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463595 tn?1334000822 Can anyone help - I have a raised, sore, itchy rash around the front of my neck. Dr said it is a skin infection and so on antibiotics, but each night my eyes swell, my lips are sore and my neck drives me mad with being so itchy.
Avatar n tn the rash basically cleared but i had dry skin on my sides that would go away with moisturizer, the 7 day prednisone ran out and i went out 2 nights this week in a row out of town drinking and my sore throat/green mucus is back and the water there seemed hard(sulffor smell),dog hair(i'm allergic to dogs), and the weather was warm in the day and windy,(70 degrees ish) and then down to 45 or colder both nights we went.
Avatar n tn Do you mean Psoriasis? What does your dog have on his/her skin? It depends on what you mean.....if it's a red rash it could be caused by a few different things, including flea rash, allergies, contact dermatitis, scabies, tick bite inflammation....etc. Do you have a picture?
Avatar f tn Allergy would manifest itself as a red bumpy bacterial infection (what lay people call a rash) or yeast on the skin. Usually itchy for the dog. If that's not happening then I would think possible thyroid issue which can be tested for in a simple blood test and easily treated with medication. Thyroid usually causes patchy hair loss with no other symptoms.
Avatar n tn I noticed today that my dog has a red splotchy rash only on his belly, where there is no fur. He was running around outside in our backyard today and eating some grass. This is his second time outside as he is pretty young, the weather has been cold. The rash looks like red lines and is not raised at all. I don't know if this would be allergies.. And I don't think that it could be poison ivy.
Avatar f tn By getting to bad, I mean her skin is so red and warm( more than normal), covered with a rash, and an offensive Oder. She started,from puppy stage, with Beneful puppy food. When she was about 1 1/2 yrs, I switch to Iams,(for 1 to 6 year old, about 2 weeks ago I changed her to Blue for small breed, purple bag. Her treets,are from pecto. She loves the chocolate chip, and one cookie like with, what looks like raspberries. She has only eaten dry dog food ever, and never table food. Can you help??
Avatar f tn I have the rash , bumps and purple/red patches on the inside at the top of both legs. I have been getting a little relief by spraying the area with an Eucalyptus Spray.
Avatar f tn He will not go to a doctor so I don't know what his liver enzymes are or anything about any health problems, but he has recently gotten a really red rash on his face that won't go away. It doesn't look like bumps, it just looks like a severe rash. I am wondering if his severe alcoholism is causing this rash and why has it only started now? Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn A little about me: I'm a 22 yr old healthy female. I have always had very good/clear skin - a couple pimples here and there, but never any acne. I recently lost my mom to cancer, so I have been extremely stressed with losing my mom & other family drama. I also moved into a new home with roommates.
Avatar n tn My 7 month old Red Doberman is having horrible skin problems. He has little bumps all over his body, thining hair. More bumps come out when he takes a bath (which unless nessecary I only give him one. We brought him to the vet and he gave him a steroid shot, antibiotics and told me to get omega 3 & 6 vitamins for him. Which I did. I was feeding him Bil Jacs for a few months. Still nothing cleared up the little bumps with clearish liquid & thinning of hair was still present.
Avatar f tn Now, I can also tell you these couple things about my own rash. One, I had gotten a lot of sun where the rash is, the rest of my skin on that arm, while it isn't all broken out in raised bumps, is threatening to do the same thing. I feels like boils or God only knows what. Its really unpleasant, and for those of you who know, that's putting it lightly.
Avatar n tn A while back I had a rash on my groin area. It was only located in the folds of my skin where where my upper thigh and groin meet. It was a solid red rash that ran the hole length of the fold. It itched and burned at times, was red and appeared to be raw looking(especially after I showered), had a slight odor, and a well defined border.
Avatar n tn For over a year I have had an itchy red rash on my scrotum and legs. My penis is itchy as well. My doctor first prescribed my problem as jock itch, but after several weeks the symptoms only got worse. He referred me to a dermatologist, who determined it was Excema. For a year now, I daily apply excema cream so I can live with the itch and sleep at night. But it's not going away, only getting worse. I'm starting to think I have scabies.
Avatar n tn I would send a picture but I don't see where you do that. It is slightly red but even the area around it is also dry skin..dishpan hands. It doesn't itch but when pressed on it feels like a splinter and is a little sore.
