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Avatar f tn I know this is gonna sound a little funny but it might be stress/anxiety at night when things quiet down that's when it hits me.
Avatar n tn I don't know what area of topics to put my question under. The top of my head hurts and it feels better when I rub it. I haven't hit it on anything to make it sore or hurt. My scalp looks normal and I don't have a bump or cut on my head. My hair has been thining in the area that has started to hurt/tingle. I think the hair thining is due to me just having a child. But I have no Idea what sore spot is from?
Avatar n tn My sore scalp is definitely related to hormonal changes during PMS. My hair scalp gets sore to the touch in the male pattern balding areas of my head. I do experience slight shedding of hair at this time but it's mostly sore. I also normally experience breast tenderness as well as bloating so it may be caused by water retention. I'm not a doctor but this is what I believe it could be. I first experienced this in my early 20's while in college.
Avatar f tn I hav had lumps on the back of my head, one towards the right side of my head on the top and the other on the right very bottem since ,i dont know when tht started i found one when i was itching my scalp and the other one i found rubbing the top part of my neck close to my head , but anyways last night all of a sudden i get this weird, tight feeling pinch on the back of my head and the pain kinda tingled down to my fingers, in a way. -its very hard to explain...
Avatar f tn Today i have experienced in the left top side of my head almost where a hairband would sit, pains. Not all the time every once in a while. The pains are not horrendously painful but are a little painful. My scalp around that are also feels quite sore & sensitive. Do you have any ideas what this could be? I have no medical problems other than what my doctor thinks is TMJ...i grit my teeth constantly. Are these typical of ice pick headaches?
900289 tn?1241961469 I noticed a sore spot on the top of my right ear right on the head, as he massaged i asked him to put some preassure on that area to see if the soreness would go away, The next day when i woke up i was dizzy and felt that part of my head very sore. As the day went on my dizzines went away but the soreness is still there. today i feel the scalp still hurts and feel a little tinggling in my face. The soreness is less but it is still there. What should i do?
Avatar n tn i am 28 and expericing bad sharp pain from the top of my head through the sides for weeks i feel as though someone is almsot standing on my head a lot of pressure, what can cause this?
Avatar f tn you probably have a lot of congestion and pressure.. when you push on a certain area, it probably moves that pressure around a bit.. have you seen a dr? Sounds like a bad sinus infection... any fever?
982458 tn?1390911508 Has anyone else felt a sore squishy spot on top of their head? My daughter is post-op 5 years and in consult for a probable re-do now that symptoms have returned. We can't figure out what or why she sometimes develops fluid build up under the scalp up on the crown of he head. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
1723983 tn?1310121977 Im 25 and I always have headaches but my CT also showed nothing... I always have this constant pressure in the top of my head and I also have an Indent on the top of my head... from time to time it gets sore but not to much.. Ive asked my dr and he said that the pressure could be caused from my Constant Anxiety and worry all the time.. I wouldnt worry to much if the Ct scan come back normal.. But just in case you should ask your Dr to do an MRI...
Avatar n tn I have a sore area, about one cm across at the very top of my scalp. It is not a sore or mole but feels sore, like a bruise, it does not itch or bleed. I first noticed it a few months ago, it went away and now I've recently noticed it again. It's tender if I press it (it doesn't hurt if I don't touch it). I don't see any lesion or discoloration. I actually shaved the hair away from that area to look at it and I don't see anything, the skin looks like the rest of my skin.
Avatar n tn A few days ago my boyfriend was being romantic and was stroking my hair when all of a sudden the top of my head felt like he took a bat to me. I let out a scream and grabbed my head and that is when I noticed an indentation on my head. The whole area was so sensitive that just moving the hair was painful. At first I thought it was because I was wearing a hair band, but it is now 4 days later and the indentation is still there and it is still sensitive, especially in the center.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone is able to help me. The last 2/3 days i have had bad burning headaches/scalp which has left my scalp feeling tender & sore. However now when i sniff the top of my head in the center (kind of where a hairband would sit) it feel sore & burny.. is this sinusitis?? I do feel congested on & off & have had a small runny nose along with eye pain (they feel like there is lots of pressure in them).
455242 tn?1206480907 Would sensation of fullness within the head and the inflammation and swelling that come with sinusitis may refer pain to other areas of the head. As you stated cause that kind of sore-ness on top of the head? with a red spot sensitive to the touch? The swealing bump did go down, but its still red and sore. thank-you, enya...
