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Avatar f tn Having a molar extracted, especially if it was impacted and they had to actually cut into your gums, can take quite a long time to heal. Not only because it's a bit of minor "surgery," but also because we have to eat and even if you are careful not to chew on that side, food particles can still lodge in the wound and become infected. You absolutely need to see your dentist.
Avatar m tn Over the last year and a half I have had receding gums, and am just wondering whether other people with hashimotos hypothyroidism have this and whether it is indeed a symptom? Did you find when you started treatment that the receding stopped?
Avatar f tn Can you catch hsv from receiving oral sex and having the symptoms show up orally on me? Would the first outbreak be one sore on the gums that starts to heal within 7-10 days? What should information should I know about my particular situation? Could I have caught it years ago and it's just now showing up?
Avatar n tn Sore gums can be common in pregnancy cause your baby it taking nutrition from you. Tell your OB/Midwife but also call your dentists. They might be able to give you tips and will probable check you for an infection. Also try swishing coconut oil for 10-20 min a day and rinse with warm water. It eases gum pain and helps you heal. It's grainy when you start but warms up. Try working yourself from 1tsp up to a whole tablespoon full at a time.
Avatar n tn what I didn't realize is the possibility of hurting my gums and causing them to bleed. While brushing my teeth, my gums started to bleed a little due to excessive pressure. This was roughly 15 minutes after the deep kissing. I do not know the status of the other person, neither did I have any open sores while kissing. I have a sore throat for the last one week, is there a possibility of any exposure here.
Avatar n tn These may be cuts caused by accidentally biting the gums. Most of these cuts are minor and heal quickly due to a rich network of blood vessels in the mouth area. You need to take care to prevent infection and promote healing at the local site of injury. Have a soft diet and avoid spicy foods if the laceration makes eating difficult and painful. Gargle with salt water mouth rinse.
Avatar n tn Chills, mild fever that came and went; still bottom gums inflamed and now spreading to upper gums. SORE THROAT developed quickly. Days 4-5: Noticed white bumps on inner bottom lip and then most recently 2-3 tiny painful whit bumps on tip of tongue. STILL inflamed gums, top and bottom. STILL sore throat. What do I have? I've been told by doc I have mild pharyngitis, but this was on day 2 so he didn't see any white bumps in mouth.
581273 tn?1256044089 It looks more roundish, it is flat like the gum was cut, the color basically blends in with the color of my gums (not purple at all, more pinkish and white, it is about the size of my tooth, it looks like it expands to the top where my lip would connect, it is pretty sore when i open my mouth and it stretches. there are no white bumps or any kind of bumps around. as i said the doctor told me not to worry to much about it but to get it checked out.
Avatar m tn I have an open red, irregular looking patch on one side of my gums and it hurts to eat sometimes. It doesn't look like a regular canker sore and it's pretty much all red / yellow, it looks bigger and kinda looks like a rug burn that would be on your arm that is trying to heal. i had some canker sores a few days ago, but all but 1 have since disappeared..
565537 tn?1219264453 I'm not giving in though as I think it's a case of my gums still having to heal properly where the teeth were taken out. One thing is that my apetite isn't the same. No bad thing really as I can afford to lose quite a bit of weight. I'm eating a bit healthier too. Steamed veg with fish or chicken. Well steamed too to make it easier to eat. Also fruit smoothies after winning a smoothie maker in a raffle recently. As I say, I'm going to give it time with the teeth.
Avatar f tn Can you catch hsv from receiving oral sex and having the symptoms show up orally on me? Would the first outbreak be one sore on the gums that starts to heal within 7-10 days? What should information should I know about my particular situation? Could I have caught it years ago and it's just now showing up?
Avatar n tn This is common and may occur after infection with the herpes simplex virus type 1, which also causes cold sores. IT presents with sores on the inside of the cheeks or gums, fever, sore mouth and generalized discomfort. It is best that you have this examined by your doctor. A culture of the lesion may be obtained to rule out other types of mouth ulcers. Treatment goal is to reduce symptoms.
Avatar n tn Try not to eat on that side and avoid brushing the gums. The swelling could be a small infection entering the gums through the cuts. If you keep them clean and give them time, they should heal on their own. However, if they do not heal in 2 weeks, I suggest seeing a dentist to examine the problem.
Avatar f tn Every now and then, my gums will become sore, and just "peel" off. I can literally move the skin around with my tongue until it comes off. This happens with certain foods, and after certain things I do. It only affects the upper gums, on the inside, right next to the toothline, and sometimes on the roof. Visibly it becomes red, and bleeds some. Tonight at work I was cleaning some stuff at work, and snuck in a quick chicken nugget.
