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Avatar m tn Anyway, after getting the proper filling (bottom right side of mouth, about half way along right side), It's been two weeks and I still can't chew on that side because it hurts so much when I bite down, it's very painful and giving me pain all up the right side of my jaw and into my temple. The dentist said it might take a while for the pain to go away when he did it because he had to clean it out, but 2 weeks seems like a bit too long to still be feeling this kind of sharp, constant pain.
Avatar f tn I am still experiencing random jaw pain (even when I am not chewing anything), and still can't chew gum. I am returning to my dentist next week and I'll see what he says and if another xray shows anything. I'm not going to let him pull my tooth without a second opinion. Could there be some other reason I am experiencing this pain? Could an infection last this long? If I press down by the middle of my ear (by my face), I experience pain. Help!
4768452 tn?1358924963 I read it can be related to TMJ which I have symptoms of as well, my jaw clicks every time I chew, It can get pretty sore, I've also read other symptoms and I seem to fit into a lot of them...however, I also for the past few years have had a really sensitive stomach. After eating I often have to rush to the bathroom, and sometimes I have loose stool for days. I've been to a doctor and a specialist and they have found nothing.
Avatar f tn Can jaw pain and constant sore throat be a symptom of Fibromyalgia / CFS. I was diagnosed with CFS a few years ago and had glandular fever when I was 19 (am 48 now) but have had bouts of feeling flu like and general fatigue over the years. I have had a consistant sore throat, bit of ear pain, swollen glands and jaw ache, plus sharp pain in jaw when trying to eat, for over a month now. Dr gave me antibiotics but it hasn't helped. Has anyone else experienced this please?
Avatar n tn Ive never been able to chew gum for more than a few minutes at a time or I get an achey sore feeling in my lower jaw...My bite is off... Now, lately when I eat unless its soft food, I get the same achey tired feeling in my jaw muscles. It seems to be both sides..not just one. I do tend to clench my teeth when I sleep...and I feel more relief when my mouth is slightly open...anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce this achey feeling in my jaw muscles when I eat?
1761287 tn?1313828387 HELP! I got home today from class & my face feels swollen & numb in some places. Not unlike when you go to the dentist. My jaw bone is really sore too. I looked in the mirror & my cheeks do seem a little puffy. I am worried that maybe I came in contact with something & it's already making me sick. A couple of things about my own habits. When I am stressed, I tend to put pressure on my jaw by biting down. I don't realize I am doing it at first, but I stop the moment I do.
Avatar n tn It all started with a clogged ear and sore jaw joint on the same side. Over time the symptoms grew to having swollen lymph nodes and tight neck, vertigo and difficulty swallowing. I saw two doctors, my dentist, an ENT and had an MRI done. Nobody could figure anything out. Then I was referred to a Physical Therapist for Jaw problems a TMJ specialist.
Avatar n tn Certainly could be an infection...Regardless, not likely to be adequately diagnosed here. You need to be evaluated by a doctor!
Avatar n tn First i got a mri scan of my brain the results where normal,then i went to the ent clinic and done some ear test and some time later they found nothing so then i read somewhere about tmj and vertigo and it made sense to me that this could be an answer as i have also been suffering since i was a teenager on and off -locked jaw-clicking jaw on the right side-and i think i m grinding my teeth too at night because when i wake up some mornings my jaw feel soft and sore .
Avatar m tn I'm having the same problem but when i shift my jaw or even open my mouth wide to eat it very painful, sharp and sore I can't really enjoy my foods anymore have to open my mouth very carfully and can't open very wide either :( only small little bites. But i think it could be TMJ ? (Temporomandibular joint disorder ) Or signs of it. Hopfully you go see a Pysiotherapist and get it looked at.. My husband had it before and doing physio therapy and accupunture seemed to help him. Best of Luck!
Avatar n tn I would wake up in the morning with a really tense and sore jaw and my teeth would ache - especially the molars. Since I've stopped, the grinding has gotten much better so I think there is some connection there.
Avatar f tn since then i've been having a pain on my right jaw joint. At beginning I had no pain unless I chew food long enough then started to hurt and also gave slight poping sounds. Now it seems there's a dull pain when not even eating, slight headache, neck pain just below right jaw, also several times a sharp ear pain occured enough to woke me up in morning. Im going to try eating soft food/soup now see if it cures the problem. Or should i go to dentist now? Thank you.
3123268 tn?1342180537 I do have severe TMJ, which I also thought was a likely culprit. My mouth cannot open or close without the massive popping of my jaw. Basically any movement of my jaw causes it, and it can be quite irritating at times, but usually not painful. As for lymph nodes, I was incorrectly diagnosed with lymphoma early last year, and only found out it was not through a biopsy of my right-side lymph node in my neck.
Avatar n tn I then began to experience slight jaw pain in the area below the ear. Hurts when I chew. Internist xrayed my jaw to rule out TMJ, and that came back negative. He has no other suggestions. I went for about 1 1/2 weeks until this past Monday, with no feeling of fullness or anything. The slight jaw pain was still present. On Monday, it begun to feel not normal again. I don't necessarily have ear fullness, but the area behind my ears near the jaw feels odd inside.
