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Avatar n tn Hi Doc im curious about some rashes that came up on my skin. They take the form of a pinkish oval shape rash which comes up on my stomach between my thighs on my inner arms and the worst part of it is that it itches alot. I spoke with a doc once and she said it was a skin disorder callled pityriasis rosea. At the moment those areas are covered with those spots but no they are black spots because they are now dried up.
Avatar n tn Hi Your rash could be caused directly or indirectly by stress, allergic reactions (hives) heat or sun exposure, bacterial, viral or fungal infections, underlying medical illness or medications. Skin rashes are diagnosed clinically based on the history and appearance of the rash. You should consult a dermatologist so that he finds the exact cause and gives you medications to treat the underlying cause.
Avatar n tn It happen generally on the sides of my stomach and on my upper back. occasionally on my arm, but not usually. hope you can help.
Avatar n tn I had rashes the first two months, then it cleared up, and now it's back again. Wonder if it has anything to do with allergy season? i get red dots on chest and back.
4950316 tn?1394188185 Only 5 days in on triple tx, with Incivo (incideous I call it), and I'm getting rashes inside my arms etc. As my nurse says it's too early for the Incivo rash, is this a Ribo rash? If so, do they last the length of the treatment, or come and go? And when may I expect the Incivo rash to come a knocking (IF it is!)? Also, you talk about Tylenol, which here is Australia it is Paracetamol, is this without codeine?
2090601 tn?1334518662 When I went in the sun, earlier this year, I got a sun-burn thru my light colored cotton tank-top, on my stomach and back. Talk about "photo-sensitivity". It started out looking like smooth hives, and then turned into a splothcy rash, then a sun-burn, and then a tan. It still itches a bit though, like how a burn would feel, when it was healing.
Avatar f tn I have an 2year little boy. I was noticing on his back and stomach there are little fine bumps. I tied some lotions on his body just as johnson n johnson but that made it worst. I am currently trying Aveeo lotion with oatmeal it seems to work. But as soon as I miss a day without putting it on the bumps come back. My next is taking him to an skin dr. If you have an suggestions feel free to contact me.
Avatar m tn She give me a blowjob and there was not an incident of condom breakage. But after 4 weeks I have develope rashes and small reddish dots on stomach and they are quite itchy. I am quite worried about it. Is this some kind of symptom? I don't have flue or fatigue. Only itch rashes which have turned into red color are source of worry. I will appreciate if you could help me.
Avatar n tn then after she wakes up from sleep the same process is repeated. The rashes are usually on her back, buttocks and thighs. My daugher is not aware of these rashes and there is no itching at all ! Please help !!
Avatar f tn I don't know what cause it, but I have rashes in my neck, stomach, arms it started 3 weeks ago. I tried using hydrocortison ointment no help. The rashes comes and goes.Is there something I can use OT that will get rid of the rashes? Can this cause by prenatal vitamins? Or Birth Control pills which I've been taking for so many yrs. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240758'>Very itchy, red rash spreading from abdomen to arms, legs, neck and face...</a>.
Avatar n tn Over the years, I have had a somewhat constant, somewhat itchy rash in my pubic area, and over my upper legs and pretty bad on my stomach. It looks basically like zits, but has never been worse than that first time. Sometimes b4 it appears, I feel tingles or numbness. I also have had testiculitis, have taken antibiotics, and it has largely gone away, but sometimes still get pain in my groin. (1) Any ideas on what this rash can be?
Avatar n tn I am 21 yrs old. I am experiencing some rashes occurring on my breast, stomach, under my armpits, and on parts of my face. I don't have any history of allergies,but I am not sure if it is an allergic reaction or not. This is my second day of 'breaking out' so to speak. I have been cautious of what I have been eating, but I am not sure what could be the cause of this. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out what this is.
