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Avatar n tn appreance of red spots in body ( may be coccection of blood ) like mol . disappread again leaving it a black pain , no itching . what these are ?
Avatar n tn s so hard to walk. There even red spots on legs and my feet gets needles and pricks. Please help me?
Avatar n tn I am 22 yr old gay male, and I have had red spots appearing and disappearing on my torso, inner arms, and thighs for the last week and a half. They disappear when i am sleeping and when I take allergy meds they fade away a little bit. If I go to the beach or take a hot shower they tend to get very red and the numbers multiply. It seems to be affected by the heat. They do not itch nor bother me besides the discoloration of the skin.
1660902 tn?1302620556 For the past six months or so my skin has developed flat red circular spots that only appear after I get out of the hot shower or after I lay out in the sun. I believe the heat makes them appear. But after I lotion down they fade away. My skin has always been dry and itchy so I have always used lotion to soften it and relieve the itch. But these spots don't hurt or itch, they are just there.
336365 tn?1213319598 Over the last few months (since I started the meds and asprin) I have noticed bright red spots popping up on my skin. They are not pin point spots. They look like little birthmarks, but red. One day they are there and the next day they are gone. They don't stick around more then a day or two, then just disappear. The blood pressure meds that I am on is Lisinopril.
Avatar n tn I have these white scaly spots all over my body sometimes they are red.After i take a shower you can really see them they are red and they would be where i didnt even know i had one they dont itch or anything i did have a couple that got scaly with alittle sore on it.
Avatar f tn Fungal infection may not present with intense itching and there may be red spots over the torso .These red spots may have a central clearing with some mild scaling. Have you had some bouts of flu like symptoms at the onset of your skin condition? Viral infections, allergic reactions may be differentials in your case. You need to get it checked by a dermatologist. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Best luck and kind regards!
Avatar f tn In the past few weeks I have started notices tiny red spots on my skin that mildly itch. They are smaller than mosquito bites, and are appearing on all parts of my body but there aren't a large amount of them. I figured it's not bug bites since there are not clusters or a large quantity, and they don't get bigger or worse as i scratch them.
Avatar n tn I got a couple of red spots on my had. They were really itchy, and when I scratched them, they started bleeding like small pricks of blood, after which they stop itching. The spots appear all over the body, but disappear after a few days. Coul you kindly help me? Is this an allergy to some kind. P.S.: I recently moved into the US from India. Is it probably due to a weather change?
Avatar f tn m writing having the hope that someone will somehow have an answer to my problem. It all started 2 months ago when I noticed a lot of red tiny spots on my skin. They started developing quickly on my back, on my arms and and on my abdomen. I freaked out and I started searching the Internet for an answer and found a lot of terrible deseases like leukemia, lupus and vasculitis and this only freaked me out more.
Avatar n tn s strange though, the spots on my hands are also accompanied with a very small red dot then an outside ring of white, really can't find anywhere what it is, soon I will seek out the opinion of a Dermatologist. I wouldn't normally worry about them but iv'e heard scary stories about people with these spots on their body and have got liver damage, I dunno if it's likely though seeing as i'm only 17.
1847172 tn?1319047269 Within 1a couple of days smaller red spots followed around that aread. During the last weekend my back torso and arms became covered with small red spots, like little bumps. Almost all of them are small with some occasional bigger patches. I took a snapshot if that can help. In addition: * it never really itched, only now it started a little but it's very mild. Almost nothing. * the starting patches can still be seen as the biggest ones in the pic.
Avatar n tn Hello all. I have developed red skin blotches about 5mm to 7mm in diameter on my body. Total time is one month since I first noticed them. They first appeared on my chest, then spread to my stomach, back and finally to the insides of my arms and legs. They seem to be under the skin, not on top. They are not raised like bumps and they do NOT itch at all. When slight pressure is applied to the skin area, they disappear, then reappear right after.
Avatar n tn Dr. Smita Sorry for the a quick follow up question. I seemed to have tiny red spots (I believe 'cherry angiomas') popping up in various places on my body -- not in clusters but various places, which began during the same period as the folliculitis. It also seems like I am getting new small black moles recently. Also noticed white spots on my arms. Can all of this be related to anything. (Also had pimple on my face that resulted in small purple spot.) Any staph issues?
336365 tn?1213319598 It presents as itchy and swollen red bumps or patches all over the body. This kind of skin inflammation with swollen red itchy patches all over the body is the most common form of allergy rash. Treatment is to stop the drug and inform your Physician who may prescribe an alternate one.For the rash you cam atke oral anti-histamines and apply Calamine lotion to soothe the irritated skin. ref:http://www.allergyasthmazone.
Avatar m tn It may be lava of some kind of bug that is coming out of your skin. Or if you are squeezing, it may be white heads - these are like acne type spots. Your doctor can take a swab of your skin to identify what this is and hopefully will treat you appropriately. If the tic was a carrier of Lyme Disease you will need to start a treatment of a specific antibiotic, otherwise the disease can lie dormant and can flare up and cause problems for many years. Le us know how you get on at the doctors.
Avatar n tn There are little red pin ***** spots on the skin below my vagina...they itch like crazy and i am very worried. Help? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240011'>What are these itchy spots on my skin?</a>.
Avatar n tn I have these red flaky spots all over my body.I thought it was an allergic reaction to a body wash I used @ weeks ago but they still have not gone away.I went to my family doctor she gave me a steroid shot and some pills.I still have this issue.What in the world could it be the spots are small.
Avatar f tn Thanks :) They are not red spots.. They're the colour of my skin and i guess those are the roots of my hair follicles. I will mosturize regularly and see if it helps.