Sore kidneys in the morning

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Avatar f tn I got my ultrasound yesterday morning, and I guess the woman doing the ultrasound pushed on me too hard. Even while getting it done, there would be times where I would be in a lot of pain. She said it's because she needed to see my sons kidneys. I feel really sore today, has this happened to anyone else?
7831604 tn?1399711007 Because where you are describing sounds like it can be them, but your kidneys are in your back around that area. Is that where the pain is or in your stomach?
Avatar f tn does anyone have pain in the morning after emptying there bladder,in the pelvic area
Avatar m tn HI, I have sore feet in the morning and throughout the day after sitting for a half hour or so. I have read other Q&A's and the anwsers don't fit. I'm hoping to get some direction for what to ask my doctor to look for.
Avatar n tn I am probably about a day or two away from going to the ER myself cause the pain is so bad. I was in the hospital for 5 days last time, so I really want to avoid that. I have been to 3 urologists in the past few weeks. None have yet been able to give me a reason for all this pain. I am waiting on my latest culture results which i think will be positive for bacteria this time. But over the past few months i have had 3 CT scans, one VCU test, and numerous cultures.
Avatar n tn Around the same time I first started noticing that my urine was quite frothy but only in the morning. Doctor did a random Urine test - 1 sample in the afternoon, this showed no protein. Blood urea and Blood Creatinine were smack in the middle of the normal range. Kidney ultrasound showed proper kidney size. One week later I still see frothy urine every morning. I intend to get a 24 hour albumin and creatinine filtration check and also a BUN and plasma urea, creatinine test done.
Avatar f tn I recently got a new boyfriend(STD negative) and we have been having unprotected sex and lots of oral sex. When I wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom i have this burning sensation after I pee that last for some 5 mins sometimes 30 but once i drink what and urinate again Im fine. my urine is also cloudy and smells with a white discharge sometimes. Im so scared and this is all I think about. Im starting to believe me thinking about it is making me feel this pain.
Avatar f tn Hysterectomy at 34. I have my right ovary but the pain is a lot higher and to the right than the normal ovarian pain I have experienced. I've ALWAYS had weak kidneys. But no one can seem to find anything wrong. I know my body and know something is wrong but don't know what. My 3rd Dr and I both are open to suggestions!
Avatar f tn I didnt urinate until 5am the next morning and I just so happened to have something to catch it in IT was coffee colored I called the Doc and took it over, the strip said I had protein and bilirubin in my urine the pain management lady redid my UA and used that urine.
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Avatar f tn I'm dealing with kidney problems as we speak. Doctors think I have a stone but can't see it on an ultrasound. But anyway I was having horrible excruciating pain in my lower left side/back and found out my right kidney wasn't draining and was blocked so they had to put a Stent in which I still have in to help drain the kidney.. "/ the back pain is gone but Stent is very uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Thanks Vance. You have put me at ease. Last night I noticed scrotum around right testicle was very swollen. This morning testicle still tender but swelling is down. No more signs of blood.
621803 tn?1302888341 So, I know its fairly normal for your hands and feet to swell during the 3rd trimester, but for the past week or so, my hands have hurt really badly when I wake up in the morning. It feels almost like I've had them clenched all night long. They're Really stiff and sore, and it takes an hour or so before it even starts to get better, and I have to massage my hands and open and close them for about 10 minutes to get the pain and stiffness to start to go down.
Avatar f tn This actually started when i had my daughter 5 yrs ago and they put a cathader in and when they took it out i couldnt pee and the pain i felt than is what i feel now. After i had the surgery in june a cathader was put in and I still couldnt pee afterwards. I cant stop peeing and when i go to bed i have to get up and pee at least 4-5times within in 1/2 to 45min than wake up at like 5pm to pee. It hurts so bad.
10483820 tn?1410466172 and 1/ 30mg Imdur with 200mg Toprol in the morning. I have a 45 year history of valvular heart desease having had 4 open heart surgeries starting at age 28. Resulting in 2 mechanical valves and a pacemaker. Believe me, I am not complaining and feel pretty good. Of course I am on Coumidin so not worried about a stroke but more concerned about damage to kidneys and heart with such elevated blood pressure. I will be 77; weigh 141; and 5'4"; moderately active.
Avatar m tn Hello, When the blood in the urine is at the beginning of urination, it most likely comes from the urethra, (the tube from the bladder to the outside). Blood throughout urination is most likely from the bladder or kidneys or ureters (the tubes connecting the kidneys and the bladder). Diagnostic tests that may be performed include Urinalysis, Urine culture, X-rays of the kidneys, Cystoscopy, IVP, Abdominal ultrasound and CT scan of the abdomen. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn is usually 90 or above, so I believe Lyme had already affected my kidneys. (I had mild pain in the left kidney area in the month before I was diagnosed, but none since. I thought it was the adrenal gland, as I had nearly all the symptoms of "adrenal fatigue syndrome.") I guess this is well enough to proceed with my new herbal protocol. I have no idea how this will all play out.
Avatar f tn Urine stagnates in the collecting tubules and can back up in the nephrons which are the filtering mechanism of the kidneys, restricting the flow through the kidneys. This may be why the chemicals/minerals/elements in our kidneys are out of whack, even if the kidney function is normal.
Avatar n tn If you have pain in your kidneys, you need to see your doctor as soon as you possibly can. This can't wait.
Avatar f tn I am having kidney pain for more than a year now, only in the morning while on bed, which wakes me up, as soon as i leave the bed it got relieved, all tests came negative which includes blood, urine, ultrasound, reports were clear, no sign of stone.
Avatar f tn So I slipped and fell in the shower this morning. Luckily I landed on my elbow and back. I called the doc and they had me go to l&d to have a non stress test for the baby. He is doing good but boy am I sore and in pain! I just feel so stupid and glad the baby is ok. Anyone else have a slip and fall lately? Oh and I'm 29 weeks.
Avatar m tn I have arthritis and had had pains in some rib joints before so the explanation is that when the rib joints are inflammed and you breath in, the inflamed joints prevent the chest from expanding and that has an effect on the big chest muscles located in the rib cage. This causes intense pain. Mine sometimes takes about 3 weeks to clear. Since they have checked you and there is no kidney infection I will try the massages and heat treatment and see if it has any impact.
Avatar f tn The mechanism of the disease is still unclear, but some studies suggest that it is caused by circulating complexes of antibodies and HCV particles directly causing damage to the kidneys as they are deposited in the glomerulus and tubules of the kidneys. Some authors recommend treatment of patients with HCV-related kidney disease even in the absence of active liver disease. The current treatment of choice for HCV infection is interferon and ribavirin.