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Avatar f tn My jaw bacame sore in the beginning I thought I was having a bad toothache and had my dr call in an antibiotic but it didn't help. I guess its because our joints are loosening up and that causes the pain. Even in our jaws. Mine didn't last long maybe a week in a half.
Avatar f tn Now iv had my filling I no longer have the toothache but I am suffering from this face ache. It is really sore to touch and when I open my mouth my jaw hurts too. Anyone know what this could be? So painful!
Avatar f tn Still coughing a bit. Today she told me she has a toothache on the upper right side. Only a little sore. I checked it but cannot see any swollen or decay. As I am very prone to decay, I am worried she may have a same problem. Booked her to see a dentist Monday morning. She has been drinking water and eating as normal. Later in the afternoon, she lost appetite and complained about the jaw pain and the toothache changed to bottom teeth. Also she developed high temperature (38.7).
335728 tn?1331418012 I had a root canal on my upper back tooth on Oct. 31 and it was pretty sore afterward but I didn't think much about it. I went to my dentist last Tuesday and he opened it and it was very infected with a lot of pus and blood. He drained it and put in another temporary filling and I am to go back in January to see if it is ok to put in a permanent filling. However, I woke up this a.m. with a throbbing tooth and I am worried that he wasn't able to get out all of the infection.
384896 tn?1335297931 It was hurting the other day and I thought at first that that's what was causing the discomfort in my mouth, but it stopped hurting the yesterday in that area, and the top right jaw area is still sore and that wisdom tooth is already all the way in. I thought maybe my teeth were shifting cuz I haven't worn my retainer in a few days, but I put my retainer back in to see and they haven't budged. So it wasn't that. It's like it's not even my teeth that hurt, it's like ABOVE my teeth.
Avatar n tn I am 32 weeks pregnant with my 1st child and sadly I have a terrible toothache which I am going to get dealt with in a bit. I tried Orajel, cold water, warm water, compresses - you name it and nothing helped, some things made it alot worse. This morning it was so bad that I ended up searching online for home remedies out of desperation and found several articles about BAKING SODA. Yes Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. I was so desperate I tried it.
Avatar n tn Hi, My problem started last Tuesday (Today is Friday) with the most horrendous toothache I’ve ever suffered. This ache was in all the teeth on the right side top and bottom. I saw my dentist who said he could see no sign of infection but put me on penicillin. I explained that my lower jaw was also really sore. Over night however, I was extremely sick and on Wednesday the dentist changed my meds. On Thursday my face near my jaw really swelled but my teeth no longer hurt like they did.
Avatar f tn Since late on Thursday night, I've been experiencing intermittent pain in my jaw around my upper molar area. The pain radiates from my ear to right above my upper molar. It, also, extends to my lower jaw on the same side. I have had an ongoing problem with sinus congestion, but as of late, it seems to have gotten much better. However, in the past couple of days, I've become congested, again. Could this have anything to do with what's going on?
Avatar n tn Yesterday and today I have noticed a lump under that tooth along my jawline that is sore. You can't see anything inside my mouth but you can feel it on the outside along my jawline. There isn't any pain like a toothache only on the outside if I move my jaw or touch it. Could it be an infection without pain in the tooth?
Avatar f tn i have had this unbearable pain inside my nose for 4 days now that is not getting any better. It begins all the way in my nose and is very sore all the way out to my jaw bone up into my eye. I have been on an atibotic for 5 days now but the pain is still the same that even the pain medicine that was prescribed is not even working anymore. Someone please tell me what this is!!
Avatar f tn The most common causes of toothache are dental cavity and gum disease .Bruxism can cause jaw tenderness and abnormalities in teeth. If you are not satisfied with your dentist’s opinion seeking a second opinion may be helpful. It is important to rule out any cavity or dental decay. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Do write to me again on how you are doing. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn Not sure exactly what started this whole thing off, but last July (2012) I had an intense sore throat left side only with a minor ear ache. Enough that it had me worried about the "C". Went to prompt care a few days later to be told I probably had a virus and they could see nothing in my ear or throat. They did a strep test - negative. Suggested I might try OTC allergy or even acid reflux meds. Imagine my relief. Well, I got no relief. I scheduled an appt for a physical.
Avatar f tn If there point tenderness and pain on opening the mouth, your symptoms could be due to temporomandibular (TMJ) joint arthritis. This is the jaw joint and inflammation of this joint can cause pin on opening the mouth and tenderness on palpating behind the ear. If you have had a recent throat infection, it could also be due to lymph node enlargement. It could also be due to local causes like tooth infections, tooth abscess or periodontal disease.
Avatar m tn there are obviously other symptoms to be concerned about if thinking this is heart related as in jaw pain or the feeling that you may have a toothache, sweating, dizziness, etc. The thing is Gerbowman is if you ar concerned that it may be heart related i would just for the sake of safety go let a doc take a peek at you because this is nothing to play around with or try to explain it away.
