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Avatar n tn Hi, new to sight.Looking for answers desperately! History kidney infection shy of 3 months ago. Have gone back to doc complaining back still hurts and am fatigued. Had ultrasound-all good. 3 weeks ago hit with extreme pain. went to ER given pain med go home. The pain is located right back, below right rib-sometime feels as if swollen. Pain never goes away completely, will intensify. Pain also shifts location. Can radiate to left.Also pelvic tailbone area-like heat or pinched heat.
Avatar n tn I do not know if they are multiple or single - what is this - do you mean more than one aneurysm? This was detected because she had been having headaches and had an MRI done. Is there something that can be done to stop the growth?
1333534 tn?1282134055 It has been nearly two months now, and I still have some pain while walking, sleeping, and it is still a little swollen, but not nearly as bad. What should I do about this? It's seriously impeding my walking. I would go see my regular doctor, but he is sometimes very unhelpful with things like this.
125112 tn?1217277462 It makes me want to say sarcastically that it must be nice to make an excellent living with so little effort. With a physician like that, I am reflexively suspicious of the soundness of whatever he is thinking that made him recommend a three-month wait. Maybe there is some sensible thinking going on, but I am sure you can understand why I have my doubts! I also am concerned about the idea of someone in your situation taking a wait-and-see approach.
Avatar n tn Ok so I went out drinking last night and I cant remeber if I took my tampon out . . . I have been racking my brain all day but just cant remember. It was the last day of my period so it was very light. I am just not sure if I took it out when i was drunk :o/ I have inserted 2 fingers while squatting and baring down but i cant feel anything - does this mean that I took it out if I cant feel anything? HELP! I am really worried and dont want to go to my doctor if there is nothing there . . .
Avatar m tn i have been in so much pain for the past few weeks i had thie same thing end of last year but with meds it kinda went away and it came back twice as bad i have severe pain all over my tummy and even on the sides near my kidneys i am bloated and struggles to walk or do anything, , i have discomfort all day long and get cramping spasms throughout the day and at nite ben feeling very nautious too , i have ben having this everyday adn somedays wen i feel better that nite itll be more extreme p
Avatar f tn There are many studies that show the SVR rates are higher in people who have early hgb declines. That does not mean that all who do not have a good hgb decline relapse, but the rate of relapse is certainly higher. http://jac.oxfordjournals.org/content/62/6/1174.full "Ribavirin exposure and SVR Persistently negative serum HCV-RNA beyond 24 weeks upon completion of HCV therapy defines SVR.
Avatar n tn Since then, I've shot clear or very watery semen. Even my girlfriend thought it looked unusual. I want to have kids one day, what should I do?
Avatar n tn Also at work started to feel nausea but i haven't vomited, dizzyness while i was siting or standing for a couple of minutes, and in the middle of week also pains in lower back and around kidneys especially when i stood up, my breasts are sore on touch, had white discharge and i'm horny. Yesterday also my stomach, belly and muscles on the lower back started to be sore on the touch or when i move a lot, but nausea was away this morning with driving in the car.
Avatar n tn I wish I knew what was going on. I dont do anything strenuous around the house. I stay at home and watch my little brothers all day and clean. So I really dont think that would have anything to do with it. Anything regarding this would be super. Thanks -Angie (Also, I just noticed that you posted this about 2 months ago. Has this cleared up at all? If so, how? Any pointers?
Avatar n tn I used to stay up all night long now I'm in bed like an old man after 12 hours of being awake (i'm only 22) not to mention I've been eating like a monster I have like a full meal and then 30 minutes later something else etc etc... So not knowing my problem I figure some internal organ is damaged or sore and I want to know if there is a way I can speed up regeneration of it...maybe if I eat certain foods, vitamins If i stay away from sugar ? I'll try drinking more water and stuff...
Avatar n tn And your trip??? How was it? Awww You are finally joining us in tx days! haha I know what you mean about feeling so great and then having to take something that makes you sick!!:(( Hey...the anticipation of it...I feel is the worse part! You will do fine and you can come here and get lots of support! Did your hubby finish his?
Avatar m tn I am convinced this is cirrhosis because of the itchy skin, yellow tongue, elevated bilirubin and alcohol abuse, but I don't know what to do. I'm tired of doctors acting like I'm crazy and telling me it's an upset stomache. If I make another doctors appointment, it will take two weeks to see them, and another two weeks to get the labs done that they order. Should I go to the emergency room again? Could I have Pancreatitis? Could things be getting worse by not getting timely treatment?
Avatar dr m tn There are many factors for an enflamed tonsil—this is the reason why antibiotics are not as effective in curing sore throats. What Do Tonsils Do? Tonsils are part of Waldeyer’s ring, which is a complete circle of lymphoid tissue that is made up of both tonsils in the side walls of your throat, the adenoids, which are in the midline back of your nose, and your lingual tonsil, which is located at the base of your tongue in the midline.
