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Avatar n tn So it has been two weeks since I had a electrocautery on a test spot on my nose. So the scab peeled off twice and there was this red spot. Then a small crust formed over the red spot and fell. The red spot is still there. My dermatologist said to wait to see if it heals and returns to my skin color (light brown). How long will it take for the red spot to go away... He suggested that it would not be worth doing electrocatery on the other bumps if they turn out to stay red...
Avatar m tn I have a small cut on my nose that I believe I obtained when I was a small child, not really sure how. Ever since than my nose has had a red mark where the cut appeared and I'm wondering if there is a way to get rid of it. In the pic it might not be that noticeable because of the camera and the lighting but my nose has a distinct red tinge to it. Could be a scar, I'm not sure any insight would be helpful.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago I noticed a small area (about the size of a pencil eraser) of dry skin on the right side of my nose right next to the bridge. I picked the dry skin off and have had this red spot since. It doesn't hurt or itch but it does get what appears to be a fine layer of dry skin or small scab over it every week or so. I am concerned that this could be some form of skin cancer and just thought I would see what you thought. Thanks for your time.
Avatar f tn After picking a couple small blackheads on my nose, the spots are bright red and have been that way for years. They aren't spider veins, yet I'm sure they are broken capillaries. I've had two treatments from a laser center and they went away for a bit. However, they said my blemishes may return. I do drink, however, my question is, what can I do to make them disappear ? Or is it possible ?
Avatar n tn My daughter has has a small red bump on her nose for the last five months. It does hurt but I am starting to become concerned and she hates the way it looks. What can I do to help her?
Avatar n tn its effecting me in other ways as i dont really like going out when its really red as its the first thing anyone notices, i do have other spots but none like the ones i get on my nose and the only red area is my nose. just wondering if i could get a second opinion or some help.
Avatar f tn I have a irregular flat spot with an ice pick scar on the tip of my nose. It resulted as a removal from actinic keratosis from a Derm. I had a scab for about 3 wks that dislodged while taking a shower and made it bleed. I pushed the scab back into place and the healing was irregular. I went back to the Derm after 8 wks and showed him my skin had healed lumpy with an indentation. He repeated the procedure and now it's been another 8 wks but my skin isn't back to normal.
Avatar f tn Sounds like herpes and looks like herpes, believe it or not it can travel to skin on the nose and eyes mouth the face really. Do the research and see if it fits either of your situations. Good luck. Also, if it is near your shaving area, it could be folliculitis. It is infection in the folical area and shaving can cause it too form and you need a specific medication for it.
Avatar n tn it is most concentrated on either side of my nose (not just ON the sides of my nose but on the cheeks near my nose as well) and in between my eyes and in that immediate area of my forehead. could you please tell me what might be causing this and what i can do if anything to remedy this situation. thank you.
Avatar f tn The doctor says it is not rosacea as it is on the nose (and apparently rosacea does not appear on the nose?) I would like to know what this is and what is the appropriate treatment. BTW, I am on tamoxifen for the last 4 months and I hope the medicines for this redness will not interfere with the tamoxifen. Would really appreciate all the inputs.
Avatar f tn Hello! My nose is ALWAYS red. Some days worse than others but it's always red. There are also very thin, subtle red veins on the bridge of my nose (I have a "hawk" nose), again, some days worse than others. I also have a lot of allergy problems. Went through a period of time when I had three sinus infections, one after another. I was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma as well although I don't take the montelukast I was prescribed.
Avatar m tn I have a reoccurring cyst on my nose and it's very annoying. It's usually a small bump that's flesh coloured but every so often, it'll turn into a large red annoying bump. I'm just making sure this is just a cyst. Is there anything I can do to make it not do that, or make it go away completely? Also, I have a tube of Fucidin cream. Would it be safe to use on my nose? Or would getting benzoyl peroxide help more? Thanks so much!
Avatar m tn flare ups this time of year red around cheeks and nose and red patches on forehead running into my scalp need help
Avatar m tn ve been experiencing red and often flaky skin on my forehead and around the sides of my nose. The skin in these areas is a little stiffer than the surrounding unaffected parts. I haven't tried any treatments yet; but try to remove the scaly parts in the shower every day with a lufa. I also have reoccurring dandruff that may be linked to the problem. Is there any way I can cure this ailment?
459853 tn?1283140514 Later that evening when I returned home, I went to use the restroom and when I looked up into the mirror I noticed that my face looked quite red. Upon closer inspection I saw this red, raised rash over my nose, cheek bones and forehead. It itched very little but was mildly painful. I immediately called my Rheumatologist as I am currently being treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis and taking Methotrexate.
Avatar m tn For the past 1.5 years I have had a couple of little red bumps on my nose that refuse to go away (one on the tip and one on the nostril). In the last few months more bumps have begun to form that will not go away. They are not as red but are rather unsightly in the right light. One doctor prescribed Benzaclin and another doctor referred me to a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn Hello! My nose is ALWAYS red. Some days worse than others but it's always red. There are also very thin, subtle red veins on the bridge of my nose (I have a "hawk" nose), again, some days worse than others. I also have a lot of allergy problems. Went through a period of time when I had three sinus infections, one after another. I was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma as well although I don't take the montelukast I was prescribed.
Avatar n tn For the last year I have had a red rash on the side of my nose (one side only) and cheek. I have been to two different dermatologists who both gave me something different to use. This time around I was given ketoconazole and if I use it for a couple of nights it seems to go away only to re-appear a few days later. Now it gets flaky and itches and if I scratch it it burns.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend says that it is a skin irritation, but I see the pigment change a little below the skin, not on top, and I do not have rose colored cheeks. My skin is a light beige. Can you tell me what this change is? Is there some sort of surgery to reduce blood vessels in the area? This discussion is related to <a href=''>skin pigmentation on the face</a>.
Avatar f tn I recently had a spot shaved from my nose (looked like a larger freckle) on 11-27-09. The spot was above 1/3 of an inch in diameter and was on the top layer of skin on my nose. Skin has grown and healed over the spot that was removed, however it is still red after about 2 months, and the skin is not getting any lighter as time is passing. I have been covering it up every time I am outside with a band-aid, and have been avoiding heat on my face.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have any other ideas on large pores and potential blackheads on nose? (im not sure it is these tbh but any advice grateful) I did try a sample of Paula's Choice for a few days, prob not long enough i know, but nothing happened? Maybe I should get a full bottle of this and bite the bullet? Is there such a solution out there that would reduce pores on nose, instead of me trying all the 'blackhead' removers?
Avatar n tn I get a red flaky rash on each side of my nose every winter. It's only in the creases, and it doesn't spread. It's flaky, red, and oily. It only slightly itches, not alot. There are no bumps or swelling, and it goes away around February/March. It doesn't seem to be any type of dermatitis or eczema. Anyone know who this is?
Avatar f tn Well, my skin gets hard bumps under the skin which arent pimples and they will form permenant red marks on my face. I also have three spots on my cheeks near my nose that have thickening skin and contu=inuously flake off and turn red and repeat continuously. Nothing seems to help..I went to a doctor and they said I have rosacea but I really don't think that is what it is, I ve been put on doryx and metrogel to helkp and it just seems to be getting worse.
Avatar n tn Herpes does not have to "live" at a site to have a recurrent outbreak there. An outbreak can occur anywhere on the skin that is fed by the nerve bundle where the virus lives. In the case of the nose, it's the same virus that causes oral cold sores, traveling up a different nerve to the nose.