Extremely sore breast lump

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Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Aug. That is exactly what mine was a sore lump under my armpit on the side of my breast. My sis and I went for mams and mine was cancer.
Avatar f tn When she looked at my mammogram she said to look at that it does not look overly suspicious and it did not feel like a lump, just that the area on the right breast felt fuller than the same area on the left. When she performed her ultrasound she confirmed that it was not a cyst because she could tell that it was solid and it did have a little bit of shadowing.
2116262 tn?1334587897 My nipple is extremely sore, and I think I feel a lump...but I have fibrocystic disease, so can't be sure. I may have slept on it wrong, but I'm worried. Do these sound like signs of a cancer No difference in appearance of breast whatsoever or nipple. I am scheduling an ultrasound. I had one 2 years ago. I am 70-years-old and a woman. I have atrial fibrillation and definitely don't need more problems. Please give me some advice. Does this sound like cancer?
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1339570 tn?1282523735 Hello, I'am 22 years old, no chance of pregnancy (as I have a girlfriend), have been on my period now for 4 months, I'am supposed to get a endometrial biopsy done soon, but I have noticed lately that my right nipple is extremely sore to even brush up against, I'am wondering what this could be and what I can do about the pain? Someone please help, and its only my right nipple, my left is perfectly fine!
Avatar f tn Both breast wore sore for a couple of days which I thought was normal. My right breast got better the left one did not. I was extremely sore, swollen, itchy and felt hard for two weeks it hurt under my arm as well. I went back to Dr. he said it was fine. Then two weeks ago I noticed a oblong lump in my left breast. So back to Dr. another mammogram and ultrasound which were negative. It is sore this time but not as bad. Should I be concerned about inflammatory breast cancer?
Avatar n tn go and see another doc if ur worried for a second opinion, but i guess if u dont have a lump or any usual breast symptoms they wouldnt refer you.
Avatar f tn I treated it a couple of times a day with camphophenique, which soothed the pain and eventually reduced the swelling. But, for you with that sore breast and shaky hand I would definitely get into the Doctor. The sooner the better.
974983 tn?1248161038 Hi, About a month ago I got a new pair of bras, I had only been wearing them for like 2 days when I found a lump inside my right breast. It was only small (about the size of a marble) but it was very sore. The next day it was a lot bigger (about 3-4 times the size) and extremely painful. The whole day I was in a lot of pain.
Avatar f tn Since all of this started they remain sore. I only had the one breast that was infected or whatever it was. But both stay sore. Before they were only sore before and after I started my period. The doctors are now saying it is just fibro breast change and I need to watch caffeine and take vitamin E and Evening of primrose BLAH BLAH. Which I have done. They are so painful I think something needs to be done. I am not a complainer but GEE they hurt like crazy.
Avatar f tn Im 34 weeks & 3 days & my breast feel EXTREMELY weird, im not sure if it's my breast milk developing or if im making something out of nothing.....Help PLEASE!
Avatar n tn Just on the left breast, when i touch the nipple, it feels extremely sore like i have a bruise. And it feels like i have something that is swollen inside my breast. It feels like a lump right behind my nipple and the entire left breast seems to feel tight with soreness sensation. I don't have any discharge, i am on a birth control (for about 12 years-never had a problem) and i just finished my period (about a week ago). So it's not hormonal and i didn't do anything abnormal.
Avatar n tn And the position of those lumps are the same with my right breast, the differents only the lumps of my left breast are thickness. Now, I have a question, everytime I had my burp, my nerve on upper of my left armpit was sore. Do you have any idea what was the caused about?
570141 tn?1216920644 Hey I been expericing soreness in my breast well really in my left one I have had a period which was one day late then came for three days then stoped then can down the next day then stopped again but my breast seem full and sore they really hurt in the morning what could be going on and answer please reply
Avatar m tn A few weeks ago in the shower i noticed that my left nipple was extremely sore to the touch and upon further examination I discovered a small lump underneath the nipple slightly left of center. It didn't have a distinct shape or anything. Since then the pain has subsided substantially but I have noticed a slight swelling (not redness or sensitivity just size increase) on both sides of my chest not just the one with the lump.
Avatar f tn Thanks so much! I do understand the roller coaster of motherhood--I've been a mom for 6 years, but via adoption rather than biology. Last night my husband was able to confirm that the striations on my breast skin are stretch marks that have ALWAYS been there. What can I say, he looks at them more than me! So I do feel better knowing that the skin isn't showing any suspicious changes.
Avatar f tn I can find all kids of comments about breast lumps for women in their reproductive years, but none for menopausal women. I have a very sore protruding breast lump at the base line of my left breast, that started out feeling very much like a fyst(sorry do not know the correct spelling) but now it has grow much larger in the last week, does not feel mobile like before and is very sore. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn HI there- I am 28 years old-I only noticed the lump last month-i had just stopped birth control pills and had an extremely bad chestcold at the time too-the lump went away as soon as I stopped playing with it-i tend to be very anxious over my health and couldn't stop touching it for about a week-as soon as i did it went away-i can't even feel where it was now. I am to assume cancerous lumps don't just go awy by themselves. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I'm 15 and I recently found a lump in my right breast and have been worried about it a lot and now I'm even more worried because my left and right armpits across the top of my breast but more on the left all of a sudden are hurting/sore today I don't know if they are swollen but I know that breast cancer can spread to the lyph nodes in your armpits and I am extremely scared note that I am also a hypochondriac
Avatar f tn I have a history of triple negative breast cancer been clear for six years I just noticed a a small lump under the skin in the same breast it is round and is not attached could this be cancer or is it just a cyst?
Avatar m tn Im male 19 yrs old and i have had a lump for about 2 yrs now... its sore sometimes and sometimes its nots... i have been to the doctors.. over the years since it was small.. had a mammogram and 2 ultra sounds... the doctors said they didnt see anything wrong.. so i had a second opinion and same thing they said they saw nothing.. my brother had them in both of his when he was younger. how long till they go away??