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Avatar n tn Sore throat is not a common manifestation of temporomadibular disorders. Limited jaw opening may be caused by mechanical blockage of TMJs or masticatory muscle spasm . Seeing a tmj specialist is advised.
Avatar f tn On Monday felt a little pain and discomfort which gradually increased through Tuesday and still experience pain and discomfort on wednesday. When mouth is closed there is no pain. When moving jaw from side to side, no pain. I experience tthe pain and discomfort when opening my mouth. II also noticed my face get a little puffy on that side on Tuesday. Do think my jaw is broken, dislocated, or just bruised?
13831784 tn?1431660603 I have a white sore in my mouth. Way in the back on the area where the top of my jaw intersects with the bottom of my jaw on the left side. I have had it for literally at least 3 months and it will not heal. It hurts so bad. The sore itself hurts, but it is making my whole jaw ache. Also my left ear is swollen at the opening. It is almost swelled shut. I am not sure if they are related. I do not have insurance so that is why I have not seen a physician. I do not even have a regular doctor.
Avatar n tn https://youtu.be/x6pAud58Tj8I have headaches, sore teeth and jaw and pain behind my ears and temples. There is a clicking sound heard from my ears but also hear similar crackling sound when moving jaw so believe it's not to do with my ears. Have had ent look at ears previously, says they are fine. Wondering if anyone has had anything firmiliar. haven't found any videos with this same sound. I am not opening and closing my jaw in this just holding it slightly open. https://youtu.
2112219 tn?1334286044 I am a 27 year old female. Smoker (though trying to quit), but normalish health wise. For about 3 months now I have noticed a pain, right in the soft spot at the top of the jaw, directly behind my ear lobe. When it started it was infrequent and lasted only a few minutes and was only mildly annoying. Now it happens every day, pretty much all day, though it is worse at night. It is a pulsing/stabing pain.
3123268 tn?1342176937 Considering your symptoms of point tenderness and pain on opening the mouth, your symptoms could be due to temporomandibular (TMJ) joint arthritis. This is the jaw joint and inflammation of this joint can cause pain on opening the mouth and tenderness on palpation behind the ear. As you have had a recent throat infection, it could also be a lymph node enlargement. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Have had a sensation of sore tounge, prickly toung particularly at back, sore mouth. Also a sensation that my tounge is too large in my mouth. I now also have a very distinct Tremor in my lower jaw and my mouth seems to be watering a lot. It imptoves slightly if I eat. I was diagnosed earlier in the year with Thyroiditis. Which supposedly got better. I have a serious brain fog and my eyes are very light sensitive. I have struggled with frequent herpes virus out breaks for over 30years.
Avatar f tn When I open my mouth to chew my left side of my jaw hurts up near the ear, I do get a lot o colds and sore throats, would it be a tumor tho?
Avatar n tn Inside of my right tounge was sore , This morning i woke up my whole right side of my neck is sollowen and theres pain when i touch it on my neck where the glands and my jaw bone below my ear is sore . Help !?
Avatar m tn A week has gone by from all four impacted wisdom teeth were surgically removed. My jaw on the right side feels like it is locked. I can only open my jaw 1 inch. When I try to open it farther I get excruciating pain and it won't open. Left side is fine. I was very swollen the first three days after surgery. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I have a movable, pea (or smaller) sized lump in (upper) front of my right ear and right on the area where you feel your jaw open when opening mouth wide. It cannot be 'seen'. No pain or change in size for at least 20 years. I found it years ago when massaging a sore jaw joint. It sort of feels like it's in a tendon and in front of the Tragus.
Avatar f tn Maybe your grinding your teeth when sleeping? My mom would complain about her jaw hurting/sore frequently, then I caught her grinding her teeth while napping...
Avatar f tn I haven't found a solution yet. What I should mention is that it's not exactly opening my mouth that helps. It's opening my jaw/teeth...I can keep my lips sealed, so that no air can enter, but it still helps. This makes me think that my issue is not eustachian tube dysfunction.
