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Avatar f tn Only swollen lump (muscle) under armpit and no lumps around my breasts, just sore breast. Also I got tiny swollen on right side rib and tiny lump behind my left ear.. I didnt notice before.. unitl 2 days ago!! I find my rib very uncomfortable and sore.. everyday I checked my temp its always around at 38c. So I guess its must be virus...The doctor said if the lump still there, come back in few weeks times.. I hope its only virus..
Avatar f tn at first i thougt it was a premenstrual lump, but i am about 4-5 days into my period and it still is sore. if you touch my breast you can feel the lump, but you cant really tell unless you actually look really hard...my other breast looks fine so what might this be? is it breast cancer? i am scared if it may be? please help me! i am only 13 going on 14 and i thought it was rare in women my age! please help!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in Aug. That is exactly what mine was a sore lump under my armpit on the side of my breast. My sis and I went for mams and mine was cancer.
914336 tn?1243105303 The other night while laying in bed, I rolled to my left side and found a hard lump in the right breast that feels like a rock. It is very painful. I was told when I had the ultrasound that in three months to come back for a reevaluation. I'm concerned about how hard the lump is and am going to ask to be rechecked again this week. Does anyone know about hard lumps? Am I being over cautious? Breast cancer runs in the family. my mom, grandmother and two aunts on my moms side.
Avatar f tn I have a lump under left arm. Feels like swollen lymph node. Is hard not movable. I have had the lump for about five months....seems to have gotten larger. I had mamogram/ ultrasound in June or July....nothing showed up. I saw my doctor yesterday. She was able to feel the lump & is treating as fibrositic. I am to take Vitamin e & evening primrose for a couple weeks. Dr. wants to see if this clears problem. I also have to quit all caffine during the couple week period.
Avatar f tn The lump was hard , and did not move around. It was a little sore, but at that time my breasts were sore all over.
914336 tn?1243105303 The other night I rolled to my left side, on the right side in the same area of the cysts I have a hard lump like a rock. It is painful. Breast cancer runs in the family. My mom, grandmother and two aunts on my moms side. Note: moms cancer did hurt. I'm going to see if I can get rechecked this week. Am I being too over cautious. I read that hard lumps aren't good. I also have fibro cystic breasts.
Avatar n tn go and see another doc if ur worried for a second opinion, but i guess if u dont have a lump or any usual breast symptoms they wouldnt refer you.
Avatar m tn The only thing is that my lump is sore and hard and most sites state that hard with no pain is usually cancer and sore and soft like a grape is not. No sites mention hard and sore.
Avatar f tn I had my lil girl on the 10th n i sometimes breast feed but sometimes she just wont take me... but this mornin i woke up n theres a hard spot in the top of my breast n its so sore... could it just be like a cloged duct or should i pump to releive myself?
7584600 tn?1392261434 this has never been normal for me during period or anything . . 2 nites ago i found a hard lump kind of above and under my nipple. Its hard and does not move my breasts are sore so i can't tell if lump is also. . I've been googling this and have doc appt. in 2days. . Does this sound like cancer or something else ? I'm very nervous . its both breasts but only one with lump.
Avatar f tn Doing some reading suggests that this is a benign breast lump like a blocked breast gland. But you should get that checked. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.
Avatar f tn 8 Weeks ago I had br done - 565gr removed from the left and 785gr removed from the right. About two weeks after the surgery I noticed a hard lump in my right breast top - half of nipple up and out - it's about 3.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. I called my PS about it at that time - told them it felt like a potatoe was left in there, they said it was normal. I say my Gp this week for unrelated issues, she checked me out said she had concerns about the lump and sent me for an ultrasound.
Avatar m tn and i felt this morning when i was in the shower there is a hard ball like at the bottom and its very tender. its been sore now for almost 3 weeks. last week i couldnt sit properly. and when i stand it starts to pain and throb. please advise.
722475 tn?1239131770 t really hurt more than normal, maybe some, but the lump, while it is still part of my breast area, extends down farther on my chest so that if I raise my arms I can see it. I've checked the other one out and found nothing too similar in that area, but I did also notice more lumps that are probably just cysts or a fibro-whatevers because I think my period is due sometime soon.
Avatar f tn Hi, In my opinion, your symptoms don’t indicate breast cancer. If you haven't noticed any abnormalities, like skin changes, inverted nipple, a breast lump, nipple discharge, a sore that won't heal, at that point it could be very well be a skin problem. Since you have this condition for the past 2 years, I don’t think that any home remedy can be useful to cure your symptoms.
Avatar f tn Anyway, I felt so shamed about my anxiety and my multiple doctor visits I am embarrassed to see anyone. However, I recently discovered a new, tiny--half a grain of rice--hard lump in my breast. And extra lumpiness in that armpit. I know I need to see someone, but whom? The lady who seems to ridicule my need for reassurance or knowledge? The GP who sent me on a wild goosechase? My OB, who may ask why I didn't follow up with the expert who was closely following my situation?
1300808 tn?1280276224 I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their breast being extremily painful, i am 11 weeks and only one my my breast are sore and its only at the bottom of my breast, it kills me to touch. Also im a 12F could i be in pain because they are so big and heavy?? or is it possible that i could have a blocked milk duct do we even have those yet??
Avatar f tn i started noticing over a period of time that my right breast was getting much bigger than the left one, i didnt pay much attention to it until about 7 days ago, i noticed a fairly big lump in my right breast. it's not painful at all but my right breast has further enlarged and the lump is about a third of my breast, its also very hard and fixed. i had an ultrasound done but the doctor only said that i have one breast bigger than the other.
Avatar f tn After much of the healing process I realized I have a large part of the right breast that is a very hard lump. I can actually grip this entire area, it starts to the right side of the nipple. I had an ultra-sound and it came back as a large cyst and that I should repeat an ultra-sound in 4-6 months to see if it has grown. My surgeon doesn't believe that it's anything to worry about. My primary doctor said it felt like it could be cancerous and I should have a mammogram.
496500 tn?1215099685 It is very hard to tell just by the presence of the discharge or the pain, if this lump is indeed malignant or not. Given your strong family history of breast cancer, it is best that this lump and discharge be evaluated thoroughly. First, a mammogram should be done to assess the characteristics of the lump, and also possibly point out sites suitable for biopsy. Ultimately a biopsy of the lump may be done in order to ascertain the nature of the lump.
Avatar f tn So in the last month I've had multiple breast lumps. Not painful, movable but sometimes tender. Just when I work myself thinking it HAS to be cancer, they disappear. Now today my breast is sore, yet again, and a new lump has appeared right on top of my ribcage under my breast. I don't know what to think or do anymore. I can't tell if it's orange peel skin, or normal hair follicles on my breast. I can't tell if it's dimpling, or stretch marks.