!. But now my ear is sore and my scalp is sore to the touch. This has been happening for a couple of years but not to THIS extreme. Funny, I just got a different cell phone with a lower SAR today. But I was on the old one tonight. My old phone has a SAR rating of 130.
Avatar f tn for the last two days now i have been experiencing tenderness on my left side of my face. I also have a lot of head aches, not major but at least one a day for the last couple of months. I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not, but this pain that i have now is not an ache or internal pain. It is actually just sore when i make facial expressions or if i touch chin right up to my top of my head is very sensitive and sore to touch.
Avatar f tn These sores can be caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Acne and clogged hair shafts can cause scalp sores, too. Cysts on the scalp are another cause of scalp sores. In folliculitis there is inflammation of one or several hair follicles on the skin causing red, bumpy and pimple-like lumps.Tinea capitis causes round, red, scaly bumps on the scalp's surface.
Avatar f tn Today i have experienced in the left top side of my head almost where a hairband would sit, pains. Not all the time every once in a while. The pains are not horrendously painful but are a little painful. My scalp around that are also feels quite sore & sensitive. Do you have any ideas what this could be? I have no medical problems other than what my doctor thinks is TMJ...i grit my teeth constantly. Are these typical of ice pick headaches?
Avatar f tn ve been having headaches on the left side of my head. Top, side and forehead area. If I touch my head my scalp is very sore. I feel like I have a bruise on my head. I've been to my dr he thinks it could be from my birth control pill. I've taken the same pill for 3+ years. I've had a cat scan and it was normal. The pain is not constant but pretty close. Sometimes it pulsates, sometimes it's dull. Does anyone have a clue what this might be?? I need some relief.
Avatar f tn I have a burning sensation on the right side of my head and when i look left the pain gets worse and i also suffer from Anxiety and my gums are also swollen and bleeds easily can anyone tell me what it could be please as this is freaking me out
Avatar f tn Over the past month I have had sharp shooting pain starting from about half way between the top of my left ear and the crown of my head moving down towards my left ear lobe. My scalp is painful to the touch at both the starting and ending positions. The last two days have been miserable because the pain is coming almost every 15 to 30 seconds and will not allow me to sleep. As I have MS and had optic neuritis, could this be related? How do I get relief?
Avatar m tn The doctor told me that my scalp would go back to the orlginal size and I would get my feeling back in my scalp. I have all of the feeling on the left side of my scalp. But the right side still goes from numb to tingling to several other feeling. I can't say that it's painful but sometimes my scalp is a little sore. And my scalp becomes inflamed when I scratch my head or comb my hair alot. I take ibuprofin daily.
1009876 tn?1326490077 The sore spots are only on my scalp, not my face. I have been putting antibiotic cream (clindasol) on the spots. It seems to make the soreness subside, but they're not going away. So far, Head and shoulders doesn't help. I'm going to change my shampoo to see if that helps.
279234 tn?1363105249 or at least it feels this way. It started about a month ago. It's hard to describe because it will go from either a crawling sensation on my scalp and forehead (good for Halloween), to a feeling of burning/sunburn, or feeling like my head is wet. I'm reaching up on my left side and feeling, but nothing is there. If you were to split the top of my head in half, the left side at the top, is getting this sensation and it runs down to my forehead.
Avatar n tn She said nothing is crawling on my head, yet I was feeling the crawling on the left side of my head, starting at the back moving forward on the left side of my Head. It was so real and yet nothing could be seen. I felt all the crawling under my scalp. What could be the cause of this feeling. This was the very first time I expereince this. I do not suffer from any Headaches or Migraines. I am very healthy and not ill at all.
922371 tn?1243699396 s not what I feel, I feel like I have a sunburn on parts of my head....or someone has poured VERY hot water on my head. It only happens on my head. Now I do get the pins and needles all over my body....used to that...hate it still. I did bookmark the site to read again. Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone is able to help me. The last 2/3 days i have had bad burning headaches/scalp which has left my scalp feeling tender & sore. However now when i sniff the top of my head in the center (kind of where a hairband would sit) it feel sore & burny.. is this sinusitis?? I do feel congested on & off & have had a small runny nose along with eye pain (they feel like there is lots of pressure in them).
Avatar f tn Now, I have another one starting, still on the left side and on the side of my face, at the temple, it looks like a lot of smaller, veins coming up. They don't hurt becos I'm numb but it looks weird and awful at the same time. I've had another MRI and it didn't show up any problems. But something like this does not come up on your face for no reason. I like some sushi and I've had some a few time since out of hospital. Someone said i could have worms from if. Any idea?
Avatar n tn Later I developed cysts on my right side under my scalp. They grew very big and then spread to my left side. I really believe this is from the radiation from the cell phone. I am waiting now to have a brain scan as I'm concerned how far did this radiation go.I have also begun to feel nauseous. I checked on cell phones doing my research and I read that the problem with cell phones is far worse than suspected. I'm hardly using my cell phone now and not using the blue tooth at all.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, I am 33 years of age I too have suffered from cysts on my head for years as well, I have good news for all you out there that hate surgery. I have come across a cream called fucidin that you apply to the cysts 3 time a day and amazingly it kills and reduces the cysts . I still have many cysts left on my head though i cannot use the cream because i am pregnant at the moment , but once I have had the child I will start using the cream again.
Avatar m tn Hi Kenny, did you ever figure out what was wrong here, i Get a sensitive left side of scalp then a blister that comes up either on the inside of my ear or around the outside, sometimes it leaks fluid... be great to know if you know the answer here.
440193 tn?1293810517 ve noticed that the hair breaks off much more frequently on my right side, too -- my husband says it looks like I have twice as much on the left side. I do sleep on my right side of my head...that could exacerbate the problem, but I'd love it if there were a cure for this!
Avatar f tn hi i have 6 lumps on the back of my head roughly in a circle iv had them for about 3 weeks an more keeps coming 2 of the lumps are big an they go smaller but everyday they seem to get that lil bit bigger i get headaces now n them an there crazy sore makes the back of my eyes hurt iv thought about going to the doctors but i aslo had a lump under my left arm thats still there i dont no what it could be they are abit tender but i think thats only because i touch them an irratate them im not sure co