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Avatar n tn Hi If sun exposure appears to trigger this skin condition, then this may be a form of photosensitivity reaction. Solar urticaria may be considered if welts and hives are noted on the skin given short exposure to sunlight or certain wave lengths of UV. Although at this point, this may not be the primary differential as this is quite rare. I would advise that you have this assessed by your dermatologist.
Avatar n tn Miscroscopic evaluation of skin scraping may be done to help determine the cause of the skin condition. Is the area itchy? Do other sun exposed areas in the body also present with similar skin condition?
Avatar n tn Whenever I go in the sun i develop spots on my face that are a little lighter then the tan on the rest of my face. They go away when i lose my tan but I wear sunscreen of about 45 spf and I would like to find away that i can get a nice, even tan, while avoiding these skin discolorations.
Avatar n tn Hello, Sun spots or lentigines, are harmless, flat, brown discolorations of the skin which usually occur on the back of the hands, neck and face of people older than 40 years of age. They are caused by the skin being exposed to the sun over many years and are a sigh of sun damage. The only way to prevent age spots is to use liberal amounts of sunscreen before the age of forty, avoid the sun, and wear protective clothing.
Avatar f tn I have acquired what I believe is sun spots from too much exposure and those areas are now white. Is there a product on the market that can be purchased so that the white spots will even out with the rest of my skin? I also have a lot of age spots (brown spots) on my legs and arms; which I believe is also from the sun and tanning beds. Is there also a product for this available on the market?
1352180 tn?1276916325 A few months of go i lost my insurance and i was able to have my last visit regarding spots that were white and dry on the back of my arm. i was told that they were just from sun exposure and a fugi that grows beneath the skin. i used both selsun blue and lotrimin. the ones on my arm went away very quickly but i now have some on my face they are more dry and far more bothersome because its on a more sensitive part of my body. i live in florida and experience lots of sunexposure.
Avatar n tn I have developed spots, and small patches of white spots on my chest and back, where the sun hits me the hardest. I am medium complected and went to the tanning bed rarely. I will not go near one now. I have been on birth -control pills for 5+ years. It's seems in recent years-I'm more sensitive to the sun. It seems even when I use sunscreen in reg.sun I get a new spot. Any Idea as to what could be causing this?
Avatar f tn Someone thought they looked like a fungus that can look like sun damage, but only because it's hard to see until the skin starts to tan, and the spots stay white. However, it looks like it's only the individual hair follicles. It does make my chest look sort of "old". Any idea why they are white, and if there is anyway for them to tan as well? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Try Using lemon juice. It will help lighten the skin and clear up sun spots. It's cheap, effective and totally natural.
Avatar m tn Also that any time I get nervous, stressed or sweaty, pretty much anytime my blood starts pumping faster it begins to itch like crazy. Also all these spots seem to be raised up slightly above the skin and the turn red around the edges when I get hot. I have been told heat rash before, but i thought it was localized to persistently sweaty areas and that it goes away anywhere from like 4-48 hours.
Avatar n tn your skin starts to develop these white spots after a skin trauma such as sun burn... it is a fungus that gets under your skin so to speak. you can get it from both normal sun exposure and from sunbeds. the fungus needs to be treated with products such as selsun blue... the reason for this is that selsun blue is an anti dandruff shampoo(antifungal)... therefore if selsun makes ur skin burn or react badly it is too strong for skin try any antidandruff shampoos and serums.
Avatar n tn I get skin spots from being in the sun i don't even have to be in the sun for very long to get them. I get them on the area around my lips, my whole back and arms. Before when I was younger I didn't have many, now i have a lot and I'd like to know how to get rid of them.... Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn When I lay on our pool deck in the sun I get a few red spots sort-of like flat blisters on my chest and on the very top of my back. It itches like crazy. If I stay inside for a few days they go away, but come back if I lay in the sun again. It did same thing last year when I was using tanning bed, so I stopped going to the tanning bed. I know I could stay out of the sun n solve the problem, but I like being outside. Im curious if anyone else has had this happen and knows anything about it.
