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Avatar f tn One such example is a condition known as tinea versicolor, a superficial yeast infection that produces white spots on the skin that are difficult to remove. Some of the perceived causes are emotional stress, hereditary factors, worms, sunburns and physical illness. This skin condition can be aggravated due to diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia and Addison's disease. You should talk to your doctor and rule out the above causes.
768221 tn?1242995694 I dont just have spots that don,t tan I have large areas.
1545091 tn?1294430359 Ok, this is under birthmarks since I have had it since birth, but not really a birthmark.It is probably more of a capillary function. The condition I have is something that I have never known a name for even though I have been to a dermatologist and researched online. First, almost exclusively on the left side of my body, I have patches where the skin is slightly lighter than my usually tan skin.
Avatar m tn i was thinking in investing in a spray tan gun, and during summer months just cover my spots that u think if i tan the spots will darken, i have dark skin and am scared that it will look worse....
Avatar n tn i'm mexican and i have tan skin. in the course of about 10 months or so i've developed these spots on my skin, they were round and small and now they've grown larger to the size of a fist. they are discolored and they stand out a bit on my skin. i don't know what they are and in the course of the last two months they've appeared on my neck and also on my chest. anyone have any idea what this is?
Avatar m tn Im 15 and I got a few circle shaped white spots on my face, :(. Im a male btw! I don't know how to get rid of them either, first when they appeared there was a tiny red almost like a pimple in the middle of them, and the spot was very dry. I applied moisturizer to the spots and the dryness went away fairly quickly. I hadn't used sunscreen all to much while boating and going to soccer...but now i do! (After the spots came). How can i get them off?
Avatar n tn Hi White spots on the skin may have tinea versicolor, pityriasis alba and vitiligo as differentials. Pityriasis alba usually occurs in children. The condition presents as white patches on the cheeks .This does not require any intervention and may resolve spontaneously. This may not be your case. Tinea versicolor may be likely as this is a common condition .This is caused by a fungal infection. Tinea versicolor "changes the skin color.
Avatar n tn Hi, Scarlet fever causes a characteristic bright red rash that begins under the arms and on the neck, chest, armpit, inner thighs and groin area as small red spots that gradually become elevated and spread over the body. Within a few days, the redness fades and a finely textured rash, sometimes referred to as a sandpaper rash, develops. The rash is caused by toxins produced by the streptococcal bacteria.
Avatar f tn Thanx my husband gets tinea vesicolor on his chest but he gets white spots. My daughter has tan spots circles & started to blend in all in one color & some blotchy . She looks like she has a light tan on her right hand and lower arm.
Avatar n tn Hi, Sun spots, or solar lentigines, are hyperpigmented, single or multiple brown spots located on areas of the skin that have been exposed to the sun. Often referred to as liver spots or age spots, solar lentigines may appear after treatment with ultraviolet light (PUVA) or after using tanning booths. They may appear at any age, usually on the hands and face. People with light skin are particularly susceptible.
Avatar f tn About 3 summers ago I noticed the center of my stomach doesn't tan, and going outwards it starts to get splotchy and dotted looking. The darker I tan the more obvious the spots are. I don't tan that much so I just ignored it, but this summer I'm actually tanning and it's getting embarrassing. The very center of my stomach is slightly dry, but doesn't itch. It recently has even spread to my upper thighs. Please help. Thank you.
Avatar f tn She says that she's had a tan for years that won't go away, and you tell her to put some calamine lotion on it... that's the dumbest thing that I've read today in an endless stream of dumb comments. Why say anything at all if you can't help?
Avatar n tn I have received excellent results from the level 1 tanning bed, however with a dark tan has come these white spots on my stomach that are the size of rain drops. I am not kidding, they look like rain drops splatter, and there are just two of them. It is not attractive at all. To say the very least, I am terrified of tanning now.
Avatar n tn I have used sunbeds for about 15 years on and off and do like to sit in the sun but the spots are now affecting my tan. I am not using a sunbed ever again although this may be too late. Should I go to the doctors or see a dermo? I dont know what to do, with the selson do you just leave it on for a few hours or overnight? The spots are small in size and are just white they do not itch at all even if i am in the sun I just dont want anymore to come.
Avatar n tn there are about 10 off white blotches on my chest. They do not hurt or burn or itch. When i get tan they seem to peel. Most of them are the size of a m&m but i have 2 that are quater size. Should i be worried how can i treat this?
Avatar n tn Both normal for my day to day, week to week activity. I tan every now and then. I have olive/tan skin and on sunday i had prickly heat around my inner and outer elbows and around my thighs, knees and behind my knees. i figured i was in the sun too long??? not sure. But its happened before... well overnight from Monday to Tuesday and a strain of dots appeared on my arm. They appeared over night. Ther are smooth and seem to be under the skin .
Avatar n tn I have been to the doctors and he told me I have a skin fungus and to us Selson Shampoo, I have used the shampoo for a month every day, now I use it once a week for about 5-10 mins drying on my skin. The white spots don't seem to be going at all, now I have a bit of a tan they seem to be worse than ever. Do they ever go or even fade a little, I don't want to waste the doctors time again or do I need to get something else a little stronger. Please help.
Avatar f tn I noticed when the tanning bed light is one before I start to tan, in the mirror I can see dark spots underneath my skin. Seems like vein spots. They are not in clusters. They are on my legs,under my arm area on my sides. I do have some not many vericose veins, spider veins on my ankles and starting on the back of my legs. I have a job where I sit and never stand. Should I go to a vein doctor?
Avatar n tn i got more tan than usual this summer and began to notice little white spots on my chest, shoulders, and arms. a doctor told me it was tinea versicolor and gave me a cream (which i didnt use).by the time it was november, the spots on my chest faded as i lost my tan but were still on my arms and shoulders.i went to my dermatologist a month ago and said the spots on my arms and shoulders were scars from picking zits or bug bites.
Avatar f tn My husband tells me it’s nothing to worry about, but I can’t sleep at night. The spots have a very soft surface, softer that my skin. They all seem to be round and are the same tan color. I’ve always had the same sexual partner and try to have a pretty healthy diet. If someone has any information I would be very greatful!
Avatar n tn I get this tan colored spots on my neck and chest area.They show up in many sizes from my neck down to under my breasts. I get them every summer and have tried many creams to make them go away. I've been to my family doctor, yet nothing has worked to get them to go away and stay away. Does anyone have a clue to what they could be.
Avatar f tn I also had cyrogloblinemia (caused by HCV) with bleeding under the skin which left iron stains when the blood would return to the body. They were brown spots. I was told I would always have them, that they were like a tattoo.
Avatar n tn I feel your pain honey! I have the same problem. I'm 41. It takes years for some of my spots to go away and some have never gone away. My face is especially messed up from adult acne spots. Dermablend make-up does an OK job of covering some stuff but not all of it. I'm learning to love the new me......marks and all! Most people don't notice as much as you think they do. I actually tan to help them be less noticeable.