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Avatar f tn Occasionally, when I scratch my skin, it appears to damage the capillaries directly under the skin causing small blotches of blood under the skin. When I go to a doctor, the don't touch it or swab it. They look at from a cross the room and say it's a rash and give me itch cream. It doesn't itch. Never did itch. I'm thinking it is because of thin skin and fragile vessles but not sure of possible reasons. It has been happening since age 17.
Avatar f tn I have red streaks, bumps, and rash that burn, sting and itch and go away in 20-60 minutes. Some times there is a tiny dark spot by the area and when I wipe it away the sensation subsides seemingly faster. I had one scabies Test early on which was negative. This has been going on for four months now. I tried borax and tea tree oil bath and washed bedding daily. These area area all over my body, they seem worse in the am and later afternoon evening. I am miserable and don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn I stopped using the cream around October 07 and shortly after I stopped using it some red/purple seam-like streaks appeared on my inner thighs. The streaks appear and are very similar on both sides. Some are long and some are short. They don't have any open cuts, sores, or bumps but are indented below the skin surface. The streaks are only on my inner thighs and the creases between my thighs and testicles, none on the testicles.
Avatar f tn If the skin is red around it and/or there are any red lines or streaks or you have a fever of 100 or more I would go to your doctor as it may be an infection. If there is no redness, or streaks and no fever it may just be as the other post said a blood blister. You may have hit the area on something.
Avatar m tn 4 felt like had to go - only clear liquid and a tiny piece of stringy poop that looked like a piece of sheded piece of skin came out, not much, bit of blood when wiped . 3 dark color diarrhea - with bright red blood in toilet bowl and streaks of red blood on toilet paper. Throbbing and itchy pain on anus. Leaking anus. Tues May 22, 2012: 6 stringy bowel movement - dark almost look black, lots of bright red blood on toilet paper.
Avatar m tn those red streaks under your skin could be strep or staph bacteria (from the pimple) entering and inflaming your lymph vessels. pimple could be caused by a variety of bacteria. But you might consider to see a doctor if getting worse, to get antibiotics. skin infections can be contagious, so skin to skin contact with your partner could be the cultprit, but so could have been a hot tub. you had unprotected oral sex.
Avatar m tn The rashes are slightly raised, red in color and appear in the form of thin streaks, usually slightly itchy. There was this one time when almost my entire back was covered in it and then they disappeared in like 45 minutes. I am really getting concerned as to what is really going on with me and it just adds to my anxiety. please help or advise.
1132574 tn?1271672466 There are different Bart rashes but from what I have read the most common one is the red streaks, looks kinda like stretch marks. I've had this myself, and have many symptoms of Bart but also tested negative for it. A blood smear out of Fry labs showed something in my blood that is thought to be Bart-like, and I've had the biggest response to Bart-specific abx. For me the rash was on my belly and was several parallel streaks about 1/2 in wide and a few inches long.
Avatar f tn Do you have a fever? Any red streaks coming away from the area or following the veins? For Sepsis you get chills, and these are other symptoms : rapid heart beat,fever,Light-headedness due to low blood pressure, shaking, skin rash, warm skin. If you feel really bad go to the ER or if your doctor is open go there. But if you have a high fever, and low blood pressure and fast heart beat I would got to the ER. Does the toe hurt badly or the area? Is it red and/or swollen?
Avatar n tn Hello, Without examination I am not able to confirm, but it sounds like hives. Hives are red, itchy, raised areas of skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. Many cases of hives are "idiopathic," meaning no cause is known. Others may be triggered by viral infections or medications. Take some antihistaminic like Benadryl or Claritin and apply some calamine lotion on the rashes. If the symptoms persist then topical or oral steroids may be needed.
Avatar m tn 4 felt like had to go - only clear liquid and a tiny piece of stringy poop that looked like a piece of sheded piece of skin came out, not much, bit of blood when wiped . 3 dark color diarrhea - with bright red blood in toilet bowl and streaks of red blood on toilet paper. Throbbing and itchy pain on anus. Leaking anus. Tues May 22, 2012: 6 stringy bowel movement - dark almost look black, lots of bright red blood on toilet paper.
Avatar m tn The lump has skin over it and is skin colored, but it has very tiny red streaks also and a waxy texture. It does not hurt. It is skin colored also. What do you think it could be? If you think cancer just tell me straight up i can take it.
