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578589 tn?1217724049 I tried my best and reached the maximum amount (75 sit-ups). Two days after this test, I felt pain in my chest. When I try to straighten my chest (more like align it straight), I feel pain. When I bend my back forward just a tiny little bit, it doesn't hurt. This is the first day of the pain. Any help would be appreciated! By the way, tomorrow I do a push-up test for physical education, and when I tried to do a push-up at home, I failed. I dropped to the ground because it hurt so much.
Avatar m tn ok so i was watching king kong and decided to do situps right.. so i did the sit ups and never stoped because i was focussed on the movie so i just did situps till the movie ended.. after the movie finsihed i realized wat i was doing..
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks but my stomach is sore like I Been doing sit ups is that normal???
Avatar f tn Sore tummy as if I been doing sit ups all day it's been like this the last 2 days what does that mean??
Avatar m tn Since the toliet incident, I have noticed my throat feels strange and sore muscles in the back of my neck and my back feels tight and a bit sore. I do not have a fever or headache, nor sensitivity to light. But, is it possible that I contracted meningitis from the toliet water after using the pipe and handling the keys? Last Sunday, I started the gym again and did vigorous ab exercises (sit ups and crunches) after a year-long haitus. I also did arm exercises with weights.
Avatar f tn Feels like I did 1000 sit ups in one session, every time I move it hurts but every time she moves it hurts even more. Any explanation ?
539694 tn?1434565947 I have read so much research over the years on the crunches vs. sit-ups debate and no side ever seems to win. I prefer sit-ups over crunches and use them along with other excersises to keep my core strong for the line of work im involved in. Assuming over-training doesnt occur, adequate rest periods are allocated and correct form is perfected are they really still hazardous to your spine as some research has stated?
Avatar m tn I actually had a miscarriage before last year & this don't feel anything like a miscarriage, my symptoms Now are my stomach feels sore like I was doing sit ups even under my stomach is sore so that's why I think its pregnancy but not sure?
Avatar f tn My upper stomach area just under my breasts but in the middle has been really sore since last night. Hurts to touch feels like i did a thousand sit ups but worse like someone punched me. It's constant and hurt all night while i was sleeping. I went out for dinner last night at an asian place and had red wine, not long after eating i had burning in that area but after some time it subsided but now i have this pain.
1995033 tn?1334163103 My bf was trying to feel the baby yesterday for a long time (you can feel him on the outside but he stops moving when my bf puts his hands on my stomach) well he wasnt pushing that hard and now my stomach hurts like I did a million sit ups! Is this normal? Do you think the baby is ok?
Avatar n tn few years ago during numerous sit up appro.20-30 sit- ups I felt this painful knot in my lower abdomin someone rolling my intestine inside my stomach, it was so painful that I can't breath nor can't move, and now it seems that every time I do 5 sit-ups and and exercise that related to's startst to trigger this pain even having sex ...especially when i am on top like set up position. Anyone help!!!!!!from MD....
Avatar f tn Feels like I did 1000 sit ups in one session, every time I move it hurts but every time she moves it hurts even more. Any explanation ?
Avatar f tn Maybe you are just out of shape and with some regular exercise, will once again be able to do sit ups. Is there a particular reason for specifically wanting to do sit ups? Are you over weight?
Avatar f tn Restrictions are lifting heavy weights, and stuff like crunches and sit ups, also running.
Avatar n tn Like if I ran alot and did a bunch of sit ups. I never felt that with my daughter.... Why am I feeling it now?
Avatar f tn I have had a constant neck ache for about 3 weeks now. It is worse while sleeping and arising in the morning. Eventually through the day, it feels better (but not healed). I have tried different sleeping positions but nothing has helped. Of course this is just one of the mysteries that we all experience with MS. Maybe it's not MS related at all.
Avatar f tn Hi guys. I'm 37 wks n the last couple wks I feel like I'm very sore when I turn over. Like I've been doing sit-ups for hours nd I only feel like this when I'm layin down othawise I'm fine. Is it normal? Can it b becuz the baby is lower now? Even tho I've carried low my whole pregnancy.
Avatar m tn It`s been just a little under a month since, and I have experienced light off-and-on aches in my neck, lower back pain and sore abdominals (lymph nodes?), plus a random ache in my left bicep. The ache in my lower back was steady, not on-and-off, and lasted for about two days. The aches in my abdominals felt like I had done sit ups the day before, even though I did not, and the aching only lasted a day.
Avatar f tn I am 9 weeks +5, ftm, it feels like i have been doing crunches or sit ups for hours, under my ribs/across the middle of my stomach feels sore like i worked out way too hard. Anyone else have this? Should i be worried???
1666434 tn?1325262350 I had a natural birth on October 4th, and my abdomen is still sore up to my navel. My placenta came out fully intact. I just don't remember being sore like this. Anyone else have this?
8765540 tn?1407588917 Well im getting back to working out daily, and I want to work on my stomach. So I tried sit ups, and after 2 sets of 15 my lower belly was sore, so I stopped. And today its still sore! I didnt have any problems at all after my first one. Has anyone dealt with this? Any advice?
Avatar n tn Oh, and now I'm thinking. Do you have neck and head issues/spinal pain due to this? So by not doing sit ups and such I've possibly added to my neck pain? Ugh. Hadn't really ever correlated that.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and for the past 2 days I've been highly exhausted. Also my belly feels so sore' it feels as if I've been doing sit-ups and then get sore all over my body afterwards, but I don't even exersice at all. Or when I laugh my tummy feels that soreness sensation. Is this normal?
3112100 tn?1379614659 it doesnt hurt or anything or doesnt feel crampy... the best way i can think of to explain it is like if ive been doin sit ups fur along time nd its juss sore like where my pants line goes...... nd i feel it wen im sitting down or laying down nd go to stand up nd start walking... ill be 26 weeks tomorrow...
Avatar m tn Sit-ups aren't necessary, and aren't encouraged anymore. If you can do crunches and sit-ups hurt, don't do sit-ups. Why get complicated about it? There are a million different ab exercises out there, so there's not need to do any particular one to work that area.