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1027802 tn?1253125706 I was told that since my hair is thick and heavy, it could make my scalp sore. But really, sometimes it hurt too much to even touch, let alone comb my hair. Imagine my depression when I realized that my scalp was still sore after I allowed my beautician to "scalp" me! It NEVER occurred to me that it could be a result of the MS, but that makes sense, now. On a more positive note, since I have alot of pain in my arms, short hair is much easier for me to manage.
Avatar n tn It started with a bad itching rash on my back that will not go away and cold or sinus like symptoms Yesterday I woke up with my left upper arm hurting with no redness but today when I showered I saw a baseball size red spot that is very sensitive to touch It feels strange to move my arm like it swollen Feel unusually tired and sleepy I don't have Insurance so cannot go to Doctor would really love to know what is happening.
Avatar n tn Basically, for about 24 - 48 hours, an area of skin (generally from the size of a softball to basketball) will become extremely tender and sore to the touch ... almost as if it were bruised significantly. It is so tender that clothes brushing against it is painful. The problem is, there is no visual evidence of it. I went to the doctor and felt as though he was insinuating that I was making up the symptoms because he could not see anything. Very, very frustrating.
Avatar n tn I know because I have the AVM one would think its because of that but and trust me I will get and MRI but I feel a little sickly like something is coming on.
Avatar n tn I have some pain on the crown of my head, it gets bad at times and it is sensitive to touch even when I lie down or anything touches it. I also have pain in the ear on the right side, it also affects my eyes, pressure behind them. I have some pulling feeling in my neck and right shoulder when I turn my head at times....I feel two to three small lumps or they are vessels that are swollen either way...its painful and annoying at the same time.
529981 tn?1212853666 I am a busy college student, who unfortunately does not have the time and money to deal with this.
Avatar f tn Lately, I have become very sensitive to A/C. When the cold air blows down my neck and back I begin to get a cold and tingly sensation down by back. It lasts for hours. I have tried Aleve, Advil and Tylenol to no avail. If I get a good nights sleep, I wake up feeling OK. But, if I come in contact with cold air it starts all over again. I too am desperate.
535822 tn?1443980380 It is subtle so the doctors don't seem to care about it. I do though! Sometimes my scalp also feels sore in spots and sometimes puffy. Sometimes it tingles like crazy. It feels like little critters but there is nothing there. I was dxd w/lyme in 2005 and much better now but still residual issues.
Avatar n tn They could be stuffed up and the resulting pressure hurts to the touch. Mine are always sore to the touch and that is what the doc said it was. You can take a sinutab if you get a headache from it, otherwise unless there is an infection (which I have never had so don't know anything about) then headache is all it is.
Avatar m tn I noticed my ear started hurting yesterday afternoon. Today, I noticed my throat hurt and my scalp has become increasingly sensitive to touch. Did you see a doctor? Did you take anything or do anything to relieve your symptoms? Thanks!
Avatar m tn All on the left side which is linear in nature when thinking about nerves being affected. My scalp is also sore to touch and every now and then I will feel a sharp stab/jolt to that area. So weird. Definitely characteristic of nerve pain associated with a virus.... just need a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I wish I could be really clinical about explaining it but basically Prilosec blocks the body's absorption of folic acid. I have had a sensitive/sore/burning tongue for months and finally went to the doc after trying to treat it myself with dry mouth washes, etc. She ordered a blood test which showed that I had a folic acid deficiency. It is because of the Prilosec. So, I've started taking folic acid pills every morning (cheap at the drug store and 100% folic acid) and it has helped.
Avatar f tn However, since about the age of 13 I have been experiencing outrageous headaches, which I believe to have been migraines. I feel nauseous and am sensitive to light and sound. I experienced them at least once a month and they have always been centered around my left eyeball (the bump is located on the left side of my scalp about an inch and a half behind my hairline, directly in line with my left eyeball).
579705 tn?1276780249 I would suggest you to see a good dermatologist. Dermatitis can also cause sore areas on the scalp. Do keep us posted!
Avatar n tn I have been having some scalp pain on the right side of my head above my ear and down the back of my head. The pain is not major but is pretty constant and my scalp hurts to the touch. It feels like someone has pulled my hair very hard. Does anyone know what would be the cause.
Avatar f tn I forgot to mention that I have had very sensitive eyes too! The sun doesn't even have to be out and my eyes will hurt randomly.
