Sore breast sign of ovulation

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Avatar f tn When you girls y that sore breast are an early sign of pregnancy does that mean that they are sore to the touch or constantly sore?
Avatar f tn Sore breasts and erect nipples can be a sign of pregnancy or an early sign of ur period. U can test now but u do run the risk of getting a false negative. However, I do know several people that have received a positive 9DPO...Good luck!
Avatar f tn I am not really sore if your breast could be sore from ovulation, I guess it could be with the change of hormones. CD22 your getting close to the end. Good luck and I hope you get your BFP.
Avatar n tn So every month at least 2 weeks before I get my period I start having sore breast and cramps. I get cravings and headaches etc the following week. Also I have a little discharge. This time around nothing , no cramps, bloating , cravings sore breast. Dryness down there. And this isn't normal for me !
Avatar f tn I have a 22 day menistral cycle. I started on may 1st and spotted til may 4th. Its now may 18th. I went to the bathroom yesterday and my underware was full of white discharge and i mean it was full. Is this a sign of pregnancy. Also i've been having alot of headaches, peeing a lil bit more then i was. My breast are sore on the side closetest to me armpits. And when i took a pregnancy test it had the line going across and i couple of dots where the line is going down.
Avatar f tn So I am currently 5 dpo and I noticed my boobs will just hurt. If I squeeze them the tips hurt... it's weird. Anyways on the day of ovulation I had bad cramping in my right hip and it went into my lower belly. I was just wondering if I could be pregnant already Because I have never felt cramping in my hip that went into my belly. But right now the only thing is sore boobs. Can anyone help me out? I'm not sure if my boobs ate suppose to start hurting this early if I am pregnant or what?
Avatar f tn Took a test the day b4 the change but was negative, no other symptoms like sore breast. Want to wait until next cycle b4 next testing. Help someone please??
Avatar f tn Well I know women who take progesterone have increased breast tenderness and you have a surge of progesterone as a result of ovulation so I would assume it is that hormone.
Avatar n tn swollen breast is a common sign of ovulation (remember puberty? LoL) and metformin increases ovulation in 45% of women who take it!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if this is a sign of ovulation? Or is this a side effect of the clomid? This is my first cycle on the clomid.. i took it on CD3 - CD7. Today is CD24 and im supposed to call the nurse if i dont get a period next tues which i doubt i'll get it cause im very irregular and have to be on provera to induce a period. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on what is causing this popping sensation/dull ache on one breast.
414382 tn?1202533393 I get sore breasts every month after ovulation, so it really depends on the person.
Avatar f tn Sept, 3rd Sore breasts lasted until i tested Nov 3rd, took HPT faint positive now I am almost 27 weeks preg. So I deff think the sore breasts was a VERY early sign for me, because sore breast are usually a week BEFORE my AF is due not after I had already had it. Like JoyRenee said every woman is different.
Avatar f tn t even like to touch them. But my breast are not sore or bothering me at all but they do seem to look da little swollen but no pain. Im not having much discharge! So that's kind of what made me think it might not be ovulation. Im not due for my period till the 22nd and I've been having this very sharp pain in the right side of my stomach. So girls what do you think ovualtion?
373683 tn?1218997212 Thanks guys.... I don't have breast soreness with my periods usually... I used to when I was first hitting puberty and starting... But it's stopped as I've gotten older.... So cross your finger's ladies.. THis could be good!!!
377493 tn?1356502149 i have been taking clomid 50mg and geritol vitamins.
Avatar f tn I have had this think lotion like discharge for like 3 day. No odor and nothing strange. My cycle is due Saturday.
Avatar m tn Ovulation happens usually 2 weeks after the start of your last period, and that can sometimes cause your breasts to be sore. Only after ovulation, which is when your body releases an egg, could you get pregnant. If you have sex around ovulation and your egg gets fertilized, it takes at least 5-7 days to implant in your uterus. THEN, your HCG levels in your body go up and tell your body you are pregnant. Which is why you have to wait almost to your next period to take a pg test.
Avatar f tn I am waiting to see if I am going to be pregnant with my thrid as well. It's funny because with my first I had signs of pregnancy. Bigger breast, Cramping, Very hungry and Very very sleepy. With my second I had not one sign until after I found out. Now this is my third time around if I am pregnant and I have fuller breasts and slightly sore, CRAMPS for 3 weeks, eating more and emotional today is the first day I am pretty sleepy. I hope you get a BFP. how do you feel.... Pregnant??
Avatar m tn The first sign for me and an early one too was my boobies (lol) got big and hurts so bad my nipples would always itch and hurt they have calmed down now a lot but are still out there (for being a 32a) and don't feel good :( Did u say you are having a period now?
1430540 tn?1285627631 ok , so since nov. 7th ( my ovulation day) my breast have been very painful , walking touching it kills. lately i started to notice them itch , they seem bigger too. and i was looking at my breast and noticed that i have a bunch of tiny red veins on myself (on my boobs) is that normal? i took a htp on the 21 of nov. it was neg. I am ttc , so we did have sex on the 7th. today i've had extremely light spotting and a brown discharge only after i pee. anyone experiance this?
285149 tn?1217046467 so when did you start getting sore breast? because see i feel like my breast are swollen and my nipples hurt a little but also it could mean ima get my period its actully due on june 9. and i took a test around 4 something in the morning and came up negative so im not sure many things are going through my mind . kinda confused..
Avatar f tn Can it occur anytime of your cycle? I have lower stomach cramps and also the sides 4 days prior to period but breast aren't sore at all. And had unprotected sex a day prior to ovulation to when my app says the big O says it's suppose to occur but my husband's sperm always seems to leak out after intercourse so I don't know I'll become pregnant.
Avatar f tn but it doesnt happen alot like all through out the day.. just sometimes. My breast are starting to get really sore and feel tender. Which I herd was a big sign. I am really nervous about the test. I want to take it now! But I am waiting. lol Its driving me crazy. well thank you everyone for helping me out! I will keep you posted.
Avatar n tn I know this might sound very silly but I wonder if it might be a sign of pregnancy? Can any one help. Can a woman have pregnancy symptoms a week after intercourse?
Avatar f tn Hello, My last period was Macrh 24th I have a 32 day cycle which is pretty much always on time. I started having CM on April the 3rd and I still have it today. I do not think I have "O" yet because the CM does not have any of the EWCM in it and I have not dried up yet. My breast are a little sore which this never happens when I "O" it is always a few days after. Maybe this is normal but nothing suprises me anymore lol escpecially when your TTC lol. What do you think??