Avatar f tn The painful area on my scalp is always in the same place each day...on the top of my head toward the back, right about where the part of my hair ends. Another weird concern I have is that I am losing a lot of my hair when I brush it or wash it. Not sure if this could be related, but maybe. Does anyone know what could case these symptoms?
Avatar n tn its a weird kinda like i said the top of my head scalp is tender to vision really isnt impaired but i knowi have needed glasses....any thoughts...and any suggestions? thanx!
Avatar m tn Over the last few years my hair has continued to gradually thin all over, however the MOST noticeable areas are in the front of my scalp and directly on the top of my head. I still have hair there. Saw the hairstylist tonight and she said my hair was noticeably thinner on top however there were no bald patches. Just that you could see that it was thinning more noticeably in the front. Honestly, if it werent for the fact that I look in the mirror every day, I would swear I was already bald.
Avatar f tn Last Thursday, I was brushing my hair, and I noticed a walnut to golfball sized lump on the top left side of my head. I haven't hit my head. This doesn't feel sore, unless pressing on it. It's not red or irritated, and it feels "squishy". I went to a med clinic today and the physician there is sending me to a dermatologist tomorrow. She said she didn't know if ice would help, or heat...if I needed antibiotics, or not.
Avatar f tn The pain has excellerated again and is starting on the left side of my head the same as on the right side. The top of my head feels raw. The back of my neck from skull to shoulder is very tight and hurts all of the time. My forehead is sore, eyes hurt, I have ear pain some in both ears, not sure if it is part of the problem, though. My head feels heavy, I get nauseous when I do much of anything that requires bending or lifting which includes most household chores.
Avatar f tn I get shooting pains that start at the top of my scalp and shoot downward to my neck and ears. I have already seeen 5 dermatologists, but they will only look at the scalp. They will not touch it. I have been told that if they cannot see it, it does not exist. I am beside myself as to what to do next. A friend who is an RN said that it could be neurological. Could somebody suggest a different type of doctor to try to diagnose this? It is driving me totally crazy!
Avatar n tn It's only on the back of my scalp, the front-top of my scalp is smooth. I have looked at the Cutis Verticis Gyrata on wikipedia. Not much help. I use to play basketball year round in High School, had 8 percent body fat weighing 179lbs, but I've stopped since then. I went to college, ate top ramen, mac and cheese like the fellow in the other comment. It would be interesting to see what we all have in common besides these wrinkles.
Avatar n tn My pain is on the left side and almost on top of my head. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi there, my partner (a male) had been complaining of a sore head in a particular spot, and just recently I've discovered he has now got a small bald patch where he's been complaining it had been sore. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it was something to worry about ? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Just this evening I felt this soreness on my head, I started touching my head and felt that it was localized at the very top crown part of my scalp - whenever I touch my hair or lightly touch that area it is incredibly painful and sore. A friend looked at that area and there is a bright red dot - the size of a grain of rice. The entire area surrounding the dot is incredibly sore - as though someone smacked me in the head with a hammer.
Avatar n tn hi, for the past 2 weeks ive been having a feeling of pressure on top of my head (i posted previously). it was not really a pain like a headache, just pressure and just on top of the head, not really all over. i had a cat scan done w/o contrast that was interpreted as normal. My question is, can a cat scan determine the presence of unruptured anuerysms? because im really worried about that and tumors since this started. Also, i do have anxiety disorder which i take xanax .5 mg 2x daily.
Avatar n tn For a year or two now I've had two (2) sore spots on the top of my head, right behind the top, about an inch apart. If I push on them it is too sore to stand, so obviously I don't do that unless I'm testing it. Then if I have a headache and I swallow, I can feel the headache in those two spots. If I hold my head, push on my head with both my hands while I swallow, I don't feel the pain as much. It is strange, and not getting any better.
Avatar n tn I have a shooting pain from my neck to the top of my head. There is a spot at the top of my head that when I touch it, it shoots pain into my head. I barely have to touch it and the pain shoots. Any Ideas?
Avatar n tn thats it but I'm started to realize that mainly the whole top of my head is really tender so tender sometimes i can't even wash it.
Avatar f tn For awhile now I have had a sore spot in the top of my head. I don't wear pony tails or braids because anything that pulls on my scalp gives me a headache. My scalp doesn't have sores and the area doesn't appear to be red, but my hair has thinned in the sore area. It isn't sore to touch it just constantly feels tender. I do suffer from allergies to dust, pollen, and cat dandruff. I often have sinus pressure around my temples and forehead. Could my sinus problems be causing my sore scalp?