Sore kidneys during pregnancy

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7831604 tn?1399711007 I will start off by saying I have no idea where your kidneys are but on my left side Above my hip/under my ribs I am sore its sore when I am turning or bending. Could this be my kidneys?
Avatar f tn sometime during pregnancy, the baby puts alot of stress on our organs such as liver and kidneys, because we are also getting rid of the babies waste as well. If you don't drink enough your kidneys/liver can't expel the waste. Also I was under the impression you were itchy all over.
Avatar f tn Go to the doctor to be safe. It could be nothing, or it could be an infection. Maybe you have a UTI?? try drinking LOTS and I mean lots of water. Also try cranberry juice(not cranberry juice cocktail) real cranberry juice with no sugar. And see how you feel. It's very common to get a UTI during pregnancy. Then next time you see your OB, ask them to test your urine for a UTI. If you have one, you'll get antibiotics and all will be fine.
9304548 tn?1409619763 Ok this is my Third Child I am currently 28w5d and before pregnancy I would literally drink like 10 12oz cans of Mountain Dew during a 24hr period. I always cut back during pregnancy but I still Drink maybe 5-6 if not I get bad migraines which my doc said may be caffine withdrawls... I hear so many people say drinking caffine while pregnant is bad but it never had any effect on my other 2 kids.. And my doctor knows and has never said anything to me about it.
Avatar n tn Doc said my kidneys are fine, but does anyone know a way to ease sore kidneys during Tram taper and wd's. I am down to almost 2.5 of the 50mg. I was at 7 per day just 4 days ago. The kidneys are very sore and very uncomfortable. I cant seem to figure out a way to ease the pain. I know.... sounds petty, but they are actually very sore. Thanks for any tips you can provide.
Avatar f tn really normal for some during pregnancy to have at least one if not more, drinking lots of water, and also making sure you fully empty your bladder can help also if you notice the symptoms early often increasing your water intake to flush it out or drinking cranberry juice, can be enough to stop it, drinking ural can also help, but if it doesnt make sure you go to the doc as you dont want it going to your kidneys :)
Avatar f tn So my period is late, and my nipples are sore though that may have been due to my bf. I am also under a ton of stress. I od'd on ibuprofen during this month taking about 14,000 mg (I went to the hospital and am getting help for that), when I also had sex, protected and the condoms didn't break. I have had to pee a lot but nothing not much if any comes out. I also took 2 pregnancy tests over a month after my last one, both coming up negative.. what could be wrong with me??
Avatar f tn So I know what the pain feels like, and with my first pregnancy I got one bad kidney infection that I actually thought was me going into labor, until I got to the hospital and found out it was my kidneys. This pregnancy my kidney seems to always feel swollen. Especially once I start feeling like I have to pee. I can hardly get comfortable laying down because of it. I've never had kidney stones and would hope to not ever get them.
Avatar f tn I had my first doctor appt today since my mc in august AND since finding out I'm pregnant again...I have been having unbearable back pain and so I mentioned it to my doctor and he said it doesn't sound muscular because heat, massage and stretching isn't helping, he said it could be something wrong with my kidneys, he got a urine test & blood work ordered which I will find out next week the results...has anyone experienced anything like this?
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Avatar f tn My lower back on the ride side by my kidneys hurts all the time! Its always so sore and uncomfortable to sleep with. Why? I'm 17 weeks.
5373382 tn?1369738172 With your 50 eGFR, they will monitor that for three months, yes? It it remains low, that is indicative of kidneys not working properly. I understand your concern. What does your doctor say about this. I would stay hydrated during this time. When caught early, these things can be improved! Stay on top of this. Blood pressure okay? Diabetes checked? These are big ones to make sure are under control for the kidneys. Let me know any update.
Avatar f tn I'm 34 weeks and my kidneys are just killing me. I went to the bath room this morning and I had to pee so bad but it was like I was blocked off. I had a uti already with this pregnancy and I don't think that's what it is. The doc confirmed that I had got rid of it. Does anyone possibly know why my kidneys could be hurting so bad.
Avatar f tn It was rather large,i think, about the size of two grains of rice which formed a sideways t. Since then i have added four more kids to our family. During each pregnancy the drs did blood counts and my kidney functions were always off majorly. But they always said i just needed to drink more water. Now all i drink is water and i drink ALOT. My hubby was always annoyed since he knew i drank a ton of water.
Avatar f tn I got my ultrasound yesterday morning, and I guess the woman doing the ultrasound pushed on me too hard. Even while getting it done, there would be times where I would be in a lot of pain. She said it's because she needed to see my sons kidneys. I feel really sore today, has this happened to anyone else?
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