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Avatar n tn Second, I've been getting some mild/minimal pains where my biceps are, elbows and sometimes my back and chest hurts. And today I noticed on my left forearm that a few red spots came out. They are light blush red. I'm really worried that I may HIV. What do you think?
Avatar m tn I have to pull skin tight to see them undera 10x magnifying mirror. Why do thes red spots look bright red and in an hour they look purple? I just don't know what is going on!
Avatar f tn For about two years I have noticed small pinpoint red spots UNDER my skin. I didn't think much of it at the time. I now have alot more and they are everywhere. So I started checking my families skin and my son and husband also have them. I'm concerned it may be contagious. They do not itch or hurt are not raised and blanche when pressed.
Avatar m tn i may have been exposed to hpv about 1 year ago, and am concerned. these red spots are only visible when the skin is pulled tight, and are asymptomatic. can anybody help? i dont know how long they have been there, because I only noticed them after i started getting paranoid. any ideas?
1660902 tn?1302624156 For the past six months or so my skin has developed flat red circular spots that only appear after I get out of the hot shower or after I lay out in the sun. I believe the heat makes them appear. But after I lotion down they fade away. My skin has always been dry and itchy so I have always used lotion to soften it and relieve the itch. But these spots don't hurt or itch, they are just there.
Avatar m tn I have red spots on my skin coming up from my pelvic area to below my navel. I just got tested for chlamydia, syphilis and HIV, they all came back negative. There's no pain, soreness, or itch at all.
Avatar f tn Hy everybody, I'm writing having the hope that someone will somehow have an answer to my problem. It all started 2 months ago when I noticed a lot of red tiny spots on my skin. They started developing quickly on my back, on my arms and and on my abdomen. I freaked out and I started searching the Internet for an answer and found a lot of terrible deseases like leukemia, lupus and vasculitis and this only freaked me out more.
Avatar n tn Over the past few months, I have had several painless red skin spots pop up. Most are between the size of a dime and a quarter. One is located on my wrist, one on my hip, and the rest are on my thighs and calves. These spots do no hurt, itch, or have any texture what-so-ever. I do not believe that they would be attributed to an STD seeing that my sexual activity over the last year has been rather minimal. These spots seem to be worse some days than others, worse being darker than days previous.
Avatar n tn There are little red pin ***** spots on the skin below my vagina...they itch like crazy and i am very worried. Help? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240011'>What are these itchy spots on my skin?</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi there My name is munny & have a skin problem that red spots are comming on my skin i don't know why it is comming,could u please tell me what are the reasons behind that Thank you Munny
Avatar n tn Can you develope small red spots in the palms of your hand from being diabetic?
Avatar f tn About two weeks ago, I got some spots on my thighs, like two on one leg and one on the other leg. They are raised and red and sometimes the skin around the spots can be itchy. Then like a week later, I got a spot on my *** :$ which can get itchy as well and one on neck and one on my stomach and one on the side of my hand. They won't go away and the itching really irritates me. When will these spots go? What can I do/use to treat them.
Avatar n tn My 9 year old son is on vacation with my parents at the family cottage and swimming daily in a spring fed lake. They have reported to me that he has small red spots on his trunk and legs. My son states that the spots do not itch, but they seem to be increasing. Is this an allergy to something in the lake? Should I be treating him with anything?
Avatar n tn I am 22 yr old gay male, and I have had red spots appearing and disappearing on my torso, inner arms, and thighs for the last week and a half. They disappear when i am sleeping and when I take allergy meds they fade away a little bit. If I go to the beach or take a hot shower they tend to get very red and the numbers multiply. It seems to be affected by the heat. They do not itch nor bother me besides the discoloration of the skin.
Avatar f tn i'm 18 and for a couple of months I've been getting tiny red spots on my breasts. they look like broken blood vessels. whats are they and how can i prevent them and/or treat them?
Avatar n tn I have a sinus infection that I'm taking sulfamethoxazole for. I've taken 3 pills so far and notices a few red itchy spots on my arms, legs & torso. drug reaction? Should I stop taking the sulfar? Can I take Benadryl pills or should I use Benadryl lotion?
Avatar m tn Several months ago I noticed a small (smaller than a pencil eraser) round red spot on the underside of my penis head. After a week or so, a thin layer of skin peeled away from its surface. The spot seemed shinier and had a very slight (barely noticeable) indentation in the middle. Over the next two months, this process repeated itself excluding a short period when it disappeared.