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Avatar n tn Hi, Normally welts appear in a skin condition called hives.Hives are red, itchy welts or swellings on the skin that often come in clusters. Hives can appear anywhere on the body, cropping up either in one small area or covering large patches of skin. They most often occur as part of an allergic reaction. No one lesion lasts more than 24 hours, but new ones may continue to appear until the condition resolves.
Avatar n tn Hey all, for a couple years now I have been getting these welt type infections on my my skin. Mainly on my chest. They seem kind of like zits, but they aren't. It starts off with a red spot and grown bigger, then turns hard and leaves a scar. Very rarely does it pus or ooz. Just becomes a hard pigmented scar and goes away after several months. Meaning it fads. Any idea what these are? I'm sick of going to the beach with a red spotted chest...
Avatar f tn I am having constant itching of the skin that causes welts to appear. It affects all parts of my body at any tine, and at any place. I will try taking a antihistamine but what to know if it has anything to do with me being diabetic and having 3rd stage kidney disease?
Avatar n tn I have been walking 3-4 miles everyday and have lost 25 pounds. But... I am still getting these horrible red welts on the palms of my hands. When they form, they last for seven-eight days. They seem to form if I consume too much sugar... which, under normal conditions I avoid. The welts are painful, swollen, and they itch something awful. I use a Benadryl creme to cope.... as well as avoid sugar. I have not shown the welts to my physician.
Avatar n tn Dermographism is a normal physiological response of the skin. The term literally means writing on the skin. Firm stroking of the skin produces an initial red line followed by a broadening erythema and the formation of a linear wheal. It can be treated by antihistamines or cromoglicate and sometimes steroids, as they prevent the histamine from causing the reaction. As the underlying cause of dermographism is not known, it can last for many years without relief. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn I have large localized red itchy raised welts (4 quarter size under right buttock and 1/2 dollar size and one penny size next to it on right side buttock.) Thought I was bitten by mosquito on the way home from the gym(wearing shorts and T) but got home and found the welts. They itch very bad. I have checked for bedbugs...(no one has been sleeping in my bed but me, no hotel visits) I had one on the back of my thigh about a week ago,when I came from a friends house... but it went away...
Avatar m tn I thought I was bitten by a mosquito, but got home and found that I had 4 quarter sized large red itchy razed welts on my lower buttock and a larger 1/2 dollar one with a smaller one next to it (about the size of a penny) on my right upper back thigh. I had been to the gym, showered put on shorts and walked home. (During this time, things started itching, hence the mosquito thought) The itching was BAD during the night and still itches now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn had an allergy in form of skin rash around 15 days ago. Red marks on my arms, legs, feet, small welts also. Doctor prescribed Allegra,cetrizine, azee, rantac for 5 days. Also recommended use of soap Cetrelak. Marks have gone, but itching still continuing & spreading. What can I do?
Avatar f tn Looks like a really bad sunburn. It itches somewhat but burns. No welts just red burning skin.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have a three year old daughter who is developing strange welt like things on her trunk, face and legs. The welts are not circles but many different shapes all bigger than a silver dollar. The circles have a darker red outline with a light pink center. They do not appear to be bug bites. Nor does it look like ring worm. The spots continue to pop up and she currectly has 7 spots. She says they do not hurt or itch but we are still worried.
Avatar n tn my skin welts up everytime it gets scratched, bumped or bruised. the welts only last about 15 minutes then disappear. it doesn't really bother me or anything, i'm just curious as to what causes this and what it might be. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/244416'>skin welts</a>.
Avatar m tn A long-term (chronic) condition causing red, tender bumps in the skin of the armpits and/or groin. The bumps often turn into abscesses and can cause scarring over time.
Avatar f tn back in Feb or Jan I had chickenpox an they went away and know I have these strange itchy welts bumps on my arm an one on my hands an one time one was on my belly but went a way. So lady said dryskin bumps but she was wrong an her boss thought I was crazy when I said she told me that also she gave me a cream called Triamcinolone Acetonic cream that didn't work just made me itchy more. they come an go.
