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Avatar n tn My sore scalp is definitely related to hormonal changes during PMS. My hair scalp gets sore to the touch in the male pattern balding areas of my head. I do experience slight shedding of hair at this time but it's mostly sore. I also normally experience breast tenderness as well as bloating so it may be caused by water retention. I'm not a doctor but this is what I believe it could be. I first experienced this in my early 20's while in college.
Avatar f tn For about 2 weeks now when I wake up in the mornings my nose on the right side is stopped up. My ear hurts sometimes but not bad just when I blow my nose it hurts. I am not dizzy but I feel like I am off balance sometimes. It hurts to breath cold air too. I am highly allergic to perfumes and other strong smells. but this tenderness in my head is bothering me. It is really tender to touch and if I rub it I can get a migraine. What do you think this is.
Avatar n tn I have a sore area, about one cm across at the very top of my scalp. It is not a sore or mole but feels sore, like a bruise, it does not itch or bleed. I first noticed it a few months ago, it went away and now I've recently noticed it again. It's tender if I press it (it doesn't hurt if I don't touch it). I don't see any lesion or discoloration. I actually shaved the hair away from that area to look at it and I don't see anything, the skin looks like the rest of my skin.
Avatar n tn its a weird kinda like i said the top of my head scalp is tender to vision really isnt impaired but i knowi have needed glasses....any thoughts...and any suggestions? thanx!
Avatar m tn Over the last few years my hair has continued to gradually thin all over, however the MOST noticeable areas are in the front of my scalp and directly on the top of my head. I still have hair there. Saw the hairstylist tonight and she said my hair was noticeably thinner on top however there were no bald patches. Just that you could see that it was thinning more noticeably in the front. Honestly, if it werent for the fact that I look in the mirror every day, I would swear I was already bald.
Avatar n tn My partner came down with a cold two days ago and I have just started to soreness above the backs of my knees. with me the pain always rises up to the top of my legs and makes it uncomfortable to sit on the toilet then it goes down to my feet and toes. My guess is with in a week I will have the cold swell!
Avatar f tn I get shooting pains that start at the top of my scalp and shoot downward to my neck and ears. I have already seeen 5 dermatologists, but they will only look at the scalp. They will not touch it. I have been told that if they cannot see it, it does not exist. I am beside myself as to what to do next. A friend who is an RN said that it could be neurological. Could somebody suggest a different type of doctor to try to diagnose this? It is driving me totally crazy!
Avatar n tn I had the stabbing several times through out the day and now my scalp is SO tender. It hurts to touch. I used to get migraines monthly, but after 3 children, no more migraines. I will go to my doctor soon to check this out, but I am worried about this. I keep reading about "ice pick" headaches, but do they leave their victims with sore scalps afterwards? My pain is on the left side and almost on top of my head. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Just this evening I felt this soreness on my head, I started touching my head and felt that it was localized at the very top crown part of my scalp - whenever I touch my hair or lightly touch that area it is incredibly painful and sore. A friend looked at that area and there is a bright red dot - the size of a grain of rice. The entire area surrounding the dot is incredibly sore - as though someone smacked me in the head with a hammer.
455242 tn?1206480907 Would sensation of fullness within the head and the inflammation and swelling that come with sinusitis may refer pain to other areas of the head. As you stated cause that kind of sore-ness on top of the head? with a red spot sensitive to the touch? The swealing bump did go down, but its still red and sore. thank-you, enya...
Avatar n tn Have you noticed if the area of the scalp is sensitive to touch ? Does the pain increase on combing, etc ? You have to see a neurologist for this and consider the possibility of trigeminal neuralgia.
Avatar f tn My scalp doesn't have sores and the area doesn't appear to be red, but my hair has thinned in the sore area. It isn't sore to touch it just constantly feels tender. I do suffer from allergies to dust, pollen, and cat dandruff. I often have sinus pressure around my temples and forehead. Could my sinus problems be causing my sore scalp?
12773 tn?1328916786 To me, the tx flu-like symptoms include my skin being sore to the scalp as well. The sore skin doesn't always occur for me every week tho, just from time to time. I am fortunate enough to have a hot tub, it seems to be the best therapy for me & I use it every day. It helps me SO much to soak for 10-15 minutes. It helps me with the sore skin, joint & body aches, stress & just plain relaxation. If you don't have a hottub, try just soaking in the bathtub.
529981 tn?1212853666 My hair has also started to fall out and at the end of my hair, a white little grain is at the end. Hair will not stop falling out. I have gotten blood tests at a dermatology office and everything was normal. I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations. Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair.
Avatar f tn For the past month I've been having headaches on the left side of my head. Top, side and forehead area. If I touch my head my scalp is very sore. I feel like I have a bruise on my head. I've been to my dr he thinks it could be from my birth control pill. I've taken the same pill for 3+ years. I've had a cat scan and it was normal. The pain is not constant but pretty close. Sometimes it pulsates, sometimes it's dull. Does anyone have a clue what this might be?? I need some relief.