Avatar n tn After an hour or more in the sun, the exposed area of my skin will feel like it is on fire. The longer the exposure, the more severe the feeling. Longer exposures will leave the exposed areas feeling like someone is holding a match to it. For example, while wearing gloves over my hands and a short sleeved shirt, I spent several hours in the sun. Later in the day, the symptons started to appear on the exposed portion of my arms.
551145 tn?1240949285 Hi How old is your son? White spots on the skin may suggest differentials such as pityriasis alba, tinea versicolor and vitiligo. Based on your description, vitiligo is not likely as this usually presents with a stark white patch of skin with well demarcated borders. In your case, pityriasis alba and a fungal infection may be differentials. Pityriasis usually affects the face or the arms in children. Tinea versicolor may show light white discolorations on the skin with light central scaling.
Avatar n tn About two weeks ago I noticed after a tanning my normal session of 20 minutes I had white oval type spots on my chest, stomach, back, and inner thighs. Immediately after tanning my skin was very blotchy and itchy. I haven't gone back to tan since, which was about two weeks ago. I get an occassional itch here and there but the spots are still there.
Avatar m tn Hello, About a couple months back I noticed that on my forehead my skin started getting a little darker in one spot and now the spot is bigger than a quarter. Its not really dark but you can see the difference. What could it be?
1994792 tn?1327095428 i am 15 and i've had eczema for my whole life. now that that is getting a little better, i now have white spots! all over my legs and shoulders and sometimes on my forehead. its not tinea versicolor. it shows up more when im in the sun and afterwards. but it never goes away. please help on how to cure it !!! i just want to wear short sleeves and shorts to school without feel nervous and self conscious ): any advice ?
Avatar f tn It is characterized by flat white spots found on the shins and forearms. It may also arise on other sun exposed areas including the face, neck and shoulders. Usually nothing is to be done except sun protection. Attempts to destroy the lesions may leave brown marks or larger white marks, which may look worse than the original condition. The other treatment options are cryotherapy, dermaabrasion, creams like tretinoin and topical steroids.
Avatar f tn My upper legs and stomach have come out in red spots, mostly my legs some on my back a couple on my feet and and a rash like spots on my left side of neck and upper chest. The spots came out on Friday, got worse on Saturday and are fading on Sunday.
Avatar f tn I went away for the weekend and i didnt realise how hot the sun was and ended up getting sun burnt, i didnt mind that my legs were burnt but my face also got sun burnt. And not listening i started to peel the dead skin off my face as it looked really bad but now i look even worse as i didnt peal it all off. So now i have spots that are tanned and a pale forehead that just looks really bad. What can i do to try and get my face colour to look normal again.
Avatar f tn I'm super sensitive for some reason this year. I also have dark skin spots on my face. Getting annoyed. Has anyone else had these problems??
Avatar m tn Hello, For sun pigmentation, use liberal amounts of sunscreen especially with spf greater than 30 atleast half an hour before going out in sun, avoid the sun, and wear protective clothing. The newest treatment for age spots is an alpha hydroxy acid gel or beta hydroxy acid gel. Retin-A cream, alpha hydroxyacid peels, and liquid nitrogen therapy are other options. You can discuss these treatment options with your dermatologist.
Avatar n tn Hi, A sun rash is seen as small, reddish blisters or small or large spots in areas that have been exposed to sunlight.The only remedy is to use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. On the other hand, heat rash develops when your sweat ducts become blocked and perspiration is trapped under your skin. In particular, miliaria rubra causes red bumps that are intensely itchy or prickly, giving rise to its common name, prickly heat.
Avatar f tn Hello, It can be due to freckles or sun spots. Sun spots or lentigines, are harmless, flat, brown discolorations of the skin which usually occur on the back of the hands, neck and face of people older than 40 years of age. They are caused by the skin being exposed to the sun over many years and are a sigh of sun damage. The only way to prevent age spots is to use liberal amounts of sunscreen before the age of forty, avoid the sun, and wear protective clothing.
Avatar n tn The symptoms are most like descriptions of prickly heat however I can spend days out in the hot sun without developing any rash as long as my skin is covered. The rash has never appeared from heat alone. Any help would be appreciated.