Sore neck and headache

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Avatar f tn I woke up two days ago with a really sore neck, im literally unable to move my head around and when i get up i cant lift it up, im constantly staring at the floor, why
Avatar f tn Try putting a towel in the dryer or a magic bean and put it on your neck (i have alit if issues with my neck and this helps relax the muscles)
Avatar f tn I have a headache all of the time at the bottom back of my head, and my face always feels hot to me but I have no fever. I also feel like my muscles are very week, I have been to the dr but they don't know what's wrong. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn mild and lasts for 3 days (without medication) 2- fever: mild and lasts for 3 days(without medication) 3- Sore throat: lasts for 3 days (without medication) 4-nasal congestion: last more than the 3 days 5- Then all the above mentioned symptoms disappeared and after 4 days I had a sore throat again with nasal congestion( No fever no Headache) but I did not receive any medication after 5 days I used antibiotics for 5 days and I am got much better. 6- one tongue pimple : white one.
Avatar n tn today it came back and doesnt whant tp go away i havent tok amy thing but its only on my right side and my neck is really sore has any one had this kind of pain ??
Avatar f tn You need to talk to your doctor. I'm 13 weeks and had a sore throat and got a humidifier and I use it every night. Try and ice pack on the back of your head/neck to relieve some pressure from a headache. I struggle with allergies so I have had to deal with a lot this. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
Avatar n tn I do not have any dizziness/vertigo/vomiting/nausea/upset stomach/muscle pain nothing but a sore throat, horrible headache, and stiff/hurting neck. I am 22, I have a 7 month old daughter, I am 115-120 Lbs 5'3 and there is cancer in my family, but all theirs was to do with smoking and I am a nonsmoker and so is my husband. Thanks so much. I can not see a doctor as I do not have insurance, do not qualify for state help, and have too much debt/bills to pay for on my own.
Avatar n tn I thought perhaps the burning tongue, sore shoulders, neck, vice like headache perhaps had something to do with this or another autoimmune disease. They did all my bloods and found nothing - and knock on wood no future symptoms of this awful disease. I also sometimes get a bit of a sore throat with the tongue and have been very susceptible to colds/infections since tongue started.
Avatar f tn for the past three days I have been having a back pain on my upper right side of my back and my neck hurts so bad and am having headaches too what can this be I o suffer from panic disorder and anxiety my sis says it can be fibro can someone help me with advise please should I go to the er
Avatar n tn Now, Tuesday, it is still there but not quite as bad and instead i have a constant headache right through the back of my head and my neck also hurts an awful lot. Any idea what this could be/what's causing this? I would go to the doctors but it's a local holiday here so it's shut until tomorrow. I'm not under much stress at all at the moment and it doesn't seem to be triggered by noise/light or anything like that. Oh, and i'm an 18 yr old female.
Avatar n tn That same night, got an instant headache during sex--never had a headache come on that instantly before. Mild headache and sore neck remained. A few days later, tweaked my upper back playing basketball. Pain lasted 1/2 a day and went away. About a week later, saw my regular MD and he said it might be migraine. That night, experienced mild numbing in arm (top of forearm) and right side of face (cheek area). I went to ER, blood tests and CT scan were normal.
Avatar f tn For about the last month, my right shoulder is rigidly tight.There is a big muscle in there which runs up my neck, and gets really hard.It is sore to touch, from being tense.Heat seems to help the muscle.When it is at it's worst, the back of my neck is stiff, and my red swollen eyelid turns into a nasty headache, sometimes with nuralga(sp?) on right side of skull, and my jaw aches.I've also noticed my right pupil is slightly larger than left one.
Avatar m tn It doesn't so move on.
Avatar n tn it hurts to..also i had an accident/injury back in sept... and my neck n back were in neckshurts just about everyday...and yes i have been to my dr...she said it was just tension... and gave me excercises to do...i was thinkin i hadsome nerve pain?, my left cheek hurts sometimes..its a weird kinda like i said the top of my head scalp is tender to vision really isnt impaired but i knowi have needed glasses....any thoughts...and any suggestions?
Avatar f tn s very tender, especially to touch. No headache, just a tenderness to touch, very sore. I cannot palpate a swelling however. What on earth could this be?
Avatar m tn I started feeling stomach issues from the same day and after two days i got diarrhea(gastritis) followed by headache, stiff neck and backache after few days. I visited a doctor when i came back and he said that most probably its a traveler's diarrhea because of food and alcohol. After another 10 days i got mild sore throat, ear blockage and body pain. I don't have any fever from the day of incidence.
Avatar f tn I also had them both checked to rule anything out to associate them to my headaches, these headache that come and go everyday and i dont want a headache everyday. I see my neurologist next week, i will mention it. Alot of pregnant woman experience these headaches, some are more prone to more then others tho. I had an mri in march then a repeat 6 weeks later and there was no change in the scan at all. Ive had them off and on since January, havnt got any worse.
11294269 tn?1422402907 I use a hot rag on my head and cold on my neck. I also take warm baths. Mine stem from my neck most of the time so if I use a heating pad it helps too. Always use a moist towel between the heating pad and skin to make sure to keep the muscles hydrated or it'll end up making it worse.
Avatar f tn This morning I woke up with pain on both side of the back of my neck, both shoulders and sore throat. An I have a mild headache. Please help with this! My symptoms are getting worse!!
Avatar m tn I mean, there was a bit of the odd flu hangover, the weakness at first because you were in bed all day the previous day, bit lightheaded, still a bit of a sore throat, neck just a little bit sore now, and a very minimal or no headache at all.I have to say, I was terrified and still am because I know it doesn't take make to get a head injury just by jarring and it's often fatal.
Avatar n tn what can be causing this?
1108194 tn?1378424522 I have had this massive headache all week. About midway through my neck glands really swelled up. I went to my doctor and she told me it could be strep. I have 1 little white bump on the back of my throat. It is pretty red. I do not have a sore throat or fever. I do however have this massive headache. Nothing touches it. Its worse in the am. Any suggestions? I am on Ceftin for the strep. How long does this thing last? I thought you had to have a sore throat with strep?
Avatar f tn I have a burning headache at night when I lay down. My head is sore and I have a stiffness from the back of my head to my shoulder blade on the left side. The headache is worst at night when I t ry to sleep. Please advise what to do.
Avatar f tn 2 days after exposure, during the night I experienced a small headache and neck pain as well as a small sore throat, the headache and neck pain went away after I slept but not the sore throat.. Are there symptoms..?