Cramps sore breast no period

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Avatar f tn hade my period on the 16 may 09 lasted 4 days spotted brown on the 31 may 09 for about 7h tonight hade bellie pains and stared to spot red like my period haveing cramps and my breast at so sore can any one help thanks tina
Avatar n tn I have all the symptoms of period but no period instead of blood i have too much white discharge last ten days iam suffer for this problem iam usually irregular period iam already have PCOD problem but this time i have new problem already i have two childrens so iam scard is this symptoms of pregnency please tell me
1752700 tn?1312213615 right now im just spotting like im gonna get my period but no signs of period what i would sore breast, period cramping..
Avatar f tn Im 6 weeks tomorrow and no symptoms too apart from sore breasts...
Avatar n tn So every month at least 2 weeks before I get my period I start having sore breast and cramps. I get cravings and headaches etc the following week. Also I have a little discharge. This time around nothing , no cramps, bloating , cravings sore breast. Dryness down there. And this isn't normal for me !
Avatar f tn I have not had my period since aug 25 my breast were sore for almost 2wks feeling sick bloated and now I've had bad cramps since last night they hurt but better today just uncomfortable any one else cramped bad and found out they were pregnant wnt to take a test but scare its gone say no me and my husband wnt one more anybody have any advice
Avatar f tn it could be bcoz of hormonal changes the cramps and all that.
972246 tn?1311088535 i guess my question was more of has anyone every had the period cramps with nbo period and found out they werer with chilod
Avatar f tn Took 3 test the past 3 days . Negative . Is it too early to test ? I have cramps here and there . And breast tender comes and go . No spotting or nothing . Wanted to know what was going on ?
Avatar m tn i dont have any major symptoms,just feeling tired,sleepy,sore breast and nipple,dizzy and backache come and go.sometime i have stomach cramp just like my period cramp every is normal for 6 week pregnant woman?
Avatar f tn Oh yea cause I thaought my period was coming but nothing I hadn't had a period since aug 25 but my breast were sore for 2 wks straight and I was scared but I took the test and found out I was my cramps r still there I hope nothing is wrong they r a little sharp the cramps come from ur belly streching making room for the baby.
Avatar f tn My breast have been sore my entire pregnancy. Im now 20 weeks and have gone up 2 bra sizes.
458508 tn?1206635542 m a little concerned though because I have not really had any symptoms. I can count maybe three days my breast were sore and that was about three weeks ago. I have not felt nauseous, tired or dizzy. I did have a little bit of brown discharge about a week ago but the doc said that was normal. But is it normal to not have any noticeable symptoms. Grateful for your advice.
Avatar f tn and ever since I started taking it my breast have been very sore, there are days where I can not even sleep or stand having my bra on thru out the day. They hurt if I touch them, run or make any fast move. I did get my period which it was not that heavy being that I hadnt had a period for over a year. Could that be the problem?
520015 tn?1229566506 my cramps are different some are more sharper than others my breast got sore for a little bit but there no sore anymore....
Avatar f tn Can i be pregnant even if my tube were tied and burnt 7 years ago? I had a regularly menstrual up until the end of nov beginning dec 2011 and i haven't had a period yet. I'm under no sort of stress, i took two HPT and they were negative about two weeks ago. But still no period, usually I get severe cramps the day before and sore breast but my breast haven't been sore and i had slight cramping but no cycle. I spotted once last month when I wiped myself but that was it.
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing cramps and tender sore breast but no period and I rarely get cramps weeks before. I have had sex w/in the past several months with no protection and have messed up on my birth control several times. I took a test today and it came out negative but I am not sure if it's too early to test. I'm also due for my period this week. advice help?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 days late with my period,got cramps and sore breast like period symptom's took a test this morning but neg,also have yellow discharge......what could this be?
Avatar f tn Exactly 9 days after my period I had intercourse and according to my period/ovulation app I Ovulated the next day which is day 10 after my period and I had sex day 9. But still have discharge but am having cramps my breast aren't sore and I have no period symptoms like usually every month I do.
Avatar n tn With my son I had cramps but my calcium was low and that caused the pain. The cramps feel like my period is coming on but no blood or anything I'm not having morning sickness or anything.
Avatar f tn you can take a test if you are 10 days late. that may help answer your question. It could also just be late if you are stressed out for any reason.
8670523 tn?1399765227 Yea I've cramps and my boobs are quite sore.. but no sickness!