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Avatar f tn When i woke up this morning i noticed a red lump on my left breast. Its not raised on the skin but when i touch it i can feel a kind of ball shaped lump, just bigger than a pea i'd say. on the surface it's just smaller than the size of a 2p. one side of it is kind of blue looking,and the majority of it is red. its located to the left of my nipple. not directly on it, but about a cm away. before i jump to conclusions i just wanted to check someones opinion.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Aug. That is exactly what mine was a sore lump under my armpit on the side of my breast. My sis and I went for mams and mine was cancer.
Avatar n tn When I asked what the lump was he said calcification. This started because of a breast infection 3 weeks ago. My breast was swollen, red, and very sore with a spontanious bloody discharge. I finished the antibotics and the soreness and swelling went away. A few days later there was spontanious discharge again and I felt the lump. The lump did not hurt. Can this be something other than cancer?
Avatar f tn I had a sore, red lump in my breast during my period probably at the beginning of the month, and I just thought it would go away, like it was a cyst or something, but the pain and the redness went away but the lump didn't, but the lump did get smaller! What's going on? Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn What's the difference between boils and lumps? I found a lump under my left breast. I don't know if its a boil or not. I'm diabetic so I always get boils. However; this one is under my breast and my breast is swollen. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Yesterday my right boob area was really sore, so this morning in the shower I checked for a lump and I found a lump right under my right nipple about the size of a 10c piece it's quite sore. I am only 14 so I am just wondering if it is my boobs growing or developing, but breast cancer does run in the family, so I showed my mum and she is taking me to the doctors tomorrow but I don't know what to do and it is quite scary! Please help me out!
Avatar f tn This was clear but the doctor suggested a biopsy to make sure. After the biopsy procedure my breast and lump has become sore and swollen for over 3 days now.I'm still waiting on the results. Is this normal or has my breast been hurt due to the procedure. If so how long will I be sore or should I be worried about something else?
Avatar n tn go and see another doc if ur worried for a second opinion, but i guess if u dont have a lump or any usual breast symptoms they wouldnt refer you.
Avatar f tn I have a red knot on the edge of my nipple,very sore and painful,what might it be??
Avatar n tn i have a lump in my left breast and now i have a red itchy rash, discovered the lump a couple of months ago. my breasts have been getting sore during menustration and normally they do not. this has been going on for about six months. i do not have insurance and limited funding so i need some kind of input.
Avatar f tn A few days ago, I developed red, sore areas in the bottom of my mouth between my teeth and lips. Then I developed this red/pinkish area around the areola on my breast and extending about 1.5" . The spot on the areola is sore to the touch but does not feel like a lump. I have been taking a lot of the generic brand for Sudefed PE Cough & Cold medicine and then Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine in the last few days. Could these areas be possible side effects for too much medication?
Avatar n tn And the position of those lumps are the same with my right breast, the differents only the lumps of my left breast are thickness. Now, I have a question, everytime I had my burp, my nerve on upper of my left armpit was sore. Do you have any idea what was the caused about?
Avatar n tn Hello all, I am a 24 year old woman and do not smoke, drink or have family members with cancer. In October, my OBGYN found a lump in my right breast and ordered that I have an ultrasound. I had two ultrasounds and was told that due to my age, breast size (large, dense breasts), that the lump was a fibroid adenoma. The doctor said that she did not suspect that it was cancer. I asked about having a biopsy because I was and continue to experience pain at the site of the lump.
Avatar f tn I can find all kids of comments about breast lumps for women in their reproductive years, but none for menopausal women. I have a very sore protruding breast lump at the base line of my left breast, that started out feeling very much like a fyst(sorry do not know the correct spelling) but now it has grow much larger in the last week, does not feel mobile like before and is very sore. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I have a history of triple negative breast cancer been clear for six years I just noticed a a small lump under the skin in the same breast it is round and is not attached could this be cancer or is it just a cyst?
Avatar m tn Im male 19 yrs old and i have had a lump for about 2 yrs now... its sore sometimes and sometimes its nots... i have been to the doctors.. over the years since it was small.. had a mammogram and 2 ultra sounds... the doctors said they didnt see anything wrong.. so i had a second opinion and same thing they said they saw nothing.. my brother had them in both of his when he was younger. how long till they go away??
Avatar f tn I woke up one morning with pain and inching in my left breast. Around lunch it started to turn red. As the day went on it got redder and redder. By the time I got into the shower the veins from the center of my chest were turning purple and were very pronouced. At this time I also noticed that I have developed a lump. I went to the emergency room and they said they had never seen anything like it. They gave me antibiotics and told me to see my OB.
Avatar f tn i think the mammogram is done before i see breast surgeon, i was on antibiotics because my breast was sore to touch first and doc gave antibitotics but while examining me he found a lump, i had to return a week after antibiotic to see if any improvement but same, and the lump is still the same, so he as reffered me to surgeon
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a small sore lump half way down my neck, on the side just behind the right ear. After a few days it stopped hurting, but the hard immovable lump stayed (about the width of 2 fingertips). Then, a couple of days ago, I woke up at 3-4am and felt another sore spot, this time more on the front and a little closer to the collarbone, but still on the right side. This is still sore to touch.
Avatar f tn I'm 19 weeks pregnant and found a lump in my breast.. It's about the size of a bb and really hard had husband feel and he says he can feel it move a little but I can't it feels very fixed to one spot! Any other pregnant moms have this! I'm so scared!
Avatar f tn and, last week, she told me that one has a hard, sore lump underneath it. It under her nipple area and is about the size of a large flattened marble, and the surrounding area is not red or swollen. Is this a normal thing in development? (the other side is okay.) I don't recall experiencing this when I was her age...Anyone?
Avatar n tn Wahoo! First im worried about a large lump ive developed on my left breast which im getting an ultrasound on tomorrow. But to add to that worry i had a little bit of brown streaking when i wiped this morning, been cramping all day but no more blood, also seems as is my symptoms have disapeared!! My sore boobs are gone! What the heck?