Avatar m tn Started getting tingling in my fingers and toes. About a week later stiffness in jaw, difficulty opening jaw wide, tingling in face. This week my legs mainly my thighs have been sore and my legs feel really heavy when i walk. Also my back has gotten sore as if I have difficulty standing up straight. Also I feel shortness of breath with minimal activity. Could this be a possible autoimmune disease related to the strep throat? Haven't slept in 2 weeks or so. Only a few hours a night.
Avatar n tn I even bite my tongue about once a night when my jaw snaps!! My jaw continues to pop out on bad side when I yawn, and of course, the face pain which moves around. Talking and chewing really makes it much worse - and I'm a teacher!! Anyway, thanks for your insight - you extend a great kindness - wish you were in Florida!!
790137 tn?1318064425 The pain is in front of my ears and it will hurt sometimes non-stop, or after I eat on my entire jaw line. I do not have clicking or have trouble chewing or opening my mouth however. The entire right side of the throat just feels inflammed and the head ache in the face just will not go away.... The dr. did put me on an anti inflammatory & flexeril (sp?). So far no relief..only feels good when I apply my cold hands to the entire face...
Avatar n tn My smptoms are as follows - Chronic hives (since 1985 arounf 12 episodes in duration of 2 months to 1 year), hyperreflexes, hand temors, dry/gritty eyes, metalic taste, numbness in toes with sore spots at tip of toes, swollen purpleish feet, night sweats, brownish mark on upper thigh, hx of hyperthyroid in 1994 (resolved), stiff neck over 2 months, muscle fatigue including jaw with minimal chewing, slight difficulty swallowing (feels like decresed opening), pulse rate near 100 when resting, slig
978175 tn?1304439383 Hello. I've been having this strange clicking sound/feeling around my ears/temples. I'm not really sure where it is coming from. It started sporadically last fall when walking. Each step has a corresponding click. I'm not sure if it's an ENT or Neuro thing, since it doesn't really feel like it is in my ear, but I hear it? (sounds like when you light a lighter.) For the past month or so it has been happening more frequently.
Avatar m tn head aches in the temples, click/pop in the jaw when opening my mouth more than a few mm, jaw dislocating and clicking when I talk and chew. My jaw locking and being difficult to open. sometimes one side will lock or be stiff sometimes both. Finding steak so tiring to chew I'd give in and leave it - I love steak! A constant ache in the jaw, sometimes fuzzy ears. - that's my jaw been sore to touch my cheeks near my ears, feeling bruised.
Avatar m tn Whenever I close my mouth after opening it wide, the left side of my jaw pop and it hurt a little. It felt like the bones kind of stuck together. I would like to know what is the problem.
Avatar f tn After few days I noticed that I am unable to open my mouth , a severe pain starts when I open it beyond around 1 to 2 inch. I still feel pain when I touch my tooth and still after 3 weeks unable to open my mouth without pain around my Jaw. Please advice me what might be the reason.
Avatar n tn My right ear feels as if I have descended from an airplane and it has not popped yet. There is pain when opening my mouth to chew, and there is a lot of crepitus with motion. Dr. Mehregan: Should I see my dentist or my medical PCP for the workup? What are the gold-standard tests typically related (MRI,CT)?
Avatar f tn If there point tenderness and pain on opening the mouth, your symptoms could be due to temporomandibular (TMJ) joint arthritis. This is the jaw joint and inflammation of this joint can cause pin on opening the mouth and tenderness on palpating behind the ear. If you have had a recent throat infection, it could also be due to lymph node enlargement. It could also be due to local causes like tooth infections, tooth abscess or periodontal disease.
Avatar n tn My mouth will not open and close evenly and when I lay down my jaw locks up and I can’t open my mouth. When I’m up it always pops on the right side opening and closing my mouth while talking and chewing. I would like to know why it does this and what is causing this and if it can be treated. I am in pain everyday with this problem and it is very frustrating. It started a few years ago and it is getting worse. Please help!! Thanks!!