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Avatar m tn I had an unprotected sexual encounter with an unknown girl ,, I have been experencing some symptoms of hiv such as Lack of appitite, fatigue and sore lymph nodes. My question is that in an HIV infection do nodes get sore at differnt times my auxillary node under my left armpit was sore for about a month then nodes in my neck and under my jaw have been sore.
Avatar n tn Go to your doctor to have your lymph nodes diagnosed. Most people that think they have swollen lymph nodes don't at all. Don't push on your neck checking for them or you will cause them to swell and become sore.
Avatar m tn No enlargement in axillary or groin Are my lymph nodes of any concern (they swelled 2 weeks after my sore throat then another 3 weeks after the previous one)? I keep on touching and poking them - can this cause them to stay in the "shotty" state? Also what is concerning about lymph nodes in a HIV infected individual?
Avatar m tn My girlfriend has had swollen lymph nodes lately. I have been told it's not hiv. Does anyone know how big lymph nodes get and does it matter where they are located?
Avatar n tn Hello, Lymph nodes are small (1-2cm) and bean-shaped nodes. they are very important to your body keeping you healthy. Lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes) is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Other causes include allergic reactions, arthritis, cancer, metabolic diseases, and an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). What is the constituency of the swollen lymph nodes?
461010 tn?1208486059 i had a protected sex but i am just scared of what i am feeling. i have swollen lymph nodes and some sore on the tongue. I am worried this might the symptom that i have contracted HIV. i have done test at 4 or 5 weeks, but they are negative. At one stage I thought maybe it might be a throat cancer, because there was agreat pain in my ears also which I think was caused by throat sore. Will this be symptom for HIV.
Avatar n tn but i have had what i thought were large pimples on the back of my ears are those swollen lymph nodes and should i worry i tried to reseach it but couldent get any info that made sense to me i dont know why but i am really worried what the hell am i going to do if i have hiv
Avatar f tn Its now day 9 and I am still having this brownish/red discharge and cramps. Also the lymph nodes in my groin are swollen. I also have a cold sore on my inner right cheek right now. NOTICE: all my symptoms are on my RIGHT side. Also it seems like a muscle on right right side of the back of my neck is swollen also. I am also dizzy at times.
Avatar m tn Well, you likely know that people get enlarged nodes all the time from infection. If your marrow was damaged from chemo years ago, then maybe there's some weakened immunity which lets an ordinary infection escape immediate squelching and so you might get enlarged nodes easier. If the soreness started near the node and not in the node, that tends to say you're just having a node that's 'reacting' to whatever caused the soreness... which could be the bite that let bacteria in.
Avatar m tn anyways for the past couple of weeks my lymph nodes under my jaw have been slighty swollen.. no pain/sore throat or congestion etc. Does this sound like an std?
Avatar m tn She said she gets tested every 3 months. 3 wks ago I started with sore throat and enlarged painful lymph nodes below jaw, below ears & still have all that. Went to doctor who prescribed Amoxicillin but said "probably viral". Both armpits have been aching with one half-pea sized node one each side since 1 wk. Groin on both sides and back of knee aching since 1 day. No fever or rash till now.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr.Anitha, thank you so Much For your Reply & Rich Answer, i went already to a number of ENT , the last 2 of them say i should remove my tonsils , if i want to get ride of the swollen lymph nodes & the sore throat , then this is the solution, what i'm worry about is , i have my tonsils for my whole life , why just now it come chronic ( also could it be the reason for the swollen lymph nodes , sore throat & mouth ulcers .
Avatar m tn when people get hiv and theyre lymph nodes enlarge, its generalyy all the lymph nodes all over your body and they're pretty large. also a rash is a very common symptom that would come up. dude, honestly, you were never at risk with the condom. now turn on shark week before you miss it!
1683208 tn?1305128295 my daughter had swollen lymph nodes like that and her whole neck was sore. they tested her for cat scratch fever. it was negative but she did end up having mono. she was also tired and weak and dizzy though. she has had lymph nodes swollen from strep to just a viral infection. best to get it looked at and get some blood work done.
570004 tn?1226983796 Hi There- I have Hashimot's Hypo and about a year ago I developed swollen lymph nodes around my neck/jaw. My throat/neck was sore and it looked swollen. It ended up that I needed a dosage increase and I had develped Thyroiditis which is when the thyroid becomes inflamed. I also had some nodules that were picked up with a Thyroid ultrasound. Go to your endocrinologist and good luck to you!
Avatar n tn are the symptoms..Swollen cervical lymph nodes very sore ear, jaw, cheek and alot of pressure on top of the head..Feels like someone is pushing down on my brain....had a CT scan, blood work and can't find what's wrong?.....Sometimes i get dizzy but it comes and goes...What to do now..The pain in my face doesn't go away....Doctors are having a hard time diagnosing my problem...If it wouldn't be for the swollen nodes they would think it's all in my head...