Avatar m tn So for the last 5 months, I have been experiencing these red rashes that appear on my skin and then vanish in a few minutes to half an hour or so. The rashes are usually confined to my upper body and that too specifically torso (back, stomach and chest). The rashes are slightly raised, red in color and appear in the form of thin streaks, usually slightly itchy. There was this one time when almost my entire back was covered in it and then they disappeared in like 45 minutes.
Avatar n tn It's hard to even see he has a rash, unless you look very close or touch his skin. The touch of the skin is very pimply (consistant coverage on the back & stomach) - that's the best way I can describe it. Almost like when you have goosebumps, that same texture, but very little color. The only other symptom are a cough/light runny nose (but he has had those prior to the rash appearing). The color of the mucus is clear to opaq; NO fever, raised skin, blistering, etc.
Avatar f tn I have severe dry skin on my upper arms back head stomach neck and face the skin flakes off like I'm shedding like a lizzard also I have red races over my body as well. Whenever I get wet my skin becomes extremely dry like its being pulled back on myseelf. It started as a red rash on my neck and has progressed to this. I've been to the doctors and dermatologist none of them know anything they put me a anti fungal cream which seem not to be working any ideas of what I may have?
Avatar n tn I have the rashes and itching also. I use nivea cream and a lotion I got from the doctor that works really good. Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1% lotion. It is similar to what someone else on this forum suggested. The little red spots are still there but not as itchy. Also, lotion down your body after a shower while it is still damp. This helped me alot.
Avatar f tn For about five years now I have suffered from abdominal pain, bloating, spasms, fatigue and skin rashes. The gastrointestinologist diagnosed me with IBS. I have tried high fiber diets, herbs, acupuncture all of which offered some relief but never got rid of the symptoms. I don't have the energy I used to and lifting and stretching seem to make the pain and bloating worse.
Avatar f tn It has been there for about a month.I have also started to see small red rashes on my chest , breast and stomach with scabs on top of them.I am worried because everyday a few more appears.Help.Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on my stomach, it started on my arms just below on wrist. now has logalized on my stomach it gets better for a afternoon and then is back it itches really bad. i have put all kinds of cream with no help. i have gone to a dr who gave me steoids which helped only as long as i was on it. then it came back. this has been going on for three months please help.
Avatar n tn I use to only get it on my stomach and neck. Now I have rashes all down both legs and on both arms and on my breast and stomach. The itch is driving me insane.. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Hello, I have red rashes on the right side of my stomach. It starts out as a small oval, and then spreads. It is very itchy, but not all the time (only a few intense minutes/a few times a day). What's strange to me is that the area that is itchy will turn brown within a day, and then it fades away and is gone, not even a scar is left. However, the area around it becomes infected and turns red and itchy again. (It doesn't seem to infect any other area.
Avatar f tn 2 days later a simular rash spread up my arms and on the palms of my hands..
Avatar n tn I've gotten circular rashes that have appeared on my inner thighs, stomach and and I have one now thats on my bicep? The ones on my thighs and stomach went away after a long time(probably 2-3 months) But now I have a couple more, they start out small like a pimple and then they grow to be like 1-2 cm's wide? The one on my inner thigh is now like an inch wide, And i've had it for at least a month now?
Avatar f tn feet, calves, thighs, stomach, arms, shoulders, neck. I have come to notice when anything scrapes my skin at all it becomes a welt that lasts for about 3 minutes. But the welts and small rashes pop up also when nothing has touched me. However, none of the little rashes or welts itch. I also get large rashes that I can feel before they happen.
Avatar f tn Can you elaborate on the rashes on your stomach? What other symptoms are present? The rashes could be due to a variety of issues such as irritation,allergic reaction, infection as well as skin conditions such as dermatitis. Rashes associated with pain may be caused by viral infection like shingles and may warrant further evaluation by your doctor for direct clinical examination. The back pain may be musculoskeletal, neurological or associated with the rash. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Now, the red rash have turn into dry skin on her face. It sound like it is eczema, but i'm not sure.