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Avatar f tn These sores can be caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Acne and clogged hair shafts can cause scalp sores, too. Cysts on the scalp are another cause of scalp sores. In folliculitis there is inflammation of one or several hair follicles on the skin causing red, bumpy and pimple-like lumps.Tinea capitis causes round, red, scaly bumps on the scalp's surface.
535822 tn?1443976780 Well I found the reason for my hives I was allergic to Buuny ears (Opuntia Microdasys ) but has anyone got an idea why my head ,scalp is sore and itchy ,last few days extremly so, any ideas welcom, I have started using a completly 'free 'shampoo.
Avatar n tn The suboccipital lymph node is located at the junction between the back of the head and neck. It drains the scalp and head. This normally swells if there is a localized infection in the scalp or head. It sounds like you have either a scalp issue and/or upper respiratory respiratory infection (cough, sore throat). It sounds like you maybe experiencing drainage issues because of the scratchy sore throat issue.
Avatar f tn It just recently appeared. I have noticed the rest of my head has been kind of itchy and sore, but not as sore as the spots behind my ears. I thought that it was because I wear my hair up alot but its been a couple days and hasn't gone away. Does anyone know what this might be?
Avatar n tn ve had this sore head symptom for many years also. I just always attributed it to scalp muscle spasms. Often I would increase my dose of baclofen. Some time it's just sore and occasionally it is so bad I can almost not stand it (and I can take a lot!)Tthere have been two times (separated by over 30 years) when I have had a smooth bump on my scalp that didn't hurt the first time and did milldly the second time.
Avatar f tn I get these sore spots in my head that seem to be caused by wild hairs. I will pull trying to find the hair and when its all said and done im left with a bald spot and a sore area that hurts even when I simply rub my hand over my hair! I recently cut my hair pretty short and wash it every or every other day with sulfate free conditioner. This seemed to help at first but the sore "wild hair/ spots" are back!
Avatar f tn I have a weird sore sensation over the top of my head (if you think where a hairband would like- kind of center middle of head & to the sides). When i sniff its sore, which is often at the moment as i have an horrendous cold. but before i had the cold it was sore when i sniffed. Also sometimes the scalp around there feels sensitive to touch & burns too. Would appreciate your help? Could this be sinus or does this suggest something else?
1819252 tn?1317092002 Jestewart-you either have a very small pillow or really large rats where you live. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. There are no words to describe what we experience during tx sometimes. I don't mean to make light of your situation at all- you're right-this stuff is way terrible but so is HepC that it takes so much firepower to get rid of it. I don't know where you are in your tx but wish you UND and SVR soon.
1498292 tn?1289162172 ve found them all over, like in different places on my head. their usually on the lower back part of my head, but just today i found one on top of my head ( this one is really sore!!) i can't stand them so i pick them off. they hurt when i pick at them and they sometimes bleed. they vary in size, some are small while others i've found are huge. i've read that it may be psoriasis but im not sure. does anyone have any idea on what they could be?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone is able to help me. The last 2/3 days i have had bad burning headaches/scalp which has left my scalp feeling tender & sore. However now when i sniff the top of my head in the center (kind of where a hairband would sit) it feel sore & burny.. is this sinusitis?? I do feel congested on & off & have had a small runny nose along with eye pain (they feel like there is lots of pressure in them).
579705 tn?1276776649 the feeling is usually on the left side of my head but can also be in several other places on my head too. is this maybe just overactive nerves? can it be anything to do with the migraines i have previously suffered? may it be that i also have problems with my neck?
Avatar n tn I have this sharp shooting pain in the back of my head its in the lower part of my head and it shoots pain every few seconds up the right side of my head kinda toward my temple. the base of my head is sore to touch. is this somthing i shoul be conserned about. the inly way i can sleep is take tyl. pm. please give me some feed back thank you.
Avatar m tn Its feels like you had a pony tail for so long and you let go, you have this sore and tender feelings of your head/scalp but much more in pain. also, if I lay down it feels like the terderness/soreness is spreading down to my neck, so having a difficulties sleeping at night time. I just did MRI on c-spine on my neck and waiting for the doctor's call.
Avatar n tn Hi there, my partner (a male) had been complaining of a sore head in a particular spot, and just recently I've discovered he has now got a small bald patch where he's been complaining it had been sore. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was something to worry about ? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Im almost 8 weeks and just last night my scalp began to feel sore in some places. Anybody else experience this??
Avatar f tn Thanks for the info! I have tried some of the shampoos with salicylic acid or coal tar - all it did was make my scalp worse- sort of firery sore and super itchy. that's why I think its dry scalp and not dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis - the symptoms just don't fit. my hair and scalp are dry, not greasy - even if i go 3 days between shampoos my hair is not greasy. the flakes are small and white and not oily.
Avatar f tn Just this evening I felt this soreness on my head, I started touching my head and felt that it was localized at the very top crown part of my scalp - whenever I touch my hair or lightly touch that area it is incredibly painful and sore. A friend looked at that area and there is a bright red dot - the size of a grain of rice. The entire area surrounding the dot is incredibly sore - as though someone smacked me in the head with a hammer.
Avatar f tn The hair loss happened to me in cycles, about a two month process with sore scalp, then a few weeks of major hair loss, then it would stop for a while, then the whole thing would begin again. For dy mouth I used a product called Oasis, its a mouth spray that helps a lot. You can get it over the counter. Good luck.