3183999 tn?1344649018 I have been on another antibiotic for two days now, but the pain is actually getting worse. My entire jaw on the right side of my mouth just hurts continually, it is painful to eat even the softest foods, my jaw on the right side aches, & my sinuses are so sensitive that I can barely touch them. When I went to the doctor yesterday (a walk-in clinic as my doctor is not open on Saturdays), he prescribed the antibiotic, but did not do any x-rays or blood work.
Avatar n tn My back bottom tooth on the left side is slightly sore (nothing major), and the gums are painful right along, then there is the gap where the missing tooth was, the next two teeth are also a little sore around the base (not like a normal toothache though and my dentist informs me that there is no decay after taking an x-ray) - the second tooth after the gap had a part of it (on the side) break off a few months ago, which left me in incredible pain and this was about the time the gum pain start
Avatar f tn Now iv had my filling I no longer have the toothache but I am suffering from this face ache. It is really sore to touch and when I open my mouth my jaw hurts too. Anyone know what this ...
Avatar m tn Here is the story, I have had a sore in my left nostril for years now towards the cartilage. No, its not from coke or anything as I have never done anything like that. I get a scab, I blow it out of my nose, and it comes back 12hrs to 24hrs later. I tried to explain that it blows out on a regular basis. Sometimes I pick it out and it bleeds. I use saline spray and saline gel on a regular basis and have used vasaline, bacitracin, and antifungal steroid creme.
Avatar f tn Now iv had my filling I no longer have the toothache but I am suffering from this face ache. It is really sore to touch and when I open my mouth my jaw hurts too. Anyone know what this ...
Avatar m tn feelings of having a tight band around head * Sore eyes * Agoraphobia * Hallucinations * Creeping or pins and needles sensations in the skin * Increased sensitivity to light, sound, touch, and smell * Hyperactivity * Dramatic increase in sexual feelings * Pain in the face or jaw that resembles a toothache * Derealisation and depersonalisation
Avatar m tn He gets nodulars in his left eye and he says the eye stays sore. He is also experiencing pain in his jaw like a toothache . could he actully have a toothache or is that the face pain i have read about. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/296163'>Nodular Scleritis, Face Pain, Headache, Ear Pain</a>.
Avatar n tn A few days ago, I developed a terrible toothache and went to dentist, he xrayed and examined and found nothing wrong. He asked about my sinuses but I wasn't aware of any problem. Then 2 days later I developed terrible pain in my face as well as ALL of my teeth and my jawbone on that side, along with a stuffy nose and just a slight amount of yellow discharge from nose. Went to family doc and he thought it might be sinus infection and gave me bactrim but did not do any tests or anything.
Avatar m tn Recognizing that the symptoms that you are experiencing are due to anxiety rather than HIV is a first step in getting better. Below is a list of common symptoms of anxiety. More detailed information can be found in the link to the source page:
Avatar m tn It started with a terrible toothache, once I went to the dentist they noticed on the x-rays I had a severe infection in my front tooth and it had gotten to around my upper jaw. I had the root canal done and after I was prescribed the z-pack antibiotic, I'm allergic to penicillin so I had to take zpack. For the past 3 days I have been incredibly sore, and I have been taking a lot of pain pills and the zpack.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I had a severe toothache went to dentist and put on an antibiotic one week later wisdom tooth extracted pain still persists, drainage, foul taste and smell, upset stomach, pain in jaw and ear and sore throat. Spoke to the dentist and was instructed to continue antibiotic and salt water rinses. I finished the antibiotic and all symptoms still present is this normal and should I be doing something else. I am nervous that I should be taking more antibiotics or doing something else.
Avatar f tn Two days before it had been filled with a sedative dressing, but the toothache got worse and my gums began to slightly swell and the tooth became loose and there was a very strong throbbing pain. A visit to an emergency dentist revealed that my tooth was abcessed and the nerve was dieing so I was offered extraction. The extraction went smoothly, only took a few minutes and apparently it came out intact. I seem to have clotted up ok and have a white film over the extraction site.
Avatar f tn About a week ago I developed a mild toothache on one of my right mollars. Lucky me, I had a dentist cleaning that day scheduled but I forgot to ask about the tooth. They did no x-rays and found 1 cavity in another tooth. Anyways the pain in that tooth hurts a lot more. And it hurts when ever theres pressure (so like chewing) on it and even throbs in my mouth. Any ideas to the cause of this? I will say I'm not a great brusher.
Avatar f tn What makes you think its a TMJ flare up? What kind of symptoms are you experiencing?
Avatar n tn Hi, A small hard lump like that sounds like a resolving abscess. It's possible that tooth has a small crack in it that xray cannot see. If that is the case, the pain won't go away and a root canal is in order to see if the tooth can be saved. Many times a very small crack below the gumline can hold if it has RTC and a crown. If it gets too wide, the tooth has to be extracted.
994817 tn?1249741878 I sometimes still get dizzy, out of breath, chest/rib pain for very long periods of time, sore muscles, back pain, shoulder pain, jaw/toothache, inner and outer body tingles, chest tickles that cause a cough, extreme fatigue and weakness, and extremely fast heart palpitations even when I'm not having having an attack; I would say I sometimes still get the symptoms even when I feel as relaxed as ever. Is that possible?