Sore gums from dentures

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Avatar m tn I was a bit surprised at this as I thought the gums would have to heal first but apparantly they will be fitted on bleeding, very sore gums. I am not having implants, just plain old dentures. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar m tn It may be just an irritation or a denture sore from poor fitting dentures. If not, it may also be a fungal infection commonly called thrush.
Avatar f tn Hi, It's sounds like your dentures don't fit properly and not fivro. Have you gone for a reline of your denture lately? It shouldn't hurt and fibro shouldn't affect denture pain. Go back to the dentist that fitted your denture and have the fit checked. It may be all you need is a simple reline to get rid of the pain. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn m 23 now) and let me tell you they look great, but for me personally is not the most comfortable thing in the world since my gums are sore sometimes. Implants would be the best solution, in order for me to get implants I also need a bone implant. My best advice for people with IP children is to plan way in advance about the dental aspect of IP and go to the dentist regularly to take care of the little teeth that do come out.
Avatar f tn I was told that if you get normal plastic dentures they have to be adjusted repeatedly for sore spots and relined because your gums recede. They also told me they charge for that. They said if you get metal ones it doesn't happen but they are expensive. What kind has he got? I am dreading getting this done but have little choice because my teeth are finished. I have suffered for years with teeth and face pains and know that whatever the cost you have to get health things done first.
Avatar n tn I had 13 teeth removed, 12 from the top and 1 below. My gums have healed well and my bite is perfect, however I am experiencing a lot of movement with the dentures since the swelling has subsided. I will be going in tomorrow for a soft reline and I am hoping this will allow me to eat better. What is your experience with this?
Avatar n tn Also where the creamy white patches are slightly going away there are bright sore red spots. I cannot wear my dentures at all due to this pain let alone eat with them :( Thank you for your help. Any ideas except the normal ones to help the healing go better or to help with the pain?
Avatar f tn Since your gums are not healed, I wouldn't use any type of adhesive. I know your gums will shrink with healing, but for your dentures to be this loose so soon after pulling the teeth is unusual. See your dentist about this.
Avatar f tn ve found is to use a paper towel (a strong one) and wipe the adhesive off the gums. Gross, but it works.
Avatar f tn Hi Linda. Yes, she does wear dentures. I'll pick up some biotene today and see if that helps. Thank you.
Avatar m tn The lower front needs to be shaved a bit as they hit my gum to a point where it is raw skin now. My tongue is sore on the right side from rubbing against the upper inside. I can hardly form words due to the overall thickness and the large area the upper pallet plate covers. The palate also prevents me from tasting anything. I've researched this and there seem to be three (3) remedies.
Avatar f tn The foul taste in your mouth is most likely from the gums and everything underneath the denture that needs to be cleaned out...another reason to see your dentist when you first remove them. Definitely call your dentist about the swelling. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled for IMMEDIATE DENTURES this week. I am somewhat UNEASY from all the information I have read thus far, especially reading about all the RE-LINING, ADDITIONAL CHARGES every time and TEETH BEING NOT CENTERED!! Maybe it's just Fear of the Unknown. Also, I have 16 teeth that must be EXTRACTED. Wow, I just have a lot on my mind. I guess you're wondering WHAT is my question? I guess I'm just looking for some kind of CONSOLATION in this whole process.
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Avatar m tn probably the bleeding comes from your gums and not from your tooth.
18010872 tn?1462310439 I had a full set of dentures made and they were placed in while I was coming out of anesthesia. I kept the dentures in for the first 24 hours, as I was told, and went to the dentist the next morning for my first adjustment. I am still in a considerable amount of pain and the bottom dentures needs more adjustments. The denture is beautiful, but when it is in, it seems too big for my mouth.
Avatar f tn Sometimes they are loose due to lack of bone in the lower gums, or if you had your teeth pulled and then dentures put in right away, it may be that the swelling has now subsided and you need to be re-fitted. Before spending more money to see another dentist, I would ask your current one to do another impression to obtain a better fit.
Avatar n tn I have had my back upper teeth extracted about 1 year ago, and wear a partial denture. Recently I have been experiencing sharp pain in one area of the gums where a tooth was extracted. When it started, I was able to relieve the problem by taking ibuprofen. This is no longer working, and neither is the stronger pain medication I tried. The pain used to be triggered by wearing the denture. Now it comes on when I am physically active even when I do not wear the denture.
Avatar f tn no stiches my gums and immediately put the dentures in my mouth.One of the "post" I had from my partials he said was hard to get out and some of the bone came with it. I had to go back to his office a 9 pm because I filled up a grocery shopping bag full of bloody gauze. It took 6 weeks of intense pain could not function. Could not feel the top of my head for 4 weeks. He said the pain would last 10 days.
Avatar f tn No you can not get tonsillitis from new dentures. Have your dentist check tongue side most posterior extension of the denture base (pink part).
Avatar n tn My own dentist, who I referred my mother to a few years ago, did her dentures and they were never right. Took her to a prosthodondist for new dentures. After a few adjustments, she can chew again and no gum sores.
Avatar m tn I had 12 extractions, 4 root canals, 6 implants and got dentures about a month ago. I have had lots of problems with the lowers, mostly rubbing pain problems. The lowers let food get in them, so I started using Sea bond wafers. I was eating pretty good with them with no significant pain and starting to have hope that I was almost there. Then yesterday I started having pain on top of the gum and down the inside of the gum. The location is where my left rear molar was pulled.
Avatar n tn s she really did not need all the work the previous dentist told us she did like cutting open the gums from the back of the mouth to the gums in the front of the mouth and scaling the teeth on the top left side of the mouth, and the bone graph but she will need dentures or implants after they take the bottom front four teeth out along with the other 5 teeth that have to go. I am feeling better now. I Thank you for your advise.
Avatar n tn when i got my dentures back in 2007 i also had seventeen teeeth pulled all at once with six bone graphs and i survived. i went in after i got off work, had all the work done, went home and went to bed. i did call in sick to work the next day but that was mainly because i just didn't feel like going, but i was well enough to return to work had i chose to.