Avatar n tn Over the past year or so I've had problems with my skin feeling sore-very sensitive and at times painful to touch. There is also a burning feeling at times. At times it is even uncomfortable to blow on my skin. I also have sharp pains in my bones and tendons often at the same time. I've had this skin pain on patches on my scalp, back, down my legs and buttocks, and my feet.
Avatar f tn Excessively sensitive scalp could be due to scalp inflammation caused due to diet, stress, internal hormonal imbalances or a bacterial/ fungal infection. The symptoms could be severe itching,redness,pimples, oily scalp, flaking, crusting causing bleeding. It could be something more serious like temporal arteritis. This is the inflammation and damage to the large blood vessels that supply the head, usually branching in the neck from carotid artery, usually the temporal artery.
Avatar n tn It has gotten bigger over the years and is starting to bother me. It gets very sore and itchy. I hit it with the comb or brush every time I do my hair. Even my hair dresser has noticed that it has gotten bigger.I am having it removed tomorrow morning. Although I am a bit nerverous I will be glad to have this pain in the head gone.I will let you all know how this turns out. Wish me Luck!
Avatar n tn I have a feeling it's an anxiety thing for me, I am outrageously shy, and I think that could add to my anxiety. When I touch my scalp, it really hurts, but I always go to pick it! If I have picked away all the scabs, I have this almost sticky liquid like substance that comes out of the scab, and then it starts to bleed.
Avatar m tn I know some animals can be very sensitive to essential oils and a lot are even poisonous to animals. I would call the vet and ask if lavender is okay. Also don't use those poisons in the tubes that you put on your pets necks, they are so dangerous and toxic, hundreds of dogs die from this stuff. Please google about those to. And for anyone else reading this I hope you consider homeopathic remedies for these problems.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced this problem before, and if so, do you know of anything that will get my scalp back to normal. PS - it has nothing to do with my diet, because i eat extremely healthy and always have.
Avatar f tn For about 2 weeks now when I wake up in the mornings my nose on the right side is stopped up. My ear hurts sometimes but not bad just when I blow my nose it hurts. I am not dizzy but I feel like I am off balance sometimes. It hurts to breath cold air too. I am highly allergic to perfumes and other strong smells. but this tenderness in my head is bothering me. It is really tender to touch and if I rub it I can get a migraine. What do you think this is.
1230181 tn?1269954624 I have never felt like a nail is in my scalp, but my scalp is always sore and I just chalked it up to always having my hair in a pony tail or bun for work, so in the past to weeks have started leaving it down as much as possible and it so far has not changed. Wish I would offer some advice! Best Wishes!
Avatar m tn After a quick scruitinization - i have indeed found a few red lesions on my scalp - not to easy to see as i have medium length hair but they are definately there. Scalp itself in parts is VERY dry, grainy infact which obviously leading tot eh bad dandruff.
Avatar f tn my chin right up to my top of my head is very sensitive and sore to touch. There are no signs of swelling or redding of the skin. I am just wondering if maybe there is something wrong up there or not. i have never experience this before and it's kinda worrying me..
Avatar m tn The other thing I did when I first stopped the treatments was try not to touch my scalp at all. this is one of the most difficult parts I must say. Hope you all can beat this terrible disease, and I will be posting new developments because I'm trying to make my dad and other MD's could do a research on this. This is very interesting from a medical perspective you know? I don't know why the other MD's in this fórum don't take time to read all of your posts....
Avatar n tn Male 41 years old: Sensitive to touch scalp skin, top left side of head but noticed that the left side of my face is more sensitive to touch, very slight discomfort left eye, very very slight discomfort left ear, no visible surface skin condition. Had 2 days of bad headache 5-6 days before the start of symptoms. Returned from business trip abroad by air (10 hours flight) just before this started. In general area affected is top left side of my head more towards the front.
Avatar m tn Yesterday I woke up with my bottom right wisdom tooth sore and the tissue around it swollen. My right ear and scalp are also very sensitive to the touch. If either are touched or move, they hurt a lot. I also get what feels like ear ache pain on the right side whenever I swallow. Is a nerve being compressed or does this sound like an infection?
Avatar f tn But my clitorus does feel very hard underneath the hood like you mentioned. As if it was eroused and stayed that way. My doesn't feel sore to touch but it doesn't feel normal either. Questions: do you have the smemga (white stuff) built up underneath your clitoral hood? Also, do you get little white spots under the hood? I thought it was apart of my clitoris but found out I can remove them, it's like a build up of some sort?