Avatar f tn for past 1 week i have been experiencing pain on the back of my scalp which becomes unbearable whenever i touch it. It all started from top of my scar on the right side of my back of the skull, which was caused due to a strong blow i experienced 10 yrs ago. Luckily my wound was only superficial and doctors did'nt even suggest MRI or CT scan at the time.
Avatar f tn They would last that long but at times being only a break of a minute or 2 before the next began sometimes a break of 10 minutes or more. I tried everything to get them to leave. I was prescribed an antiamflammatory and some melatonin from my primary doctor (as I told him my appt with the neuro was not for a few weeks). Well the pain worsened and I began vomitting (the nausea stayed with me). I went to the ER urged by my husband. Our Hospital sent me by ambulance to OSU.
535822 tn?1443980380 Wanted to find out if any of you experienced scalp tingling /itching/burning its mostly gone but I had it a few months ago it was severe I thought it may be another symptom also hives on and off thought I had allergies.
Avatar n tn A few days ago my boyfriend was being romantic and was stroking my hair when all of a sudden the top of my head felt like he took a bat to me. I let out a scream and grabbed my head and that is when I noticed an indentation on my head. The whole area was so sensitive that just moving the hair was painful. At first I thought it was because I was wearing a hair band, but it is now 4 days later and the indentation is still there and it is still sensitive, especially in the center.
Avatar n tn They could be stuffed up and the resulting pressure hurts to the touch. Mine are always sore to the touch and that is what the doc said it was. You can take a sinutab if you get a headache from it, otherwise unless there is an infection (which I have never had so don't know anything about) then headache is all it is.
Avatar n tn For the past 4 days I have had the same type of skin sensitivity as described by the previous writers. Mine is located on the left side of my head from the top of the scalp down to just below the left ear. The skin is sensitive to light touches, but my ear hurts all the time. The pain increases if I press on my ear or the area right behind it. I did have Chickenpox when I was 9 or 10 years old.
Avatar m tn right side swollen gland, occasional pains in right ear, and small area of scalp that is sensative to touch on top right side. So far, it does not seem serious, but I am concerned because it is different from anything experienced before. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Also, your head pain, you probably bruised the heck out of it, so it's going to be sore for a while. Best thing you can do is slow and easy stretching exercises to loosen up your neck and shoulders where it got jammed up. As for the bruise on your head, aspirin usually helps. I suppose you could have cracked your skull or got a concussion, in which case that will take a lot longer to feel better... you could have a scan of your head to see if anything like that is going on.
Avatar m tn Accompanying this symptom, was a localized area on my scalp, that was sensitive to the touch. Located on the top right side of my head, the area was about three inches in diameter. No pain, just sensitive when touched. Additionally, there was occasional tenderness felt from the inner ear area of my right ear. Again, mild and infrequent. Symptoms occurred on day one, but day two were hardly noticable. Reappeared on day three, four and five. No other cold or flu like symptoms to speak of.
Avatar f tn After the diagnosis, I didn't want to touch her (or anyone else), or her to touch me for fear of the unknown. Education is so important.
Avatar f tn Presently I am experiencing very sharp pains on the left side of my head, One spot that hurts a lot to touch is above my left ear kind of at an angle. Even if I comb my hair, it's painful. If I move my hair, it's painful. Right at this moment it's not hurting, but it is a little sore. It's been waking me up like at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, so I have to get up, take a Motrin and put the heating pad on it. The heat seems to help. I woke up this morning again at 3:00 a.m.
Avatar n tn the next day my scalp and head become really sore,i mean sore to even touch it,it also turns yellowish and crystyin spots and itches like crazy.The next thing that happens is i start to see little black pieces(i assume the bug,parasite or whatever)coming from my scalp and disappering in my face.its almost identical to black pepper flakes.The worst part is it doesnt stop there.They feed all over my body!!Ive tried everything!The craziest thing is they dont bother my fiance.only me and my 5yo son.
Avatar f tn my chin right up to my top of my head is very sensitive and sore to touch. There are no signs of swelling or redding of the skin. I am just wondering if maybe there is something wrong up there or not. i have never experience this before and it's kinda worrying me..
Avatar n tn The one cyst on the top of my hair makes me very uncomfortable to the point that I don't go to the hair salon anymore. I want to have it removed but I have couple problems with that. 1st: I have a wedding to go to in three months and I'm afraid that they will shave so much hair that I will look hideous. Should I wait till after the wedding to go? 2nd: I do not have health insurance. Does anyone know the average price of a surgery like that? 3rd: I am panicky and scared of pain and shots!!!