Avatar m tn I have had a recurrent sore throat for the past couple weeks though this may be to acid reflux and smoking. For the past couple days I have had slightly painful palpable lymph nodes in my armpits and arms, and directly above my groin on both sides. I do have a healing abscess on my upper left leg. I did not experience any ARS symptoms that I can recall, but I read that swollen lymph nodes in multiple places are a good indicator of hiv infection. I'm going crazy with worry. Please help.
Avatar n tn The eye has been better for about a week, but I know have two submandibular swollen lymph nodes. I am not sure if I didnt notice them before or they were not there before. They are about an inch in diameter and one is on each side of the jaw (the one that is on the side where the eye was swollen is bigger than the other one).
Avatar n tn I had one swollen lymph node under my jaw that hurt like hell, but also had a canker sore that may be the source. Also, now have one extreemely painful lymph node under my arm but it isn't swollen at all.
Avatar m tn Swollen inguinal lymph nodes are a very non-specific finding. The lymph nodes play many roles including being a part of how the body fights infection. As a result, with a recent infection, lymph nodes in the region of an infection may swell and/or be tender. the inguinal lymph nodes serve the genital area, the rectal area, the lower part of the inner abdomen and the legs so swollen nodes of the type you describe are by no means an indicator of STD.
Avatar n tn Every single twinge I feel now, anywhere on my body makes me feel like it's another lymph node that is starting to get tender... I know Dr. H says that lymph nodes would be affected throughout the entire body and not be localized to one particular region - but how far apart would the swellings/tenderness occur... in other words, would my groin region swell up this week and then a week or two later, another region (like in my neck, or behind my jaw, etc.) start to swell or be sore?
Avatar m tn Thank you very much both, I really appreciate the comments. I didn't have a fever, sore throat or rash but the lymph nodes are making me terrified. I don't know how I will face the results I am too scared. I have been prodding a lot and hopefully that is why they are swollen, although the one in the groin is rock hard so I have very much accepted my fate already. I am absolutely terrified at the moment and am doing my duo p24 test this week.
Avatar n tn I have multiple enlarged and sore lymph nodes on the right side of my neck for eight months now. Also mild ear and jaw pain. My ENT doctor tells me not to worry about it but that if I insist he will do a biopsy of the largest node. I am not sure what to do. Anyone else have these symptoms? What did you do?
Avatar n tn it doesnt come on gradually over a period of time. of course your lymph nodes are getting sore...youre poking at yourself all the time. antibiotics absolutely can cause oral thrush...but it has been my experience here, that most ppl who think they have thrush, dont actually have it when they finally see their doctor. now...for plaque buildup? see your dentist!!!!! sounds like it's time for a cleaning. nothing you did put you at risk for hiv.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I've had swollen lymph nodes in my neck and throat for about two weeks now. I initially had a sore throat with slightly enlarged glands and doctor started me on amoxicillin. After 5 days my symptoms worsened - very red sore throat, dry cough, swollen glands so went back to doctor and he said to stop the amoxyl and start clarithromycin 250mg BD. I then started to feel even worse 4 days later and wasn't tolerating the clarithromycin very well - tummy upsets and "racy" feeling.
Avatar n tn How long do swollen lymph nodes persist after ARS. Are they there for ever or do the come down after ARS? I just noticed a swollen lymph node in my neck that is tender and am wondering if it could be there even after 3 months after what could have been ARS. I am scared to get tested.
Avatar n tn Starting on Saturday, the left side of my neck has been swollen - as well as the lymph node under jaw. I am a little concerned about it - but other than that, I don't have other symptoms. I guess that I am just paranoid now that I know I have nodules on the left and right - but i am not the only one who has noticed the swelling. My sister noticed it and asked about it on Sunday. It is not so swollen that people see it and go "OH MY YOUR NECK!!!!!!
Avatar n tn When I went to the ENT he agreed with my primary doctor about the tonsil. I then explained that my lymph nodes were sore to the touch and in the past month the lymph nodes under my arms would sometimes become swollen and ache to the point my breasts would hurt. He ordered a CT scan of my head and throat that showed the "tonsil" to be a little larger than a normal tonsil. He asked me if I had any unexplained weight loss and I told him no.
Avatar n tn I get blood tests almost every 6-8 weeks. My doctor always just tests a TSH. Two years ago I began having swollen lymph nodes. I had no other symptoms. One node in particular was very large. After several months of watching it, my ENT said it needed to be removed because it was very large. All was fine for a while. Now my thyroid levels are way off the charts again and I now have more swollen glands. My neck is tender down by my thyroid but the ENT found another enlaged node.