Avatar n tn Hello, My name is Danny and I'm 19. A few days ago a red hive-like bump formed on my right testicle. I assumed it was nothing, however over the past few days I have formed 5-6 new ones just on my testicles, one on the very upper, inner left thigh. This would normally strike me an allergic reaction to some sort of change, however their has been no change. My clothes are washed with the same detergents, I shower with the same soaps and shampoos.
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Avatar n tn 3 days ago I woke up with what I thought was flea bites on my chest. (we have 3 dogs) I was wrong. Flea bites don't spread to back, tummy, arms, legs, arse, neck, tops of feet. Let's see if I can accurately describe the bumps. red, raised, most (but, not all) have what looks like a white "head" on them. they're filled with some kind of fluid, that when they pop, stings and burns for less than a minute, then don't bother me after that.
Avatar n tn I have a 1 year old Redbone coon hound who has a red scaly rash on his inner thighs and stomach. This appeared almost 2 months ago. I took him to the vet the first time and he told me it was fleas and to give him a flea bath, etc. I did all of this and my dog does not have a flea on him. I took him again a second time he told me it was allergies and prescribed a cortisone pill. My dog has taken all the med prescribed and he still continues to lick, scratch at this rash site.
Avatar f tn Not sure if this is an HIV rash? However, I did move into a new place where there are a lot of dogs, I have been eating uncooked foods, giant mushrooms as well as have an extreme level of anxiety and stress. I also jumped in a freezing cold pool on Saturday 2/21 which was a very bad experience, im thinking this is cold Urticaria from the cold water. Doctor I am worried this could be an HIV rash, what does that rash look like and feel like exactly, should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I also had protected sex with a prostitute 2 months ago. Not sure if this is an HIV rash? However, I did move into a new place where there are a lot of dogs, I have been eating uncooked foods, giant mushrooms and very spicy Habanero peppers and spicy sauces, as well as, have an extreme level of anxiety and stress. I also jumped in a freezing cold swimming pool on Saturday 2/21 which was a very bad experience, I m thinking this is cold Urticaria from the cold water or allergies.
574715 tn?1217375774 really any shampoo he might be sensitive to the ingredients. There are so many skin issues w/ dogs, Allergy's etc. with bacterial pyoderma's, fungal infections..... that are red and itchy and bleed and so on... You could put some anti biotic ointment on like neosporin, Benedryl also comes in a cream form if it's itchy or the tablets themselves. My boy's have allergy's and get Benedryl, 1mg per lb of doggie. But without really knowing I would probably stick to the topical ointments.
Avatar f tn It has made her skin red and she is losing her hair, it seems like it is itchy but not extremely itchy. and she has fleas like super bad and i dont understand why. we use flea shampoo and drops. also we thought she might have the mange but we have another dog and she hasnt got anything, her skin is clear and her coat is pretty. and the rash isnt limited to any one area.
Avatar n tn My dog has had these bumps on his skin for quite some time. Every time I take him to the vet they say something different. From normal to staph to skin tags. Buffett (dog) has gotten really lethargic the lump on his lower back (upper hind quarter) has gotten so big that the hair is unable to lay flat, and now he has two others starting to grow. One on his leg and one under his neck at the breast bone area. I have talked with the vet numerous times but with no clear cut answere.
Avatar n tn Human most anything isn't best of dogs - there are exceptions. An oatmeal shampoo made for dogs may be a good path forward, I have used lots of thinks for rash on the feet/legs including diluted vinegar and Epsom salts - and Iodine... but from what you describe just some gental washing with a dog safe soap may do the job.
Avatar n tn I have rash that is getting increasingly worse on my thumb only. It started with about 8-10 bumps that looked like blisters that were below the middle joint of the thumb. They were very itchy and even stung when touched. I of course scratched them. I am low income and let it go for a week. By the second week I figured I should see a doctor since it was getting much worse. The blisters had merged together and turned into a large (a little smaller than a dime) red, welt.
Avatar n tn Some days they can be slightly better some days they can be AWEFUL. Swelling goes down as the day goes on sometimes the skin would be red, and begin to flak off, tiny lines started to form under my eyes from the repeated cycle of swelling. I was ageing over night!!
193609 tn?1292183893 He has been on the same dog food for years, and never had any skin problems. The spots resembled the spots of lyme disease, but since I wrote this, the individual spots have merged into a big rash. You can still see the dark outline of all the individual spots, but they are all touching and look like one huge spot now!!! I have no idea what is going on and can't get to the vet until tomorrow!