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Avatar n tn My scars have healed really well you can barley see them but recently i've noticed a small red lump in the middle of my scar. It feels as if it's under the skin and it's really sore. It seems to have worsened over the last couple of days but this might be because I keep prodding it. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Yesterday I noticed my right breast was very sore. Upon inspection I noticed an area the size of a half dollar on my skin that is red and very tender. It extends from the areola toward the collarbone. Underneath the skin there is a small lump that is about 1/2 inch across. When I pinch the same small area of the left breast I get only about 1/8 inch of just skin, so obviously something abnormal is going on just under the surface of the right breast.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Generally a well defined breast lump, slightly sore to touch is due to fibroadenoma. A mammography will be done. If this is negative and if the lump is causing pain, it will be removed. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn In December, I noticed a change in a lump and was sore under my arm and breast cage had dr. ordered mammogram. Radiologist said mammogram was pain could come from under wire bra. Two weeks ago a noticed the lump had changed and was sore, an ultra sound was ordered but radiologist did mammogram instead said that may have infection. Now the area is red and throbbing can this be an infection? My dr.
Avatar n tn It was sore for a few days and now is red around the edges. It is sore to the touch on the lump only. Do you think this is a cyst or what. They run in our family. No history of breast cancer anywhere. Thankyou.
Avatar n tn I posted down several posts ago about a lump about 2 inches below my breast over the rib area that has been there for around 7 years. It is about the size of a dime until it got irritated/infected and swelled up to about the size of quarter. It had a red ring around it and a few days ago I noticed it was forming a head on the side of it. So naturally I push it nad alot of fluid came out and then lumps of cottage cheese material came out.
Avatar n tn I was getting ready to take a shower yesterday and saw a red spot above the nipple on my right breast. I felt around and there was a small lump. It is somewhat sore. I had a mammogram in June and it was clear. I have made an appt. with the doc for tomorrow. I was just hoping for a little info now. The waiting is really getting to me and I am stressing out.
Avatar m tn I have a Lump just above my nipple on my breast Its red and hard and its sore and a little red around it , i want to know what it is not sure if its a pimple or something else.
Avatar n tn I'd give it a few more weeks but obviously if it feels hot, looks red and sore or weepy, definitely have the doctor take a look - they should be able to squeeze you in. You should probably have a postop visit anyway.
Avatar f tn I have a red knot on the edge of my nipple,very sore and painful,what might it be??
Avatar f tn When i woke up this morning i noticed a red lump on my left breast. Its not raised on the skin but when i touch it i can feel a kind of ball shaped lump, just bigger than a pea i'd say. on the surface it's just smaller than the size of a 2p. one side of it is kind of blue looking,and the majority of it is red. its located to the left of my nipple. not directly on it, but about a cm away. before i jump to conclusions i just wanted to check someones opinion.
Avatar n tn Now the lump has grown to the size of a silver dollar, it's red, my nipple is sore, it is warm to the touch, itchy and burning pain runs down my breast area. The nipple on this breast does not come out like my left breast does. I think this is probably from the swelling. Under my arm on the same side even hurts sometimes. I have used home products on it lately to see if it is a boil. Trying to bring it to a head. This has done no good.
Avatar n tn I just got off my period 12 days ago and ovulation sticks say I'm in my ovulation stage. Its not 15 days since my last period. Is it normal to have sore breast during ovulation? I've always had sore breast prior to my period but not this early. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I have a lump in my left breast that is extremely painful, especially to the touch. It is visible and red. There is no break in the skin, so I doubt that it is an insect bite. I know that cancerous lumps are for the most part are not painful. I have been taking advil for 2 days hoping that would aleviate the pain, but it has not helped. Should I be concerned with this lump?
Avatar n tn I have a large red lump on my breast that is close to my nipple. It is my right breast and it is on the side of it. It is very sore and very red and it has a knot under it. All in All it is about the size of a 50 cent piece. I just noticed it today. I am very worried. Do you have any advice?
Avatar f tn and, last week, she told me that one has a hard, sore lump underneath it. It under her nipple area and is about the size of a large flattened marble, and the surrounding area is not red or swollen. Is this a normal thing in development? (the other side is okay.) I don't recall experiencing this when I was her age...Anyone?
Avatar n tn 2 days ago my 15year old daughter told she had something that was hurting her inside her breast and was red . I took her to or family Dr who examined her . He felt a a hard lump and there was redness . The other Breast was completely normal . He prescribed antibiotic and told us to follow up with him in 10 days. My question is how is possible for a 15 year old girl to get a breast infection and is she at possible risk of something more serious. . like a malignancy .
Avatar n tn My wife is breastfeeding and has a (sore)lump in her breast (close to the aereola)that will not go away. After pumping or breastfeeding she has a tingling/burning sensation that lasts 30-45 minutes. She has tried heat/ice massage, hot water baths, epsom salt bath, ultrasound, lecithin, etc.. and nothing is making it go away. We have tried to contact lactation dept. at the hospital, ob/gyn, and other health professionals and no one seems worried.
Avatar f tn A few days ago, I developed red, sore areas in the bottom of my mouth between my teeth and lips. Then I developed this red/pinkish area around the areola on my breast and extending about 1.5" . The spot on the areola is sore to the touch but does not feel like a lump. I have been taking a lot of the generic brand for Sudefed PE Cough & Cold medicine and then Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine in the last few days. Could these areas be possible side effects for too much medication?
432779 tn?1364498475 Is your breast red and sore at all? If so, it could be an infection called mastitis - I got that when weaning my son from breastfeeding, my GP prescribed a round of antibiotics and it cleared up quickly. Either should definitely follow up on this, to be certain.
Avatar n tn I am a 25 year old male with no previous health conditions and no health insurance. Last night (3rd day) I noticed a red sore lump on my left butt cheek and cant help but think that these 2 are related. I talked to a friend who said he had a staff infection and thats how it started so i am getting more and more worried. No one can seem to tell me what this thing is, i've ruled out the going through puberty thing because i am 25 years old!
Avatar f tn im 35 years old and yesterday my left breast just under the nipple was very sore and still is.i have felt a lump and am not sure what i should do is very tender.i have 3 children and havent breast fed for over 6 yrs.i also have my period at the moment and am not sure if it has anything to do with that.usually my breasts are very sore 1 week before my period but this time they werent sore at all.thanks for your time.
1134781 tn?1274416582 If you develop a fever or flulike symptoms, or of the breast becomes red and hot, conta t your ob as you may need antibiotics. The previous poster had good suggestions. Heat and warm compress, massaging while pumping can help. If your baby nurses, have her nurse that side as much as possible, as she would probably be effective than the pump at removing the clog. By the way, I found the very cheap manual that came with my pump in style worked great at removing clogs.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 14 will be 15 next month is it common for her right breast to be sore, swollen and tender to touch. I took her to the doctor and was told it was just due to hormonal changes and was not cancer. I am planning on getting a second opinion to be sure.
Avatar n tn Hello all, I am a 24 year old woman and do not smoke, drink or have family members with cancer. In October, my OBGYN found a lump in my right breast and ordered that I have an ultrasound. I had two ultrasounds and was told that due to my age, breast size (large, dense breasts), that the lump was a fibroid adenoma. The doctor said that she did not suspect that it was cancer. I asked about having a biopsy because I was and continue to experience pain at the site of the lump.
Avatar n tn Also a tender, red area the size of a quarter is appearing near the center of the bruise with a lump in it. It was not sore last week, but now since this red area has appeared, it is sore. Is there any cuase for concern or will this all go away in time?