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Avatar n tn Last 3 or 4 years I have occassionally got these round, red, circles of dry skin. about 4 or 5 times. They are a little raised, and the outer circle is red. They do dissappear after a few days of putting moisturizer on them. Have always been on either my shin, or calf area. Currently have on on top of back leg, below buttock. Could this be a fungus, or just dry skin?
Avatar f tn Have any of you guys experienced random dry spots all over your face? I tried scrubbing my face in the shower, it takes the dead skin away but leaves dark spots. How can I get rid of it? I feel so icky.. lol.
Avatar f tn ve been getting these very very light slightly dry spots on the upper parts of my arm, some times they itch but rarely and only more in cold weather. They only appear around the hair follicle and are very small and white I thought it might have been because of my arm hair but could it be dry spots?
Avatar f tn I just started getting dry patches of skin on my face and neck anyone else having this issue?
Avatar f tn Hi, yes it is normal, im 19wks on my 3rd and we having a boy I already have 2 girls and had lovely skin on them since I been pregnant on my 3rd I broke out in horrible spots and dry skin (which I never suffer with bad skin usually) it gets me down at times as everything I tryed dont work but I know he be worth it when hes here :)
Avatar n tn Hi, Are there other symptoms present such as itching? This could be due to dry skin, an infection or other skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. In particular, eczema is a type of inflammatory skin condition and may present as rough and dry spot on the skin on one part of the body to raw and bleeding patches of skin in various spots on the body. On adults, eczema usually occurs on the neck and face, as well as inside the crook of the elbow, ankle and knee.
Avatar n tn hi i am 14 yrs old girl and i have whites spots on my back.. i hvaen't been outside in the sun really at all because i played alot of sports in side.. I want to know what they are.. i know it's not from the sun.. i just noticed like 5 days ago and there is many spots .... i have no clue what it is can u help me....
Avatar f tn Hi there for the for the past two years ive had dry skin spots on my arms my arms are exposed to sun most of the time ii use moisturiser and sun screen but theu dont go they are jus lil circle spots and their white compared to my tan on arm , and ive recently been getting spots all over my stomack my stomack is never exposed to sun and i got a big dry skin patch under my left breast i was wearing a bra on a really hot day and i didnt kno it had came up and the next day the skin had rubbed off an
Avatar n tn I have white spots on my forearms and chest. The skin just feels dry but not itchy or any other symptoms. What could it be? Family doctor said it was due to age. Feel there is more it it.
Avatar n tn Anyone else have very dry skin i cant stand how dry my hands are.
6914279 tn?1389057600 I have dark dry spots between my breast and between my stomach fold. They peel but never go away. When i grab my skin together it gets darker. Almost looks like a stretch mark but its not. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I'm having a boy and the same thing happens to me. My cheeks and t zone are dry but my nose is oily. I use the gel lotion from clinique because it's really lightweight or just put lotion on the dry spots. Have you tried a less harsh cleanser?
Avatar f tn Any ladies have really bad dry skin? My face has been very dry and also my chest... What do you use to help it?
Avatar n tn Dry skin, if you feel the skin, its very very very very dry. I have actually gotten dry red spots in the butterfly area. The spots are around 1 cm in diameter, and i have got 6-7 om them. They are REALLY red, and feels so dry. They also peel a good bit. If I try to rub either the dry red spots, or just random around in my face(all this only in the butterfly area), lots, i mean really many, dead skin cells starts peeling.
Avatar m tn I have had white skin spots on my arms, back, and they have started going down my legs for about 6 months and sometimes they turn really pink and some times they tingle like your arm fell asleep when you touch the ones on my back, i have been told many different things by different doctors i just want to know what it is. I have been told they were sunspots, a fungus and dry skin but everything they told me to do i tried but it always comes back and worse than the time before.
Avatar m tn I got a bit drunk one day about a month ago, and had unprotected sex with an older woman I knew, now four weeks later I noticed a red spot some what looking like a ring worm with small white dots around it, non irritation at all, so I bought anti fungal cream and started to apply, but now it's as if I just have the spots now and one looks like dry spot of skin! What is your thoughts on this!
Avatar n tn My 3 yr old daugther has dry flacky spots on her rear and thighs and a few around her pelvic area. Sometimes she gets them on the back of her neck and back. When it goes away it leaves dark spots where it was dry. It is very ichy to her. I've taking her to the doc. They have examed the spots, done blood work, giving me creams. Creams never really work, blood work comes out fine.She has had this for about 1yr 1/2. I have never gotten a satisfying answer to what it really is.
Avatar n tn When I first noticed it again there was dry skin on the outside and a red spot on the inside. Then the itch like hell.
Avatar n tn Blisters are most common on the hands and feet, as these extremities are susceptible while walking, running, or performing repetitive motions. Blisters form more easily on moist skin than on dry or soaked skin, and are more common in warm conditions. Sometimes, the skin can blister when it comes into contact with a cosmetic, detergent, solvent or other chemical; this is known as contact dermatitis. Blisters can also develop as a result of an allergic reaction to an insect bite or sting.
Avatar f tn After masturbation one night, there was three little circular spots with peeled back skin on them. They healed within the next day, caused no pain, and no kind of blister or dead skin was there before.
Avatar f tn I am 23, and have never had perfect skin but the past 2years I began to get huge, deep sore spots around my cheeks, in the past 6months this has improved, but now I have small spots, with dry skin over the top (which can be picked off without bleeding). They are only on the lower park of my cheeks, what i could only describe as the 'beard' area, from below my temples to my lips.
Avatar f tn Is anyone else, my inner thighs are so dry and chapped they hurt and i feel like bumps on my outter thigh and i got 2 dry patch under each arm, and now they are dark spots under my arm pit, my elbows have dry skin patches im so irratated. I dont want to scratch but this is annoying and i def dont want to scratch my legs or butt for fear of more stretch marks :( what to do?
Avatar n tn Do the spots look like dry skin or just like her skin has lost pigmentation? If the spots are not itchy, scaley, raised or anything like that your daughter could have vitiligo - which is a loss of or absence of pigmentation in the skin in different areas of the body. I have had vitiligo since I was about 4 or 5, starting on my legs and eventually spread to other parts of my body (I am 26 now). I would recommend seeing a doc to get it checked out.
Avatar f tn im 26 and ive had acne since i was 18 its always been mild - moderate acne up un till this year when i started getting very dry skin ! so now i need to use moisturiser at least twice a day for my skin to feel comfortable but my acne is going crazy ! ive bought like 14 + moisturisers this year and ever single one is making my face break out , right now my cheeks are all broken out and i have scarring ! so can anyone please recommend a good moisturiser that would work ?