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Avatar n tn It could be cysts. I don't think she is too young for a mamogram, but it would only be used as a base with the first one I think. Do a breast exam laying flat on your bed with a pillow under one shoulder and do that breast starting in the center and work your way around the nipple going around until you get to the outside, then reverse pillow and do you feel a lump, let your doctor know....I think a better test would then be an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I had aspiration 3 weeks ago, the cyst is gone (hopefully) but my breast is sore and I feel pain near my chest area. I had my heart checked up but nothing wrong there. Any clues?
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Avatar n tn And the position of those lumps are the same with my right breast, the differents only the lumps of my left breast are thickness. Now, I have a question, everytime I had my burp, my nerve on upper of my left armpit was sore. Do you have any idea what was the caused about?
Avatar f tn Especially around the ariola and nipple. it gets very rough and dried,cracked even. I have gotten alot of outer cysts under the breast, and have a small dimple from where one of the cysts were, it was definitely from the cyst, which white "stuff came out of, more hard but not rock hard, anyway lately i have noticed a blackish discharge from that nipple the whole breast is sore, but the nipple is extremely painful.
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Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 48 and I have a cyst in my left breast, I found out about the cyst in 2007. I was having pain in my breast and I felt a lump. It get's sore before my menstrual and it stops after. I was just wondering can the cyst explode or break up inside your breast? I'm asking because last month I was leaning over my daughter with a cover because she had fallen asleep on out couch.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 22 and I have started getting sore boobs the last few weeks, I have never had this problem am not pregnant as I have done loads of tests, bu I woke up today an I have swollen boobs they are really big bu my right boob is well bigger than the other ands it's also gone higher than my left boob it's really lumpy and really sore and the nipple is sore to the touch that I have to wear a bra in bed, if anyone can help please do xxx
Avatar f tn Is the sore still present along with the pain? My first thought was cysts or lymph tissue but the sore complicates things, along with your family history. I agree that you should be seen. Good luck! Also there are groups that help individuals pay for certain medical care, if you can't find any remember you're health is worth it.
Avatar m tn I am 32 years old and I had a surgery about 2 years ago and had everything taken out except for my right overy. About 1 week ago my breast feels like they are full of milk and they are sore. Do you know what this might be?
1586590 tn?1296860173 Hi Paige .... these lumps at your age are common and are a result of the changing hormone levels in your body. I'm pleased that you have seen your Dr. about this and it is true .... they may come and go and also get rather painful at times. Unfortunately this is something that is all a part of becoming an adult for both girls and boys in the teen age group. As the levels of hormones change so will the cysts ... they will not always be so "sore" and also may change in size.
Avatar f tn Also, my left upper arm is terribly sore. Can anyone out there with confirmed breast cancer, advise me if they ever had severe breast pain and/or severe upper arm pain, prior to be diagnosed/ confirmed with breast cancer? Was the pain constant and unbearable? Every doctor I go to regarding my breast pain has something new to tell me, so I am not sure what is causing my pain.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my right ovary a few days ago, with all the classic symptoms. But I was wondering if breast tenderness is a symtpom. They are full, encorged and very tender to the touch. They feel like when I would go too long and needed to pump when I was breastfeeding my daughter. They also get very hot, burning feeling at times. Is this part of having an ovarian cysts?
Avatar f tn Hi, I went to my GYN two yrs ago and she told me I have very lumpy breasts after doing a breast exam. She sent me for a mammo/ultrasound. The mammo came back clear but the ultrasound showed a cyst. They never told me at the time, anyway for two weeks now I have had breast soreness and strikes of pain (became slight burning) in my right breast so I went back to GYN.
722475 tn?1239131770 Hi there, I remember you from when you posted before. Did you go to your Dr. like we advised you to do for an examination and possibly some testing and an explanation about Fibrocystic Breast Condition? If not, PLEASE do this NOW. You seem to know about these breast cysts and shouldn't be worrying about breast cancer; especially at your young age. There are some things you can do to lessen the discomfort caused by these lumps; in fact we may have mentioned this to you previously.
358971 tn?1330888975 Ah yes. Breast tenderness and pain with periods can be a result of ovarian cysts. I'm actually finding my breast tenderness happening when my period is over!
Avatar n tn 3 yrs ago I had a period 2 wks after my initial period, being a worrier I saw my gyn who did a tvu and noticed several small cysts on one ovary, the other ovary he couldnt visualize. He barely mentioned them, so I assumed they were functional. Since then I have had regular yearly gyn exams, with normal results. This month I had my usual pms symptoms, low back ache on the right side, with tender breasts about a week before my period.
Avatar f tn i drink and smoke which i know is bad and makes me a higher risk for cancer....did i wait to long? my breast hurts when i mess with the lumps, and my nipple is sore....i just want to cry, i am a single mother of a beautiful 9 year old little girl, and i just bought a new home, and i am so worried about this that i cant even enjoy this wonderful moment in my life...anyway, about 4 years ago, i had hpv...
1054801 tn?1327948399 You most likely have Fibrocystic Breast Condition and may develop cysts in addition to the one you mention; as well as the issue in the right breast. It depends on the size of the cysts and the measure of discomfort they cause whethe to remove them or not. Any time something of this nature is felt or seen by imagery it is a good idea to check it a few months later to track any growth.
Avatar f tn For the last week, my left nipple has been extremely sore. It doesn’t look any different from the right nipple, no lumps that I’ve felt, and no discharge. It does seem to stay erect most of the time, though, which is odd. I called my doctor and she didn’t seem overly concerned because I’ve been off birth control for 6 months. She assumes it’s hormonal. However, it started a few days after my period ended- so I’m not sure it can really be hormonal. Has anyone ever experienced this?
Avatar m tn im going to the doc next week..also around my period my breast seem to be tender and sore and the lump becomes a bit sore a few weeks before can pinched nerves anywhere in the body cause a tingling sensation or stiffness?
Avatar n tn He said that my breast tissue looked abnormal and because of the family history he was going to send me in for an MRI to get a better look. My breast is sore and I have been having some mild arm pain. I had a cousin who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 37 and died at 40 and a grandmother who lost a breast to it at 49. 2 out of 5 women in my family...I am scared because I have a three year old. Does anyone have any thoughts or insight?
Avatar m tn I would doubt breast cancer since there are multiple lumps but some investigation needs to be done. Lumps associated with breast cancer rarely cause any pain; cysts and benign tumors (Fibroadenomas) do cause discomjfort. Please see that she has this ck.d out. Regards .....
7584600 tn?1392261434 As a rule, this painful condition tends to be bilateral but sometimes you can have more fibrocystic involvement in one breast than in the other.You may also feel a lump or lumps within the breast tissue and the vast majority are harmless.Most often they could be cysts or Fibroadenomas (both benign) These lumps are very common and are known to increase in size and tenderness due to hormonal changes.
Avatar m tn Well, I do want to wish you luck. I think it is a very good idea to go and see the doctor about this. I had a breast cyst that they aspirated. Mine wasn't painful nor did it cause any chest pains. Mine ended up being filled with bacteria even but still wasn't painful. I'd be more concerned if they told you that you had a lump. Most studies show that breast cysts do not lead to cancer. (cysts are fluid filled sacs).
Avatar f tn First of all, a cancerous lump would be fixed, hard, irregularly shaped and almost always painless,but tender and movable lumps that appear and disappear are NOT indicative of breast cancer. As I mentioned before, these lumps in your breast are most likely cysts or Fibroadenomas which are both benign in nature.I wish I could help you more to alleviate your fears,but we cannot diagnose anything over the Internet…. These lumps have to be investigated to know exactly what they are.