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Avatar n tn For over a year I have been experiencing sore and sometimes inflamed and swollen gums. I have seen both my dentist and hygienist and we have been unable to solve the problem or what is causing it. The pain is now there more often than not now, whereas before it was intermittent. I have not managed to pin point what may cause the symptoms.
Avatar f tn My jaw cracks more then usual when chewing but I think its the weather changing not due to being pregnant.
1916426 tn?1322408083 I woke the other morning to notice my mouth was really sore, it felt as though my gums on the right side had a lump on the inner side and my jaw and mouth hurt when I move it too much eg, eating, drinking I can not open my mouth wide without pain in my jaw and mouth area this is only on the right side. I also have a sore throat now. I also noticed today that my tonsils are swelling and I have a lot of mucus and my gums seem white.
Avatar m tn i get it regularly and as it hurt to swallow your jaw is moving in odd directions trying to over compensate for this pain and you have probably pulled a muscle or ligament in your jaw. this would also account for your high temperature and your gums. Garge Cordisil mouthwash its anti bacterial and is avaliable from everywhere its antibacterial and is great stuff. but eventually you will need a course of antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I need a second opinion... I am a little over 5 months pregnant. A couple of days ago I noticed my lower gums, the whole thing, both sides, was really sore, I couldn't eat anything but yogurt or bananas. I looked in the mirror and couldn't see anything except it was all red and puffy. Then last night I noticed it was hurting even when I wasn't eating anything, I was just sitting there and it hurt.
Avatar n tn In addition, my right jaw is pretty painful, especially under the jaw (glands?) on one side only. So I went back to see my dentist yesterday and he couldn't tell what might be happening. He opined that it could be a virus-didn't think it was an infection. Only now, the soreness has spread up behind the upper front teeth too. Feels in the back like when you have canker sores and behind the upper front teeth that I've eaten something too hot (which I haven't).
Avatar m tn Although my gums are sore the terrible pain is from my left jaw. Also I have noticed that my lower left side of my jaw on my face feels puffy.
1675476 tn?1304261902 i have got swallen gums on my right side of my jaw. this is my 2nd day i have got it. my whole right chick is swallen and a lil sore. my gum around one tooth is very inflamed i am not using any antibiotics at all. how long would it take to go away and how can i fix it on my own. thank u. it is a broken tooth sum of it is missing.
Avatar n tn Chills, mild fever that came and went; still bottom gums inflamed and now spreading to upper gums. SORE THROAT developed quickly. Days 4-5: Noticed white bumps on inner bottom lip and then most recently 2-3 tiny painful whit bumps on tip of tongue. STILL inflamed gums, top and bottom. STILL sore throat. What do I have? I've been told by doc I have mild pharyngitis, but this was on day 2 so he didn't see any white bumps in mouth.
Avatar f tn Also when I open my mouth wide where my upper and lower jaws connect also hurts and kinda clicks. The color of my gums are fine and dont seem to be swollen, I just have pain. I've actually noticed to small bumps on the outer side of my mouth, close to where my lower gums hurt, that have also been painful. Please Help!
Avatar f tn i had a relly bad sore throat for 3-4 days with white blisters and swollen and then the infection moved to my gums around two bad teeth. My jaw swelled up and by the the end of the day my jaw had a huge red welt over the swollen area.
Avatar n tn That will help with any pain that might be in your gums from the cleaning and warm compresses on your jaw and neck will help with the muscle strain. The red spots on your tongue can be caused by dry mouth. Having your mouth open for the length of cleaning time would dry out your tongue and irritate the papilla (taste buds) on it. Good luck. All this will pass with some time. Don't forget to keep those teeth very clean now so the infection doesn't come back.
