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Avatar f tn Hello, It is common to experience dryness after drinking alcohol .Dryness can further lead to infections and making a person prone for sore throats. If you drink it at bedtime it dries the throat and intensifies the discomfort. One should avoid alcohol if suffering from a sore throat. Intake of copious amounts of alcohol can inflame the sensitive membranes within the throat. It is best to avoid it. Visit an ENT specialist for more queries and concerns. Keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
7831604 tn?1399711007 I will start off by saying I have no idea where your kidneys are but on my left side Above my hip/under my ribs I am sore its sore when I am turning or bending. Could this be my kidneys?
Avatar f tn Alcohol and ANY medications is bad. Alcohol puts stress on all your organs and primarily your liver and kidneys...most medications are cleared through either your liver or your kidneys. Bad mix. You probably need to go to a Detox facility where you can be monitored and given the appropriate meds to help you get off the alcohol.
883075 tn?1284599708 Anxiety wont destroy ur brain cells neither do alcohol..alcohol only damage ur liver and kidney more likely.
Avatar m tn Normal values for SGOT is 0-35 and SGPT is 4-36. Your lab values are raised. The values could be raised due to alcohol consumption. Was an ultrasonogram done? Did it show fatty changes? Fatty liver can be due to alcoholism when it is called Alcoholic fatty liver disease and the other one is Non alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is due to obesity, diabetes and high triglyceride levels. In addition to avoiding alcohol, avoid smoking also. Avoid drugs like paracetamol and sedatives.
Avatar n tn There were however maybe 2 or 3 occasions when I was younger in which I drank to the point where I may have done some long term damage. Recently, slight twinges and pain sensations in both kidneys have come about recently even after not drinking alcohol. Questions are below: I was not aware of kidney pain being related to alcohol, is this common?
Avatar n tn Well I've had diabetes for about 5 years now and I'm jus about 17 now going into my junior year and I want to drink and get the drunk feeling. I've only done it a few times now and every time I've gotten drunk I still remember to check my bloodsugar and can think completely straight too. I know that when you drink it slows down your kidneys for distributing glucose so your bloodsugar can go low just depending on the type of alcohol...
Avatar n tn Hi, Since January I have been having problem when I drink alcohol. I INSTANTLY retain water and can't pee it out! For years, whenever I drank alcohol I would pee it out all night and even feel lighter the next day. Now, after just a few sips I can feel the water coming on, and I will be a few lbs heavier over the next 2-3 days. It's horrible to not be able to enjoy drinking anymore and I love doing it socially! What can be causing this?
Avatar m tn i am a 26yr old man was an alcohol abuser quit for evr after noticing slight brng in stomach nd kidneys like dehydration and quit beer nd waited for 2 mnths and had 1 pint to chek wthr its ther i dnt usually drink clear water alot.nd whn i had beer after 2 mnths since i stopd i felt brng kidneys nd next day back ache stopd it for evr nd smtimes lowerbaqck ache but i am a carer i dnt knw wth rthe bak pain is coz f ma hard work ..
Avatar n tn I have noticed the last two times that I have spend a night drinking (in all honesty more than I should have) the next morning my upper body from approx the bottom of my ribs up into my shoulders and under my clavicles has been sore all over. I'm not sore to the touch, its more like I'm bruised on the inside. when I take deep breaths I feel the soreness and I don't understand it. I didn't vomit, I didn't shout, and I just cant figure out what is causing this.
Avatar f tn I got my ultrasound yesterday morning, and I guess the woman doing the ultrasound pushed on me too hard. Even while getting it done, there would be times where I would be in a lot of pain. She said it's because she needed to see my sons kidneys. I feel really sore today, has this happened to anyone else?
Avatar m tn Now the 3rd time I had a bad vaccine reaction and shooting muscle pain in the back leg and was bedridden and unable to make it to the hospital. I had swollen kidneys from sepsis before and have many simple cysts in one kidney which the dr only wants to watch? The first 2 times I wasn't sure what caused this maybe alcohol and a statin and bad infections? I am really worried because of the ongoing pain and the possible Autoimmune reaction. Is there any medicine or treatment that I need?
Avatar m tn First of all this pain intrusuion started at the end of june. lower back and around where the kidneys are. moved up to my lung and got a sore throat. ok, doc gave me antibiotics and it went away. a month later, it all came back. got more antibiotics. i took them but they made me feel worse, flu like with no energy. all the while with aching going on around my chest cavity,lower back. and a burning sensation around my kidneys. the antibiotics got finished but i couldn't see a change.
Avatar m tn Also since this issue i am unable to drink a drop of alcohol without being sick, i could have 1 sip or 3 bottles and you would think i was on it all night, could this be related to a weakness i have in my kidneys? Not drinking isnt a big issue for me but being 21 this year i thought it would be nice to have a drink or 2 but the way it effects me its really not worth it. Any advice would be appriciated????
Avatar n tn However, it would be good for him to have a complete blood and urine work up just to be sure. The alcohol is a real contributor to gout issues and he should also watch his protein intake.
Avatar m tn I've been on Lithium for approx. 20 yrs for bipolar disorder and the disorder ruined my life; it distroyed my career, family and my economic standing. I know many others have suffered as I have but I just wanted to get it out in the open. I bounced back a few times but it popped up again, why I don't know. If it was because I faild to take my meds, I'm not sure but I did have a few doctors that didn't know what they were doing.
Avatar m tn I found this with a quick search on the internet. I do know that the actual alcohol doesn't make it through the kidneys, but this explains the testing: "Alcohol is metabolized before it is eliminated, which means that alcohol itself doesn't show up in urine tests. Instead, ethyl glucoronide (EtG), which is a direct metabolite of alcohol, is the substance being tested for in alcohol tests. It is detectable in urine 3-4 days, or about 80 hours, after ingesting alcohol.
Avatar f tn I would suggest instead of cutting back you stop if your kidneys are bothering you. Alcohol is also very harsh on blood vessels your heart and Brain. Alcohol can do more damage and quicker then most drugs. I hope you will check out the Alcohol forum here at Med Help it is a great place with a lot of knowledge. Take good care yourself.
Avatar f tn i didnt pass out but I felt like absolute ****. I have been drinking a lot of water and tea and eating bread and fruits to try and replenish my body but my head still feels fuzzy and I feel a little out of it. I also don't drink all the time so I'm wondering if it's possible for me to have brain damage? or when this hangover will end?
Avatar f tn Yes! Ive been with a sore throat for a week, now finally getting better but yes cough drops are fine and warm things.Tea with lemon and soups.
Avatar n tn So of course with thyroid function and/or medication the body is dealing with getting rid of the alcohol through the kidneys, liver etc, it is only going to be working harder at maintaining levels throughout the day. That system can and will fail if excess alcohol is consumed. It is only a temporary issue if occasional excessive drinking happens but in long term drinking it fails permanently with the T4 to T3 conversion.
Avatar m tn m wearing a shirt that is not comfortable in the neck area. The other night I went out to eat with people from work. I drank alcohol and ate lots of food and it got really bad. It felt sore and like it was getting alot worse also my tongue started burning. I read about GERD this could be a possibility, because I burp alot and have indegestion, but I don't have those sour or acidy tastes in my mouth.
Avatar f tn I am 26 and have had UTI problems since I was 18. For the last couple years I have had abdominal pains and constantly feel ill. I had taken UTI medication which made me feel better for a while then feel ill again. Anyone ever had this or know of what the issue could be?