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Avatar n tn I have been having problems with swelling and sore back and migraines since my daughter was born three years ago. Now, my back and neck are hurting. My feet, part way up my calves, hands and tongue all feet numb with pins and needles for four days. I am kinda hunching over when I walk. What is going on? I have also been diagnosed with bronchitis and feel like there is a lump in my throat. My whole face hurts, too.
Avatar f tn Anyone experiance their hands and feet go numb, for no reason at all? Could this be a pregnancy thing?
Avatar m tn Thats the thing, im not on any medications that can cause numbness in both hands or have any symptoms of other illnesses that can cause both hands to go numb. But I also have no other symptoms that are associated with crygobulinemia like the skin rashes and everything. I know i just need to get tested its just so expensive and I already owe the hospital here so much money. I was just wondering if anyone on here has crygobulinemia and know if it happens early or later on with hep c.
Avatar f tn a couple of years ago my hands were going numb then i moved to a different work ares and it i get it all the time no matter what job i do or even when im off shift for 5 started in my right hand now i have the numbness in both it wakes me up and i also get it in my hands when on the mobile it goes numb so i switch hands. i am right handed but my left arm aches more through the day i also wake up with swollen fingers...
1391695 tn?1298139789 I'm not sure what's causing you to wake up with numb hands, iwillbeatthis, but some possibilities do come to mind. Have you tried hand lotion? After tx I came down with reynauds syndrome - basically cold fingertips. They were red and numb. It seems to be going away now - really it was little more than an anoyance. Could that be the problem?
Avatar f tn I am overall healthy mid 40's a bit overweight but no health problems other than GERD. The past two weeks my neck and upper back have been very sore & stiff. My neck continually feels like I slept on it wrong? Ive been having some esophagus tightness but nothing alarming. Zantac is definitely helping with the GERD symptoms. Im blaming the neck and shoulder pain on GERD too but not Im starting to think it might be more?
Avatar f tn I dont have any neck or back pain though. And it's always just my fingers. No one else?
Avatar m tn During the night I wake up with numb and or tingling hands. I thought it was from laying on my side but it can occur on the hand on which I'm not lying on?
Avatar n tn Obviously, I am still very worried and as I am experiencing more symptoms at present, ie. the sore hands and feet and numb ears, pins and needles, wonder if it's still possible that I could have HIV? Are these symptoms consistent with HIV eight months post infection? As I mentioned before, my white cells indicated an infection 4 weeks after the event. Lastly, a swab taken on my throat in late November revealed that I had coronavirus.
281565 tn?1295982683 m wondering if anyone has had a numb neck? My neck today is numb from just under the chin to the top of the collar bone, from the left side to the middle of the throat. I do have neck issues but have never had this and my neck is not troubling me anymore than usual and I have no pain or dizziness that would involve a pinched nerve. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if I'm just bizarre all on my own.
Avatar f tn If you have problems in the hands, you should be wearing the hand splints all the time and stop doing repetitive jobs. Have you seen a professional with regard to this? If not, then make an appointment with your doctor so that he can refer you to the correct specialist and get the right diagnosis. It appears though that you have Tenosynovitis. This is inflammation of the synovium that is the fluid-filled sheath that surrounds a tendon.
Avatar f tn I ask only because I bought a formed pillow that was supposed to support my neck, and wound up instead waking up with numb and tingly hands and fingers. Apparently the memory foam did not put my neck in a nice neutral position at all. It really could be as simple as the angle your neck is in while you are sleeping. Just a thought (I always try to look at the simple things first). If none of that applies or helps, and you will know quickly if it does, then think about talking to your doctor.
Avatar f tn A couple of weeks ago I woke up with both hands tingling and right one two fingers were stuck in a certain position (apart from the others) and that lasted for about a week. I still have tingling, numb hands. I have curled my hair in curlers for 30 years and now it hurts to keep my arms up and it hurts to type this, maybe not hurt, but like I'm tired.
338489 tn?1215558109 I was dx in '98 and have been numb from the neck down ever since. It's a funny numb, if someone pats my knee it sends shock waves, but if they just lay a hand on my knee I can't feel it. MS, weird.
Avatar n tn Both my hands have been numb and tingling for some months now and this affects all fingers, front and back of the hands and my wrists. This started originally while I was pregnant 4 years ago and was dismissed as carpal tunnel without an examination. It eased off and was intermittent but is now constant and I have trouble doing every day tasks like pegging washing out, using cutlery as I am clumsy.
Avatar f tn m right now 26 weeks and every time I wake up in the middle of the night my hands are so numb.. not like a fell asleep numb but a hurting numb. I know I sleep on them but does anyone else experience this?
Avatar f tn My wrists slowly got worse and worse until after 5 minutes of writing, or typing, my hands would be numb. I was starting to drop things all the time, and at night they either ached all night or went numb and I had to be careful rolling over. The doctor said I should have surgery but I kept putting off. I decided to cut back on work for a while and saw some difference so I did a partial retirement. I am lucky that I was able to take the time off, because now my wrists and hands are great.
7530804 tn?1398546771 Does anyone else wake up with numb hands? I wake up in pain all throughout the night, my hands are numb/tingly and I can barely make a fist or open a water bottle. This lasts for hours after I wake up sometimes and its getting hard to handle. My Dr suggested sleeping with my arms on pillows or trying to wear braces and those options arent working. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! Id love to know what has helped other moms. Im 34 weeks 2 days, due October 7th.
Avatar f tn I'm 32+5 and at night when I sleep my hands go numb it wakes me up all night I sleep with them straight and try not to lay on them what else can I do?
Avatar f tn Anytime I lay down my hands go numb and become freezing. If it's when I sleep I wake up with them numb and also swollen. It hurts to make a fist. If I drink any kind of alcohol my hands are swollen enough that my rings won't come off by the second drink. I am 28 year old female. I weigh 130 lbs and at my monthly visits to my nutritionist my blood pressure is always normal. I take 56mg of Adipex a per and 10 mg Ambien per night.
971074 tn?1362759766 So my hands are feeling a little numb this week. I'm 33 weeks pregnant. I can still wear my rings but they are a little snug. Is it just the swelling making my hands numb? It's a really weird feeling. I was trying to write my thank you notes tonight and my hands kept cramping up.
7074486 tn?1389932822 I started to feel my hands going numb since about 4am any of u experience that is this normal im 4w5d?