Avatar n tn The term literally means writing on the skin. Firm stroking of the skin produces an initial red line (capillary dilatation), followed by an axon-reflex flare with broadening erythema (arteriolar dilatation) and the formation of a linear wheal (transudation of fluid/edema) termed the triple response of Lewis. The exact mechanism of dermographism remains uncertain.
Avatar n tn Hi, What is your age? Since when are you having the symptoms? The symptoms you mention could be due to some insect bite, allergic reaction, etc. From what you mention about the associated symptoms it could be mostly due to allergic reactions. Nothing can be said with surety though. Are you allergic to any specific substances? Have you had allergic reactions in the past?
Avatar m tn The scratches that this girl made on my arm can also be referred to as welts (A welt can be a red bump, ridge or swelling of unbroken skin). Even though the skin is red, it is still unbroken (ie not actively bleeding), and thus the danger of contracting HIV or HCV from the scenario is not possible. Thanks to all who replied to this post.
Avatar f tn My skin will become very itchy and then when I scratch bumps appear, its usually one big one, resembling a misquito bite with a bunch of other smaller ones all around. The bumps will be red as well as the skin around them. They usually disapear within an hour. Its gotten so bad I guess Im scratching in my sleep and my legs are giant scabs and I cant even shave.
Avatar m tn 12 days after my skin itches over my entire body. Head, legs, arms, chest. If I scratch it then little red rasied welts appear.If I leave it be no welts appear but it still itches (this started about 10 days after sex). I dont have any other issues as I see it. I asked her and she emphatically said she has never had an STD and she doesn't have HIV. I believe that my itchy skin is stress related but I wanted to ask.
Avatar m tn I have had folliculitis so its hard to tell if any new pimple like bumps have formed. Mostly the red irritated areas just have raised welts similar to when I get an allergic reaction to something. The rash even spreads around my waste toward my rear. I have very sensitive skin and I had hoped the rash was just from the rubbing of our pubic air and I simply put hydrocortisone on it to reduce the itching. Two days have gone by and the rash has not subsided and still itches.
Avatar n tn I have an itch that comes and goes over the years, there is no rash, but it just starts itching from under my skin, and it reoccurs in the same areas, my knees, my buttocks, may spread to outer thighs. the itch sometimes sting when triggered, when i scratch the area raises like welts, and get dark red. I a 37 year old female. it started six years ago, the longest period of rest before outbreaks is 1 year.
Avatar n tn Hi, These itchy bumps that appear when you scratch your arms could be hives. Hives are raised, often itchy, red welts on the surface of the skin. They are usually an allergic reaction to food or medicine. When you have an allergic reaction to a substance, histamine and other chemicals are released into your bloodstream, causing itching, swelling, and other symptoms.
Avatar f tn For the past two months my legs have been insanely itchy. It gets worse at night and there are mosquito like bumps on them. It's JUST my legs. Not my arms, stomach, back or anything else. Just my legs. I was told bed bugs, but I've washed all the sheets, checked the mattress, box spring and bed frame...but there is nothing, not to mention my husband hasn't been affected. I was told scabies, but I'm the only one who's affected.
Avatar f tn and at first it was small... but the other he came over he came back from work and it was red and looked like miine. Im wondering if it is contagious? or what might this be causing this?
Avatar n tn Then he started to get another on the other side of his chest and a few on his legs. They started out as small pimple-like spots then grew into welts any where from the size of a pencil eraser to the size of a dime. thy are pretty uniform in shape (circular). then about 2 days later he got a rash all over from his neck, back, arms and legs. he says they don't really itch but the rash itself kinda burns. it looks somewhat like a heat rash but more red and swollen.
Avatar n tn Twice in the past 24 hours, about 12 hours apart, I have experienced extreme itching on my torso, with some extensions on my arms and legs. After scratching madly, I noticed welts of various sizes appearing and the whole area becoming red. Bathing in the Aveeno Oatmeal Colloidal mixture seemed to soothe the itching, and gradually, over a period of 45 minutes to an hour, the redness and welts went away.