Avatar m tn The extraction site itself seems to healing fine, but the gums around the tooth next to it are swollen and very sore. The dentist put me on antibiotics (ees), but after 4 days, the swelling and pain are no better. The dentist said the swelling was just trauma from the extraction, and not to worry, just keep taking meds. I'm worried because, as I said, the pain and swelling are still present, and I would think that after 4 days, the swelling wouls start to go down.
Avatar m tn I was in a relationship with a girl who a got cold sore about four months ago. I never noticed cold sores on her while we were intimate and never noticed anything on me until about three months ago. I just wanted to know if it was possible for HSV-1 to react without the typical cold sore symptoms and just cause cuts on my lips and red rashes. The cuts usually heal in a day or two and are some times red. I am also in the sun working most of the day so could this be the cause.
Avatar f tn The gum behind my back molar is sore. I floseed the behind the molar and brushed the gum too hard a few days ago I think. Now the gum is swollen. The tooth ( an old root canal tooth) is not sore nor is the gum around it. What could it be?
162279 tn?1270604959 I am breastfeeding a 2 week old .Does anyone have any advice or remedies for sore, cracked nipples? I have tried a cream called Lansinoh and it is doing nothing. Has anyone found anything that really works?
Avatar n tn Dr HH / EWH, I just noticed while taking a shower that I have a small red sore on the side of my penis which looks like a sore that resembles an area where skin came off and it's sensitive to the touch. I noticed it because while washing my penis with soap it felt sensitive to the soap. I also have some pain in my neck for the past 2 days (more today than yesterday) which I'm afraid might be lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn I had my right upper and lower Wisdom teeth extracted along with the molar in front of my left upper wisdom tooth. Everything seemed to go fine and I seemed to heal well, My gums had even started to grow around one of the stitches in my upper left molar. I had my stitches out 9 days later. That was about a week ago, and now I noticed that the gums on my upper left side near the molar are a purple-ish color? It is also still sore when I swallow, but only on that upper left side.
Avatar n tn If missed, the sharp edge poses a problem when the gums try to heal over it. Now, usually these spots are small, they will resorb over time, and going after them can cause more trauma. However, I would have gone back and fixed that spot if it was bothering you that much. Is it safe to remove the rest? Probably, as long as you dont cause any more trauma. I would not risk it if its not killing your tongue anymore. If it does not resolve in 2 weeks, definantly go back to your surgeon.
1740952 tn?1310968596 It may take a few more weeks to fully heal. At that point, if the gums don't heal all the way up, it'll probably remain that way unless you do a gum graft to cover up the root again.
Avatar n tn It's leaving a bad taste in my mouth let alone the discomfort it's causing. Will this heal? My teeth have always been fine, no fillings/decay. He said my gums seem fine and so does the enamel on my teeth. Really concerned that this won't heal or fix itself.
Avatar m tn It can take months for the hole to completely close up and heal. I had my wisdom taken out in December last year and I still get a little food stuck in my sockets from time to time. Its been almost 2 months. You can go back to get it checked out anyways just for your own peace of mind but as long as there's no pain and you can keep the area clean, just let it heal up on its own.
Avatar n tn I'm a 23 year old male and I've had a chronic sore throat for over 5 months now. It's driving me out of my mind.. Please help me where my other Doctors have not.. I've been tested for allergies and I've had a few allergies to trees indiginous to my location. But upon use of Clarinex, Allegra, Zyrtec, etc. I received no relief. I had a Barium swallow which showed reflux.. I was treated with 40 mg Nexium, twice a day. This did not help.
Avatar n tn Moved to new place Sept. 4th, started getting a sore in corner of left side of lip, then burning mouth, white patchy tongue and palate, it cleared up a little once; but is back and now the right corner of my lip is sore and peeling.....I did figure out that our chlorine level was high here 1.87 ppm one day, and then 1.80 ppm the following day. Burning eyes, red eyes, my throat closes off sometimes also. I have been to urgent care twice, the ER once, Family Physician once.
Avatar n tn Can it take a over 2 months for a tooth to heal from a root canal? In August of 07 I had part of a filling fall out of a first pre molar tooth. I was on vacation, so I went to a dentist who put in a new filling and a pin, it was a pretty large filling. I had funny sensations in the tooth right after the novacaine wore off, but not pain.