Jaw sore after root canal

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Avatar n tn weeks after the root canal i still experienced pain in the jaw line around the tooth. went back for a second root canal. weeks later still pain. they though it might possible be a crack in the root. so I had the tooth extracted. week later, STILL pain in the jaw line around the extracted tooth and now in my jaw joint. I now think it must be an infection in my jaw bone from the original root canal.
Avatar f tn My achy pain is all over the right side of my mouth and even towards my front teeth. My gums/teeth/jaw are sore but none directly. Does this sound like I need a root canal? Or is it just nerve damage/recovery from trauma and it should go away in time. I have a few more days worth of antibiotics so I am hoping it clears it up. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Perhaps your dentist meant bonding on another tooth. It may be related to the pain/pressure but I would imagine its more due to the crown being a little too high/big for your bite and it may be disturbing your natural bite. I would guess that an adjustment on the bite would be the first step to see how things go.
Avatar n tn You can check the vitality of the tooth by doing a cold test from your dentist to see how the pulp is responding. Depending on the results, it may need a root canal. I would give it about 4-6 weeks though after the placement and adjustment of the onlay to see how it goes. It sounds to me though that it may be more of a TMJ/muscle pain due to the relief you get from a cold/warm towel on the cheek.
Avatar n tn ~~~why does my lower jaw still hurt after a root canal on my wisdom tooth. do you think it from the shots or just normal swelling from root canal it only hurts when i yawn or when i touch the outside of my lower left side of my jaw.its been 5 days after the root canal.~~~~~pls help This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421712'>jaw pain</a>.
Avatar f tn I just left the dentist I was seen for crown fitting, I was there for about 2 hours. Before this appt I have had a crown lenghthening about a week ago and a root canal about 2 weeks ago. Now today they fitted me they put a post and did the fitting it was painful. The dentis had to numb me several times. After the procedure I went to the restroom and I noticed a bump on the bottom right side of my cheek by my jaw its somewhat swollen.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal and several weeks later noticed a pea-sized hard lump on my lower jaw bone, directly down from the root canal. The dentist who put my crown on after the root canal, said that the lump had nothing to do with the root canal, and that I probably always had this lump. Does this sound reasonable?
Avatar m tn Two days passed and the pain only increased. It reached the stage where I could not tell which jaw was sore let alone which tooth was hurting. After two days I went back to the dentist who prescribed me antibiotics and tolod me to pick up some over the counter pain killers and that I should see him the next day. I have been going back to him everyday for a week and the pain is not going away although it has changed.
Avatar n tn I had a routine cleaning 2 days ago. During the cleaning, I felt a really sharp ***** (more than the usual sharp ***** during cleanings) in the back lower right (by a tooth which had 3/4 of a root canal 12 years ago (too long to explain, but it bisected a nerve so they didn't finish-a result is that I had TMJ which cleared up in a couple of years. Since then, I've been fine, teeth and gums have been fine too-so no problems going in.
Avatar n tn Today I had an emergency root canal on one of the teeth in question. Everything went fine but tonight my pain has returned and I have a lot of pressure in my upper left jaw. Funny thing is I just ate dinner and the pain went away after chewing for a few minutes. What the heck is going on in there?
Avatar n tn It does sound like a pulpitis which can be reversible, which means it will calm down or irreversible which would necessitate having root canal therapy. It does seem like a fairly long time for this to have gone on. Wait a little longer and keep away from extremes of hot and cold. If the discomfort persists and the doctor rules out another tooth on that side you will have to consider doing the rct.
Avatar f tn t think I needed a root canal at this point but that during the dental procedure, the ligaments in my jaw were pulled (it was a long procedure, I have a very small mouth and she did a lot of jerking on my jaw) which changed my bite. He filed a tiny bit on the back molar and took the pressure off those teeth, which immediately made a big difference. Now, however, the area where the pressure was shifted to has started to ache off and on.
Avatar n tn Then had root canal done, stopped my antibiotics for a couple days after the root canal because the pain went away. Now I have a dull ache in my jawbone and my ear that comes and goes. It doesn't hurt, I just feel something there. I know I don't have an infection. Is it safe to put the crown on now?
Avatar n tn Sometimes it requires a few weeks for the area to completely heal after a root canal. I would recommend continuing with the pain medication and antibiotics and keep an eye on your pain. If it gradually improves over time, I would wait until the area is completely healed before beginning the crown. If it doesn't get any better, I would go back to your dentist to get the temporary crown adjusted.
Avatar f tn That did not help and was switched to amoxicillin, followed by a root canal. The root canal was a week ago but the lump from the abscess is still on my gum. Is this normal? I was not put on antibiotics after the root canal but I took the last 2 amox. From the prescrip I had been given the week before.
Avatar n tn Three weeks after the root canal doesn't seem like long enough time for the pain to subside before the decision to do an apicoectomy is made, in my opinion. I had severe pain after a root canal on a lower back molar that lasted for two full weeks then subsided SLOWLY after that. One year follow up x-ray shows perfect healing since then. But then, I've also had root canals that had almost no pain afterward. Every tooth responds differently.
Avatar n tn ve reduced the height of the tooth to prevent pain after the initial therapy of a root canal. Its the most common reason for pain after the start of a root canal. The needles you refer to are endodontic files and are used to remove tissue in the canal and to shape it for a filling material. These files remove the infected tissue so if he's using them, it should be doing the job of removing the badly infected tissue.
698356 tn?1240150727 After months of this I went to a different dentist (as mine was away) with a tooth ache and was told I needed a root canal. TMJ disapeared after Root canal. I know I am one of the lucky ones. My jaw still clicks and does not open wide, but no pain. Just thought it was worth others checking and rechecking teeth just in case! My dentist said he had similar for 5 years because of a previously done root canal which appeared successful but obviously wasn't and he was finally pain free.
Avatar n tn I had a Root Canal done on January 22nd the numbness from the anasthesia went away later in that day, then 3 day later when I woke up my entire left jaw and lip were numb. I was told by the Dentist that It was an overfill, she then prescribed more antibiotic namely: Erythromyocin, Methylprednisolone, Tylenol 3, Keflex and Flagyl. Why all the antibiotics for an overfill. Today I am still numb lipped.
Avatar f tn In December of 2009, I went for a cleaning and the dentist suggested getting a crown on a tooth with a large filling. He stated that there was no need for a Root Canal. After the procedure, I continued having pain and ended up having to have a root canal. One month later, I was back in the office with severe pain. After many visits with no resolution. My jaw swelled up and I had to have the tooth removed. This required me to get a bridge.
1307768 tn?1273363703 You may just be experiencing some post-operative pain from the root canal procedure. Did you have an abscess or anything prior to the root canal? I would call your doctor to let them know but I think over the counter pain medication along with some time should resolve the problem. They might want to put you on antibiotics just in case.
Avatar n tn Dentist said my nerves/roots were small,they didnt have posts that fit,all I no is she used the post and kept pushing it in and out and in circles to get it to fit,she did it so much she even said her hand was sore,then I statrted bleeding,after this was under control,she finished the root canal and said i needed a crown to finish the root canal,,had enough freezing to last about 6 hrs she said,wore off just before she finished,OUCH,,she said no point in giving more to numb for 5 min work,,now i
Avatar n tn I've had a root canal and the pain from that procedure has subsided. However, since the surgery I have had pain in my lower jaw, when I swallow, and it is painfull to open my mouth while attempting to eat. This pain hasn't gotten better or worse. It is subdued with a steady dose of Advil every 8 hours I have been to the doctors, and precribed anitbiotics, and after 3 days nothing seems to be working. Not even a slight improvment in my pain. Should I be concerned.