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Avatar n tn I have also found a very painful lump on the left side near the bottom of my ribs. Also on that side under my breast is very sore. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar m tn I want to know what is this lump underneath my left breast on the rib cage This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/200029'>Large Lump on Rib below Left Breast</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've had the tingling, numbness, tenderness, pain and sore nipple on my left breast for about 3+ years. The symptoms come and go but can last for days when I have them. It's very frustrating and uncomfortable. Now when I lay down on my stomach and lean on my elbows I feel like something is pulling and the numbing sensation like if blood is not circulating. The numbness goes up my armpit and down my arm.Different Drs have done breast exams and all said no lumps felt.
722475 tn?1239131770 t really hurt more than normal, maybe some, but the lump, while it is still part of my breast area, extends down farther on my chest so that if I raise my arms I can see it. I've checked the other one out and found nothing too similar in that area, but I did also notice more lumps that are probably just cysts or a fibro-whatevers because I think my period is due sometime soon.
Avatar n tn I have a small hard lump about 3 inches below my right breast. It is just under the skin and moveable. It does not hurt at all. It lies just below where my bra band would sit. Could this be from the friction caused by my bra or could this be something serious? I do breast exams, etc...
Avatar f tn Was told it was a cysts and breast cancer doesnt hurt...BS... I had this pain without a lump...then with a lump...was told it was hormonal changes...perimenopause all sorts of answers. But not the correct one. Insist on a MRI....NOW... dont wait...
Avatar n tn Hello.... I may not be good in english writing as i am deaf.... Hope u will understand what i am saying. Few years ago, I found a tiny lump under my arm and was sent for bisopy but the doctor couldn't find the lump... He can't do the bisopy... He believe its gone somewhere in my body and said nothing to worry about.... last year or more than that, my arm started pain, its hard for me if I hold the books or newspaper and my arm wont held long...bec its sore...
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Aug. That is exactly what mine was a sore lump under my armpit on the side of my breast. My sis and I went for mams and mine was cancer.
Avatar f tn all this in the next month. My lump is in my right breast on the right side of the breast and is 3cm by 3cm and yes very painful. I also have cysts on my ovaries one is 2cm and the other is 2.6cm. please let me know how things go tmw my prayers are with you and that all things are ok.
Avatar f tn Only swollen lump (muscle) under armpit and no lumps around my breasts, just sore breast. Also I got tiny swollen on right side rib and tiny lump behind my left ear.. I didnt notice before.. unitl 2 days ago!! I find my rib very uncomfortable and sore.. everyday I checked my temp its always around at 38c. So I guess its must be virus...The doctor said if the lump still there, come back in few weeks times.. I hope its only virus..
Avatar f tn hello, i have a small hard lump under my breast on the ribcage, it has nothing to do with my breast, just the ribcage, the lump is the size of a small marble does not hurt or move, nut i can notice it when i feel my ribs, nothing on the other side like it, went to see one doc and she didnt examine the other side, just my breast, which i told her it wasnt, it was on my rib, she said it was part of my rib and to go away basically. iv not noticed it before.
Avatar f tn hi there i have also just found a lump under my left breast on my rib and i am about to see the doctor tomorrow i am very nervous as this lump moves around i have been told that it could be scar tissue from an old injury or it coud just be by gaining a little weight the fat just sits there i will let you know what my doc says.
9799234 tn?1405968091 A little over two weeks ago I began having pain in the chest area, just to the top of my left breast. Whenever I bent down or turned my upper torso I can feel this sore feeling which feels like it's inside my breast. It hasn't gotten any better or worse but now it feels like the soreness is running down along the side of that same breast. For the most part I can't feel it unless I turn my upper body from one side to the other. Either way I turm it will cause the soreness.
Avatar f tn The doctor feels that the lump that I am feeling is actually my rib which he thinks is swelling into my breast but it should be causing me pain which it isn't at all. He dismissed me and said it was just severe inflammation around my ribs causing the lump in my breast.
Avatar n tn Sometimes for someone who has just started to get to know their breasts, a rib under the breast can feel like a lump, especially if you are thin. There is a website designed for young women you might want to check out, go to Remember, don't rely on the internet for too much information. Much of it is out of date or written by people who are not well informed. Always check the information with a trusted source, like a parent or family doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 14 years old and I recently found this lump about 2 inches below my breast on top of my rib cage. Its about 1 inch in size and has a rubbery feel to it, does not hurt at all and I feel perfectly fine. I'm really worried but my friend's mom whose a nurse said it's probably just a lump of fat tissue. Any other ideas for what it might be?
Avatar f tn On the left breast there is this large painful and hard breast lump. It immobile. However, after three days of pain the pain is gone, and it's no longer growing. But it's still hard and the lump is definitely still there. This lump also appeared a short while after menopause began. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn go and see another doc if ur worried for a second opinion, but i guess if u dont have a lump or any usual breast symptoms they wouldnt refer you.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a hard, boney and painless lump on the left side of my sternum where the adjacent ribs connect.
Avatar n tn i have a hard lump that has grown in size on my left side above my breast on my 2 nd and 3rd rib, i was told by a since the lump has been there i also have a small lump both on my neck and under my arm,doctor that it was just a rib but then told it was a lump, but not anything else, i have drenching nite sweats every niye and have breathing problems , my doctors just dont seem bothered or interested
Avatar n tn I am 10 and I have a lump under my left breast and on my rib cage and it hurts when I press it. I am wooried and I want to know what is it and why is there and how did it happen?
494669 tn?1275362475 The most common sign of breast cancer is a lump or thickening in the breast. Other potential signs of breast cancer include: a spontaneous clear or bloody discharge from the nipple, retraction or indentation of your nipple, a change in the size or contours of the breast, flattening or indentation of the skin over the breast or redness or pitting of the skin over your breast.
Avatar f tn t say if the painless tumor you discovered a year ago was thoroughly checked out and diagnosed a benign tumor like the one you had 2 years ago? I hope you did,because a breast lump should never be ignored whether it's painful or not. As for your other health problems,it's hard to even guess over the Internet if your symptoms are related in any way to the breast lump....