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Avatar n tn I appear to have small spots on my arms, hands, fingers, armpits and now thighs and lower tummy. The spots are extremely itchy causing the skin to break when scratching. I thought that it may have been psoriasis however my close family who I live with have now started to have the same itching in the same places. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar n tn Blisters are most common on the hands and feet, as these extremities are susceptible while walking, running, or performing repetitive motions. Blisters form more easily on moist skin than on dry or soaked skin, and are more common in warm conditions. Sometimes, the skin can blister when it comes into contact with a cosmetic, detergent, solvent or other chemical; this is known as contact dermatitis. Blisters can also develop as a result of an allergic reaction to an insect bite or sting.
Avatar f tn Lately, I have been getting quarter-sized itchy spots in random places on my body. The calf, the ankle, my side, and the latest ones on my back. They are very big and itchy and after 3 or 4 days, they turn into a brownish color and in the middle appears a tiny scab. I was thinking they were some kind of insect bites but so far I have counted 14 spots. All the spots have appeared at different times and I really don't like going to the doctor but I want to know what this could be.
Avatar n tn This is common in hot, humid conditions and in activities which encourage sweating. It presents as small itchy rash which may develop skin folds and on the body, especially in areas of friction from clothing. Try to avoid too much sweating and heat. Avoid scratching to prevent secondary infection. Cool water compresses and calamine lotion may also provide relief. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn It really soothes the skin and has been quite helpful for my itchy dog. From your post, I assume you have ruled out fleas as a cause? That was the first thing my vet said when I took my lil guy in when he was biting off all of his fur by his tail. My vet also gave me an ointment called Dermalone. Seems to help but the oatmeal bath works better. The humidifier might help. Give it a shot. Good luck!
662972 tn?1270169901 now I put fish oil (o mega 3 ) on her dog food and don't bathe her often. Like the itchy bumps are raised off her skin little and most of itch is going down her spine seems be where bumps are... I give her a benadryl ill daily seems helped little...Guess first week she will go to vet and see what he thinks...
Avatar f tn I too had itchy spots, it will start with one shoulder and then the other shoulder it then spread to the whole of my back and under any area my bra straps and undies rubs against. Now with that clue I would lubricate with vaseline any area my waistband and bra area . I find that the best treatment is to put a cold towel and leave it for awhile 30min until the itchy period disappears. When showering warm and gradually colder will also relieve the itch.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering with itchy spots for a long time. Probably a year off and on. It went away when I was on steroids for another problem but came back soon after finishing those. The welts or spots mainly come on my lower back and hips. They torment me at times itching and other times I don't notice them at all. They itch terribly when they are puffy and have a clear liquid in them. The itching stops if I scratch the spot and the liquid comes out.
Avatar f tn Hi, for the last 4 to 5 months I have had itchy spots on the sides of my breasts, stomach, top inside section of my thighs and one behind my knee! and they wont go away keep flaring up (its driving me mad). Initially I thought they were flee bites from my cat but now I dont know. Can you please help me and give me any advice.
Avatar n tn I recently had really itchy skin on my arms and now those spots are much whiter than my actual skin. What happened?
Avatar f tn after a shower or being in the sea or sweating, i get raised red spots on my back and chest. The are itchy but then disappear after an hour. But it's consistent. Does anyone know what this is. It doesn't annoy me and i'm used to it now but was just curious to see what it is.
Avatar f tn It might also just be dry skin, try using some lotion on the itchy spots. I get random patches during fall specially when I'm pregnant and just itch like crazy.
Avatar n tn About two weeks ago I noticed after a tanning my normal session of 20 minutes I had white oval type spots on my chest, stomach, back, and inner thighs. Immediately after tanning my skin was very blotchy and itchy. I haven't gone back to tan since, which was about two weeks ago. I get an occassional itch here and there but the spots are still there.
Avatar n tn ok my girlfrien had a itchy rash with lots of white spots on her arms and larger almost like scabs on her legs evan though nothing was found she was told she has scabies shes ben treated and still nothing has improved know have a rash similar with the small white bumps no larger scabs or anything else just realy itchy after being checked and treated just incase for scabies they tell me i have ecsama nothing in my past with it either what do you think?
Avatar n tn However it only itches when I start to sweat or do any kind of work out like lifting weights or running. When I start to itch my skin get red blotchy spots all over and little red bumps like the size of goose bumps only not as many and red in color. I have tried taking cooler shorter showers and putting vasoline on my skin but the condition continues, and I have no health insurance so I cant really go to the doctor. Any Information will help me greatly thanks.
Avatar f tn I was wondering the same thing its not super itchy and I don't have a rash or anything but I get itchy for no reason and in random spots its not normal for me so it bothers me and I also worry of the liver condition but I mentioned it to my ob and she didn't seem concerned at all so idk I'm 27w5d don't really know what to do or think
Avatar m tn every now and then a specific area of my skin will just itch badly, and after I itch it, it'll go away for some time, and eventually itch again. There are no visible bumps or anything on that area. There seem to be some small, dull white circles of skin at some spots (about 3) from where the itching used to be, but has gone away. I've had 2 seperate instances of this itch: first on the left side of my waist, and now again on my right side, as well as a little closer towards my butt.
Avatar n tn When I looked at the area today, I noticed its discoloured and there's brown blotches on my skin. I was wondering what was happening with my skin and what I can do? Are these discoloured patches permenant now? And how can I make the itching stop? Hope to hear from you soon, thank you very much...
Avatar m tn I don't know whether it is caused by the sweat or some other skin conditions as I do sweat heavily during sports till my brief are soak in sweat. I do not have any skin sensativity problems or disease. Is there any cure for the spots or pigmentation ( I think )?
Avatar f tn i have just recently started getting spots growing all over my body and there very itchy