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Avatar f tn It also sometimes feels hot and still gets itchy but if i rub it or anything it just makes the streaks worse. There is no flaking of skin and it doesn't get crusty, but when i wake up it feels like my eye is only half open. Does anyone have any idea what this is? And should i go to my regular doctor or my eye doctor? Thnaks.
Avatar m tn I noticed about a week ago that I have what looks like to be a rash on my inner thighs that does not look raised and there is no pain. I also noticed what seemed to be red streaks that run between my testicle and thigh area where the skin overlaps. When pulling back my testicles I noticed that there seemed to be what looked like little open cuts that run up along where the streaks are. It seems to be where the skin overlaps. I have seen nothing that looks like herpes or std..
Avatar n tn My 13 yr old daughter has red streaks on the middle of her back. They are not whelps or scratches, although at first glance, that's what I thought they were. She says no one has touched her and she didn't even know she had them. Has anyone ever heard of this or had the same thing?
Avatar n tn I stopped using the cream around October 07 and shortly after I stopped using it some red/purple seam-like streaks appeared on my inner thighs. The streaks appear and are very similar on both sides. Some are long and some are short. They don't have any open cuts, sores, or bumps but are indented below the skin surface. The streaks are only on my inner thighs and the creases between my thighs and testicles, none on the testicles.
Avatar f tn I have red streaks, bumps, and rash that burn, sting and itch and go away in 20-60 minutes. Some times there is a tiny dark spot by the area and when I wipe it away the sensation subsides seemingly faster. I had one scabies Test early on which was negative. This has been going on for four months now. I tried borax and tea tree oil bath and washed bedding daily. These area area all over my body, they seem worse in the am and later afternoon evening. I am miserable and don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn Occasionally, when I scratch my skin, it appears to damage the capillaries directly under the skin causing small blotches of blood under the skin. When I go to a doctor, the don't touch it or swab it. They look at from a cross the room and say it's a rash and give me itch cream. It doesn't itch. Never did itch. I'm thinking it is because of thin skin and fragile vessles but not sure of possible reasons. It has been happening since age 17.
Avatar f tn My skin on my thigh area gets some red streaks that lasts for a couple of minutes then fades away. The red streaks looks like spider veins. What could cause that?
Avatar m tn During these reactions, anywhere I had scratched in the night while asleep became very red streaks the next day that looked like lashes from a whip. I'll ask my doctor about cromoglicate, as you suggested for more serious outbreaks. I didn't know that it could also present in the minor-annoyance form of patterns on the skin from pressure. I seem to have many unexplained chronic skin symptoms, so perhaps they are mostly due to the same condition.
Avatar n tn I also noticed what seemed to be red streaks that run between my testicle and thigh area where the skin overlaps. When pulling back my testicles I noticed that there seemed to be what looked little streaks are like open cuts. It seems to be where the skin overlaps. I have seen nothing that looks like herpes or std..but am not sure what it is since there is little pain when I touch it and the rash does not itch..the open cuts do not even burn..
Avatar n tn Is the area raised , flat ,or shiny? Is it skin colored, white or red? Differentials for this may be a fungal infection, nummular dermatitis or eczema, irritant or xerotic dermatitis, lichen planus ,and psoriasis. These are just differentials and may need to b excluded. Lichen planus may be purplish or violaceous in color and the rash is raised with white streaks on it. This skin condition may be itchy.
Avatar f tn They also come and go, and show up in different places on my torso. They look like red streaks, kind of like stretch marks. I think they are from Bartonella. Again, I only got this after starting abx. **I get blotchy red rashes on my scalp and the back of my neck. This I did get before my treatment, but I always thought it was a dry scalp problem. But my LLMD thinks it's from Babesia, and this rash also seems to get worse when my symptoms act up.
Avatar f tn Over time, the areas become worse with the areas becoming dryer, flakier, discolored and small red streaks have developed under my breasts. My primary care physician told me that it could be Eczema but most of the affected areas rarely itch. He then suggested a fungas overgrowth but he never perscribed anything. I finally got fed up and sought a dermatologist. She told me it's Tinea Versicolor and perscribed a shampoo for me to use.
Avatar m tn The rashes are slightly raised, red in color and appear in the form of thin streaks, usually slightly itchy. There was this one time when almost my entire back was covered in it and then they disappeared in like 45 minutes. I am really getting concerned as to what is really going on with me and it just adds to my anxiety. please help or advise.
1415174 tn?1453246703 The rash could be due to a variety of issues such as irritation, allergic reaction, infection or skin issues like dermatitis. The red lines can be due to the scratching and it is important that you avoid doing so to prevent secondary infection. If these persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Direct clinical examination is important to differentiate the two. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing tiny red dots on skin, ranging in size from a tiny pinprick to a very small freckle. These dots are bright red and when pressed upon with a finger nail the red center disappears leaving a slight red outline. They did not appear all at once, but rather over a period of weeks.
Avatar n tn About a week and a half ago I noticed a strange series of red marks, streaks on my right arm between my AC fossa and olecranon laterally. They dont hurt or itch but they are not changing in color and persist. There are a few small spots I that seem to be possible bite marks. Could this be from a spider bite? I am 29 y/o male and currently am taking wellbutrin, HCTZ, Lisinopril, and Cipro. NKDA- NKA http://i197.photobucket.
Avatar f tn It is not painful and dosent do anything If I squeeze it. If I stretch the skin around it it resembles a skin defect or miscolouration. I also have a white fungus on the inside of my foreskin, it is hard and in streaks of pearls it dosent hurt or itch. I am 15 with no sexual contact. Any help appreciated.
796579 tn?1266435624 okay, so i pump exclusivley and tonight as i was pumping i looked down and the left bottle was full of red milk!! i was so freaked out, i don't know if i have to dump it or if i can use it? i googled it and all i found was that it was blood, but my nipples are not sore or bleeding.
Avatar f tn OK also when I walk on it, it is not red but when I walk on it,it gets red. why?
Avatar n tn My face has also been really red and hot (kind of like I have a fever but I feel fine). The red spots are blotches not streaks. I was wondering what the right steps would be to get this to go away and if it is serious. Thank you! This discussion is related to <a href=''>Itchy Rash from Sun Exposure</a>.
Avatar f tn I have a similar problem. In the coccyx area, I developed a rash, it burned, felt hot, itched. had red streaks, I used athletes foot cream and it went away.that was a month ago, it came back today. What is it and what causes it???
Avatar f tn On (what i thought was) an unrelated note, a few days ago i noticed that my neck was itchy and covered in red bumps, and my eyelids were swollen and red. In fact, all of the skin surrounding my eyes was red, flaky and itchy. It looks awful and is pretty painful! This morning i started a journal of everything i've eaten and used on my skin in prep for a dermatologist visit. And then tonight i got in the shower, started shampooing and immediately noticed that my eyes were burning!