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Avatar f tn I know the feeling my stomach, even neck is sore.
2026302 tn?1334731062 hi ladies...just wondering if any of u are experiencing extremely sore ribs when you are sitting up right. I'm 25weeks and 2days and no matter how I sit in a chair it is so sore on my ribs and feels like there is all this pressure.any one else get the same thing..if so any advice on how to make myself feel more comfortable when sitting?
Avatar f tn My ribs/whole right side was bruised for a few weeks, not because of kicking though-from my daughter pushing her butt up against it.. luckily she has moved a little further down the "birth slide" and it healed real quick.. I was about 32 weeks.... now I'm 37 tomorrow and all healed. But ouchie!
Avatar f tn I know a few women have asked this before and I was trying to find the post to see what you awesome mommies posted. But I couldn't find anything. But my ribs feel so sore. Is this normal? I don't remember feeling this with my 1st pregnancy. I'm 12 weeks along with twins.
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks pregnant is it normal to have sore ribs or am I just doing something wrong.
Avatar f tn My first born has kicked my ribs but my second is giving me sore ribs. Hoe common is that?
Avatar f tn Why are my ribs sore?
7530616 tn?1406419010 My ribs are beyond sore and aching. I usually put an ice pack on my left side of my rib cage at the time it helps but then 10 mins later the pain is back and I can't even sleep on my sides No matter how many pillows I have doesn't help. Don't know what else to do. Baby boy is constantly moving around now I feel every little bulge and wiggle. I'm over being pregnant. But hey I'm almost there!
393685 tn?1425812522 Does anyone else out there have or had a terrible sore neck? it hurts so much in the back. Mythroat feels like I can't swollow where it feels like that little adam's apple won't move. even my jaw hurts. I went to the ENT - he wants to see the actual US films . I called the pharmacist and he said prednisone should not be the cause of any pain I am having. Would this nodule cause so mych pain ? adn IF it spread to lymph node could this be my pain too.
Avatar f tn My neck is so sore I think I slept wrong last night! Please help me what can I do I know massage is not good in the 1st trimester I've tried stretching it but it's still there, it's gonna give me a headache I can see it!!!
Avatar f tn I woke up two days ago with a really sore neck, im literally unable to move my head around and when i get up i cant lift it up, im constantly staring at the floor, why
Avatar f tn have you called ur doctor ? this does not sound right at all i mean i am 33wks and sore i get cramps and she is in my ribs all the time so that is painfull but not to the point of tears! i think u should go to the hospital you should not be in pain! uncomfortable yes but painfull no! there could be something else wrong the baby could have ruptured something ,pulled or even tore muscles you never know what is going on but ur body is trying to tell u that something is not right!
7607165 tn?1395780125 34weeks woke with my body sooo sore it hurts I cant no more spine hurts ribs and sides ugh I feel like I got beat up :( I want my body back !!!!
Avatar f tn Any other mamas-to-be feeling like they're getting bruised from the inside? I'm 34 weeks and my belly is sore in different places. I can't help but wonder if my little girl is kicking so hard she bruises me. Don't get me wrong, I love feeling her move, but it's starting to hurt!
Avatar n tn s from my ribs spreading apart to make way for my growing uterus. Mine started around 18 weeks and would kind of come and go as far as intensity. It's definitely uncomfortable and makes it very hard to sleep!
Avatar f tn Jus about 32 weeks here & I totally feel u. Sleep isnroughw finding a comfortable position & that doesn't last long. I have asthma & lately my arm's go numbt if I'm on one side too long. Alsot my ribs & side's are very sore. She is super active all the time esp when I'm trying to sleepy. If I bend too long she kick's the crap out of me. My lower abdomen is often sore.
1840402 tn?1355432565 hi ladies im 33+3 pregnant and last night and today i've got a sore spot under my right breast on rib it hurts anyways but hurts even more when i press it, i'm not sure if my littleman has bruised it with his foot or something?
Avatar f tn Hello, The various causes of breast soreness are fibrocystic breast disease, ductal ectasia, mastitis(inflammation of breasts),galactoceles, benign and malignant pathologies of breasts, referred pain from liver or musculoskeletal system, arthritis of the ribs,costsochondritis and inflammation or sprain of pectoralis muscle. I feel that an examination by a gynecologist will be the best.
Avatar n tn I am 26 years old and my boobs are sore and tender. I am Not pregnant so why do they hurt?
Avatar f tn Im going to my dr today , so il ask him & let you know .
Avatar f tn I found a large lump on my dggs ribs today, sure it was not there before as I give her a massage around her shoulders and neck every night..
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 22 and I have started getting sore boobs the last few weeks, I have never had this problem am not pregnant as I have done loads of tests, bu I woke up today an I have swollen boobs they are really big bu my right boob is well bigger than the other ands it's also gone higher than my left boob it's really lumpy and really sore and the nipple is sore to the touch that I have to wear a bra in bed, if anyone can help please do xxx