Avatar n tn n then at night i start brushing teeth at night... cause it felt pain in that hole.... n wake up in the morning my jaw can't open wide more than 1 inch.... its so hard to eat food..... please tell me wht 2 do??
Avatar n tn I can be sitting calmly studying (not stressing) and suddenly can't breathe, or running and just can't get enough air. It's not the out-of-shape gasping, it's that no matter how deeply or often I take a breath my lungs just won't take enough oxygen out of it. If it happens on the treadmill I check my heart rate and it's relatively normal.
Avatar f tn I now have extreme stiff neck pain and a pain in the left part of my head at times, and can't chew gum anymore because of the pain I get when I chew it.... please help????
Avatar m tn She also said some peope think you need them to chew but it is not true because we can't chew back that far and if we try we will choke. The molars are used for chewing. Anyway I suggest that as they come in you get them removed.
230625 tn?1216764664 I got a pain in my upper left jaw (between my ear and eye). It wasn't a "shock" type of pain and it wasn't excruciating. Felt like I got slugged in the jaw (not that hard) and hurt more when I opened/shut my jaw. I was still able to open/shut my mouth without serious pain (and eat :-) ), just uncomfortable. Pain subsided in about 5 minutes, but is still subtle and is also on my right side as well.
Avatar n tn recently i've had sore and bleeding gums which i havn't had before making it difficult to brush and sometime chew certian foods, i have now swollan glands in my jaw and wondering if thier is a link and something maybe be spreading? this is a new problem that i have never had before.
Avatar m tn we did discover that my bite is off alignment my bottom jaw has grown to far so I get TMJ from eating my jaw joints are always a little sore , and when i relax the jaw or when the jaw decides to relax my vertigo usually greatly improves , its very easy to miss the jaw pain because of the dizzy pulsating movement u get so it took me a while to realise how sore my jaw joint actually is , one day i went to a chiropractor and he put his hand in my mouth and put pressure on my jaw and I felt the mus
Avatar n tn This is the third time this same tooth has been filled. After the anethesia wore off my jaw was still very sore which I attributed to the medicine and the needles used. Today, I've developed a decent sized bruise on my right cheek. The main problem though is the fact that I can't chew on the right side of my mouth without pain shooting through my tooth. The pain is similar to the shooting pain that you feel if you have sensitive teeth and eat something cold.
824295 tn?1241656149 I notice when I lay down I clench my jaw really tight and sometimes have teeth marks on my tongue or cheeks. I also have a plugged right ear. have been to a reg dr and both say my throat is not sore and my ear not infected. Do have a dental appt.
376170 tn?1199299800 I find an abcessed tooth in front of a tooth that was crowned a few months ago. My abscess is bulged inside my jaw and I cannot chew on this side. I took 2-Aleve, brushed, flossed and gargled well with warm salt water after meals. JAN.1st; I visited Doctor's Care and they prescribed KEFLEX 500mg 1/12hrs and ULTRAM 50mg 1-2/4-6hrs. My jaw is sore on top and bottom on the right side, since the bulge has expanded along the jawline. JAN.
Avatar m tn we did discover that my bite is off alignment my bottom jaw has grown to far so I get TMJ from eating my jaw joints are always a little sore , and when i relax the jaw or when the jaw decides to relax my vertigo usually greatly improves , its very easy to miss the jaw pain because of the dizzy pulsating movement u get so it took me a while to realise how sore my jaw joint actually is , one day i went to a chiropractor and he put his hand in my mouth and put pressure on my jaw and I felt the mus
Avatar n tn I just got a cold and my lymph nodes are kinda swollen under my jaw and behind my ears with a sore throat. I took some nyquil and it almost stopped my sore throat and my nodes don't feel swollen really at all anymore. But i've only had the cold for a day. So it might come back. Also why I am so concerned about hiv is that I have reaccuring sores in my mouth. I have seen 3 doctors for it. The first one told me it was herpes.
Avatar m tn The dentist and surgeon weren't sure if the infection had spread over to that tooth as well, but they wanted to try to root canal it so I can still chew on that side. The pain from that tooth is incredible. I can't bite down on it, tap it or anything. My dentist said he can't root canal it yet because the surgery site is still too new and he might aggravate or rip my stitches. I'm not on antibiotics because I was on the a few weeks ago and got very, very ill from them.
Avatar f tn in 08/10 I had my total throidectomy followed almost immediately by my inabilaty to close my jaw. Out of the blue I had a drastic open bite, which I still have today, rendering it impossible for me to close the teeth in the front of my mouth, and connect only with a couple in the back for mashing, making it very difficult to chew. I have spent alot of time pureeing my food when it gets to difficult or painful to eat. This comes with neck and jaw pain, difficulty swallowing, and migraines.
Avatar f tn Getting it adjusted today, I think it's too high and my mouth is super sore. I can chew a bit better than normal, but it does still hurt somewhat. ALSO, I never had hot/cold sensitivity on that side, but since the permanent crown, I totally do! What does this mean?
Avatar f tn I've been coughing so much that my tummy is now starting to hurt I'm worried about my baby. My jaw is sore, sometimes hard to chew my food and my wisdom teeth hurt as well. This all happened out of no where please help with some advice I'm just worried about my little one. I'm 17 weeks!