Avatar n tn Red tint as red streaks or stool of reddish color? Hemorrhoids, or eating something red (beet-root)...are most often causes. Rough wiping, straining. Then food poisoning (goes with diarrhea), intestinal worms (Possible: mucus, bloating, diarrhea). Diverticulitis (bloating, diarrhea) Crohn's disease (usually start in young adults...) Polyp, or cancer...well, not impossible in your age, but 50+ is a common age for colorectal cancer.
Avatar f tn If you are seeing streaks- streaks are usually an indication of an infection. Have you had a doctor take a look at this?
454221 tn?1259445739 My husband and I have just started to try for our fourth one and this morning I started to have blood streaks with little pink but more bright red streaks. My first day of the last cycle was January 8th. I was most fertile around January 20th to January 25th. We had sex last night and I was fine last night afterwards, but this morning it was a little pink/red tinge streaks. Is this early miscarriage or cervical cancer? Never had anything like this with the last two.
567677 tn?1246767776 When you have an infection, you can get red streaks. Like if you have a cut, and then it starts branching out in red streaks.. I would DEFINATELY call my doc. How are your teeth? I know that I tend to neglect my teeth because I chalk it up to TN pain, then it gets abcessed. Call your dentist and have him check.
Avatar f tn Monitor it though - if it starts to swell, become painful or you see red streaks emanating from it, time to go by the emergency room to get it checked by an MD.
Avatar m tn April 13th, the NeoSporin seemed to have helped with the red streaks, but my skin looks a little inflamed in the areas where the pain were strongest. April 18 to April 21, fatigued/tired and have been taking mid-day naps and have been waking up with night sweats. The pain has progressed to more of a tingling+numbing pain in both hands and forearms. I have already scheduled an appointment with the clinic on the 29th (a week from today). I am really scared to death...
Avatar n tn Hi and welcome, I can't think of anything MS related that would create streaks or lines on the skin, DMD's are connected to lumps, dint's, welts, rashes though......i did look at your picture to get a better idea of what you meant by 'streaks or lines' and to me they honestly just remind me of vertical finger nail surface scratch lines, which are more likely to appear and stay visible for hours if your skin is sensitive.
Avatar f tn Hi I am curious - The other day I went for a massage. The massge was sensual, and the women played briefly with my balls and penis. I had no cuts or sores on my body, and I inspected her hands for cuts. I saw none. During the massage as though the massuese lightly grazed my anus with hand. Although I don't have fissures or hemorrhoids I am not comfortable with this. I might add that it was just grazing and in no way did she penetrate me with her finger.
Avatar m tn During these reactions, anywhere I had scratched in the night while asleep became very red streaks the next day that looked like lashes from a whip. I'll ask my doctor about cromoglicate, as you suggested for more serious outbreaks. I didn't know that it could also present in the minor-annoyance form of patterns on the skin from pressure. I seem to have many unexplained chronic skin symptoms, so perhaps they are mostly due to the same condition.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks after, it started to burn after I urinated again and the whole penis head was red, look like streaks of red. Doctor told me it was a yeast infection and gave me a pill. The redness around the whole head went away but the red around the meatus was still present and the skin where it is red looks different from the rest of the skin.
Avatar n tn If the spots were small and splotchy streaks and mixed with red streaks it could be a strep infection. As for the thrush--Sometimes when a person takes too many antibiotics (if the child has been on any) they can kill off the good bacteria in the mouth as well as the bad, thus causing the thrush infection to grow. The more antibiotics you take for thrush, the worse it gets. Antifungal medication such as nystatin is usually a good medication to take.
Avatar m tn I'm a 32 year old male, no family history of colon cancer and for I'd say the last 6 months to a year I'd have a little blood on my toilet paper or about 5 months ago a bunch dripped out. Bright red. When I wipe I feel a small bump just inside the anus to the very rear. A little tender to touch but nothing super painful. Ill have a tad bit of pain when going to the bathroom but nothing that's terrible. The lump or bump is very small but just a little tender.
Avatar m tn There is a wart that sprung up. Now, on both sides where the thighs meet the groin there is red streaks that has very small blisters in it. I was told to goto a dermatologist and he also said it wasnt herpes and prescribed me on promasone. This however, set my skin off and immediately turned the entire area a bright dry red that actually started to hurt. So, he then prescribed me Desonide.
Avatar f tn OK also when I walk on it, it is not red but when I walk on it,it gets red. why?
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing tiny red dots on skin, ranging in size from a tiny pinprick to a very small freckle. These dots are bright red and when pressed upon with a finger nail the red center disappears leaving a slight red outline. They did not appear all at once, but rather over a period of weeks.