Avatar f tn All of a sudden, a couple days ago, I woke up with a sore jaw (only on one side), a white painful bump on the other side of my tongue, a sore cheek (like when you bite it really hard and it gets that painful crease) sore gums (only on bottom) and a white painful bump on my lip. Today the other side of my jaw has started to hurt, and my throat has been sore as well. Does anybody have any information? I've been brushing my teeth regularly, rinsing with mouth wash, and that hasn't helped.
Avatar f tn I am undergoing chemotherapy (Carbo/abraxane+ Avastin) My platelets are currently low. I have my wisdom teeth, TMJ, and grind my teeth. I have never had a cavity, but when my teeth aren't properly cleaned by a hygienist for awhile, I get either an infection or inflammation of the gums between my wisdom teeth and the back of my mouth. I am currently dealing with this problem. I believe I have toris.
Avatar f tn i know its not good but i do it about once a night and cannot stop! i also tense my jaw and crack it left and right , and all these things i sometimes do within the same time frame! my mum says its anxiety but i'm not sure, and its starting to really affect me as i can't stop doing it and its causing me pain yet i wont stop! please help me!
Avatar f tn On Monday felt a little pain and discomfort which gradually increased through Tuesday and still experience pain and discomfort on wednesday. When mouth is closed there is no pain. When moving jaw from side to side, no pain. I experience tthe pain and discomfort when opening my mouth. II also noticed my face get a little puffy on that side on Tuesday. Do think my jaw is broken, dislocated, or just bruised?
Avatar n tn Lasted for 5 days because I put hydrocortisone on it on the 3rd day. Gums were still a bit swollen with lymph node swelling under jaw. Sore throat was ok, no pain. Stool is still semi-loose. 1. Does this look like Ars? 2. Do I have to get tested again? 3. Are swollen gums a sign of ARS? what about loose stools? 4. Am I worrying excessively? Any comments will do!
Avatar f tn I guess chips got stuck in my gums or something and I had a headache last night. Today I wake up and my whole jaw is sore, my gums are swollen, it hurts to eat, my nose is stopped up, and it started bleeding, and I have a horrible headache. Not sure if its sinuses from the weather changing or if its from my mouth.
Avatar n tn I was already given some AMOXICILLIN 500MG to take and started to take imidatly, however it is now tuesday and my face has been swollen and the gums near the tooth is all puffy and sore like i have thousands of mouth ulsers. i am getting worried as it really hurts. I have stopped taking the IBUPROFEN as i read this could cause face swelling. Please help, is this a rare thing that can happen after root canal?
Avatar f tn It causes inflammation of the outside of the teeth and gums but usually does not clear up with banamine but usually required steroids and sometimes extraction of teeth. However, usually the x-rays of these teeth are abnormal. As far as opening the mouth, this could be pain or inflammation in the muscles of the jaw. I would consider sedation and finding out if the can open the jaw or just does not want to do so.
Avatar f tn so 3 days ago i went to massage parlour and had an unprotected oral sex and french kissing ( i had a bleeding gums). now iam feeling fever with one sided sore throat and painful under my jaw (swelling lumph nodes) where i can feel it getting bigger. im not worried against hiv. but im worried with other stds. im not yet immunized against hepatitis B. is this the early symptoms? how risky iam? should i get tested?
Avatar f tn so 3 days ago i went to massage parlour and had an unprotected oral sex and french kissing ( i had a bleeding gums). now iam feeling fever with one sided sore throat and painful under my jaw (swelling lumph nodes) where i can feel it getting bigger. im not worried against hiv. but im worried with other stds. im not yet immunized against hepatitis B. is this the early symptoms? how risky iam? should i get tested?
Avatar n tn Gums looked fine and no dry socket the dr thought dentist stiched up hole with no way for abcess to drain so gave me more vicodin and amoxicillian. Pain has been and still is in face around jaw and nose then radiates to right ear and head. My ear feels like it has warm liquid in it sometimes. Pain has lessened in last 36 hours but if I even try to eat anything (soft foods) it starts to come back right away. Pain lessens but never goes away.