Avatar n tn My doctor has not suggested any further testing and doesn't know what could be wrong. 1) what could be wrong with my kidneys? 2) should i retest for hiv or any other std? (i am trying to take the test at 110 days or so as 100% accurate) 3) what could i possibly have that would cause my lymphocyte count to be low (17.6)? (White cell count = 6.7) 4) should i test for anything else?
1721846 tn?1309394229 Also, infections can cause low BP, such as through the action of histamine (which also can cause itching). By 'blood test' do you mean a CBC? If your cell counts are normal yet the infection persists, then that is unusual so it could be some rare mystery infection or maybe you have a very reactive immune system which is revved up even after the infection has been defeated.
Avatar f tn Towards the end of the week it started to be a little sore when we would have sex so we used lube and that day i saw a couple bumps on my vagina opening and throughout the next 2 days i got a couple more (they all look like pimples) I thought of it possibly being herpes but 1. he's been tested RECENTLY and doesn't have it 2. Since we assumed the bumps were razor burn, he had unprotected sex with me WHILE i had the bumps and he's had nothing come up for him. 3.
Avatar n tn i cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and then put neosporin on it and there is not differance! i am very scared right now and i dont know what to do! causei dont have the cash to take her to the vetand im not sure i they do billing like human hospitals? some one help me!!!!
Avatar m tn 01 00.0-0.20 thou/ul what do you make of this mkh9 can you give me some insight i dont care about my self at this point .
Avatar n tn Hey, one thing I just read in this one book by some MD who is into natural whole foods and such is that you should try to use organic sea salt instead of packaged refined table salt. Has to do with what is done to salt during the refining process, they apparently add some form of aluminum oxide to the bulk salt to keep it from caking during processing, and this means when you use table salt you're getting some trace aluminum as a hidden "extra.
Avatar m tn I dunno what to do and Im just worried sick that we have something extremely dangerous and uncurable and waiting for results is just making things worse. 1. What can this be? 2. Whats considered a late treatment? or after how long is it considered late for treatment? I dont wanna cause my wife to be infertile. I dont care about myself and what happens to me but i care about her.
675347 tn?1365464245 (again to high levels) Also Strontium and Barium. Now what is Strontium and Barium in toxic levels, doing in high mountain melt-water?? WHAT THE HECK? Aluminium is known to cause Alzheimers disease, and Dementia. These toxins are also causing infertility, among other things such as cancers. I was skeptical. I saw many lines such as these, and attributed them to aircraft trails which had been spread out by high level winds. I heard of "chemtrails" and wasn't sure.
Avatar f tn She bruies very easy and she has this sore on the coner of her mouth that has not healed in three weeks. she weighs about 27 pounds. we have had her blood checked and it was fasting 75. when she sleeps night or day she will move her lips like shes trying to get something to drink or like she has cotton mouth. I'm just probally worrying to much, any help would be wonderful. The doctors think I'm crazy.
1962211 tn?1325377772 In fact I am watching movies and stuffing my face bc I am smoking marajuana instead lol anyway I do not have a plan for aftercare, I don't really know what u mean by that so please explain. Thanks alot for your support guys. God bless.
Avatar m tn These symptoms appear to not be presant often any more, but i am drinking 6-8 16 ounce glasses of water per day. I have sore testicles ( mostly the left ) and pelvic pain usually around base of penis, i also feel nauseous alot of times, especially first thing in the morning and my face is often roasting hot but my internal tempature is usually 96-98. My symptoms vary and seem like if once symptoms worse the others are less worse. My knee`s have been starting to ache too in the past month.
Avatar n tn Can anyone whom have gone thru this know what symptoms I will have, what things to eat and not to eat and. what activities I should or should not do? I am worried as the doctor in the hospital did not tell me anything about post surgery care.
1684282 tn?1505701570 A guideline that requires definitive objective confirmation of severe disease—especially in an era where magnetic resonance screening can show clinically irrelevant anomalies in a large proportion of patients—is likely to lead to as many false-negative and false-positive diagnoses as the much-maligned visual analog pain scale that is currently in widespread use. So what is the clinician to do?
Avatar n tn i feel like crying... -worry bugg!
Avatar n tn Usually a duplex kidney doesn't mean anything except you've got a double kidney. In some instances (like mine) the ureter doesn't attach where it is supposed to (mine attached in the neck of the ureter). The upper pole of my kidney got infected. I was sick as a dog, in pain, and on antibiotics for months. Nothing helped. I got referred to a kidney surgeon. They tried draining the upper pole of the kidney through a tube they placed in my back. That didn't help the pain.