Should i take prozac with food

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311051 tn?1193419806 Yes I have and it's hard I'm on Prozac 20 ml and only this Start with Prozac only and let it take affect then talk with dr.
Avatar n tn I have stopped taking 40 mg of Prozac cold turkey and I had no side effects, and I have done that several times over the years. When I stopped taking Effexor, the side effects felt terrible. Even tapering it down I still felt the side effects although to a lesser degree.
1094370 tn?1317138425 I went off the prozac three weeks ago and am still struggling with this acid reflux. I HATE it so much as I'm sure the rest of you do. It's making me miserable. Has anyone had a similiar experience with Prozac and if so, how long did it take for the reflux to clear up once off the meds? Currently I'm swinging back and forth between one OTC Prevacid in the morning and one at night one hour before dinner but it doesn't seem to be helping. Already tried Prilosec and that didn't help either.
Avatar n tn Is this from the prozac or could it be ARS symptoms from hiv? My doctor told me to take it with food, and I have forgotten to take it with food on both accounts.
Avatar n tn I have had many tests and diagnosis to determine severe Acid reflux, (which I had anyway) to vertigo. Eight months ago I started going to mental health. I was told I could have Prozac poopout. They tried me on several other SSRI's and it seems, since my menopause (I can't think of another reason) I can't tolerate any of them. I get severe side effects. I decided to go off prozac 4 months ago. Getting off was not as horific as I thought it would be, thank God!
Avatar f tn I don't want to offend you and please take what I am going to say as fault on your doctor - not you at all. I think he is looking at you more like a nut-job and just giving you a this line of cr@p to pasify you. THIS DRUG WILL MAKE YOU GAIN NOT LOSE - in most patients. What a piece of work. Fire that one!
Avatar n tn I have the teachers help with trying certain things in class. I also give him flax seed in as much food as possible for the OMEGA'S and I also spray him down morning and night with Magnesium oil. I have also been giving him Bach Rescue Remedy for kids, which was suggested by his Psyc. before trying the Prozac. We'll see if that combo helps. In my opinion, he just lacks confidence to know that he really does know the answer.
1330182 tn?1279819500 5mg/day) Should I be taking the Celexa in the morning with my pancake or should I take the klonopin to calm myself down then take the Celexa with some food later? I guess what I am trying to figure out is if the Celexa is making my anxiety worse by taking it during my morning anxiety attack.. If anyone has some experience with this, I would love to hear from you.. I did try to bump up the Celexa to 5mg yesterday and had an upset tummy..
Avatar n tn I have read up on this and it helps with alcohol withdrawls. But when I take it I feel so numb and like I'm in outerspace. I don't like taking it. It is so hard to get over that wonderful high and energy that comes from those damb pain killers!!! Please help me!!! I'm at the end of my rope! I can't tell you how much it has help to talk to others... I don't think I'd still be here without you! Love Ya, Snoozer!
Avatar n tn He had a hard time dealing with my absense and didn't take it well at all when I told him that I needed to disappear for a while and do somethings for just me. It was very very difficult for me to do that.
Avatar f tn but for your information prozac use in people can cause an upper GI bleed/hemorrhage. If I were you I'd take this very seriously.....kitty really needs to see a Vet asap. as far as the Lysine treatment goes, that is perfectly fine to use long term...but does depend on the dosage and the brand you are using...must be free of all soy, salt, sugar,preservatives among other icky ingredients to be safe for cats. the brand I use is from Carlson Labs. http://www.iherb.
Avatar f tn Incidently, my sister suffers from Hashimoto's Disease and 2 of my cousins also have thyroid related problems - my late mother had fibromyalgia (I don't know if this is relevent?) I think the question I am trying to ask is should I pursue this with my GP, I feel very awkward and embarrased about questioning his decision!
Avatar f tn Incidently, my sister suffers from Hashimoto's Disease and 2 of my cousins also have thyroid related problems - my late mother had fibromyalgia (I don't know if this is relevent?) I think the question I am trying to ask is should I pursue this with my GP, I feel very awkward and embarrased about questioning his diagnosis!
Avatar n tn s at once and be done with it...I remember when it use to be that way,I think it has to do with the rules govering insurance...I bet it is also frustrating to the Drs. The insurance companies seem to be in control in this area.....Best of luck to you.....
737831 tn?1232099519 Follow through with the link Advocate sent you and be aggressive with getting help, I found it was the only way to get the help.
Avatar n tn Some of the stranger symptoms that started about 3 weeks ago is some type of bladder disfunction, which is why they switched me off the prozac to zoloft. Sitting upright I couldn't go at all. With bending completely over I am able to start getting it going after some time, and then it kind of goes in little spurts. My ultrasound also showed some urine retention. I am also having some incontinence on and off.
Avatar f tn On one hand I'm nervous and even a bit scared but really I just wanna get this over with!!! I am going to do as many meetings as I can once I get through detox. I might even join AA because in my area there are far more AA meetings and I really could do 90 in 90. NA around here doesn't have that many meetings so at best I could only do 3 maybe 4 a week. I want to do 90 in 90 or very close to it because I know in my heart I'll NEED to.
Avatar f tn Hello there, I'm really grateful that I found a place where someone can understand what I feel. I have been diagnosed with OCD when I was 19 year old, now I'm 29. I am currently on fluoxetine 40 mg. the problem is I work in a hospital, and if just feel Bad all the day until I get back home. For example, yesterday I got finger cut by a paper that was placed on a surface that I noticed a dried blood spot on it.
498132 tn?1217465082 She diagnosed me with depression and OCD, prescribed me prozac and sent me for psychotherapy. But I didn't give the meds chance to work cos I didn't believe they were working and couldn't stop being late for my appointments cos of OCD, so they discharged me. Now, I don't feel depressed anymore and have managed to gain control on my rituals through family help. But am still struggling with fatigue and brain fog, which have got worse.
1580318 tn?1492443745 Just because your doctor prescribes it does not necessarily mean it is safe for you to take. Many popular prescription drugs, it turns out, come with the potential for serious side effects, including everything from short-term nausea and headaches to chronic inflammatory myopathy and heart disease — or worse. But this important information is often shrouded from public view, which intentionally perpetuates the myth that the benefits of FDA-approved drugs far outweigh any risks.
Avatar f tn The first time it happened at work and I was sent to the ER. I work in a hospital. I was sent home with a triponin of 0 and asked to call 911 if it happened again. It did. That night I took my kids out to eat since I didnt feel up to cooking and I had a breakfast meal. I felt the aura of something happening on the ride home. I made it home them called 911. My neighbor took my kids and I took a trip to the hospital. They gave me a 1 mg of Ativan.
Avatar m tn I didn't want to end up like certain coworkers I work with that seemed to be zombied out with glassy eyes all the time on thier happy pills, but I guess they take Prozac or something, but these things don't seem to have any affect on me at all other than making the weird breathing thing I do go away. I don't want to get addicted to these things, so last night I didn't take one to see if it would all go away.
Avatar f tn I know I do, before I went back on the Lithium I was shoving food in my mouth more then I should. I was originally diagnosed BP when I was 16, and totally denied it. I went 10yrs after that w/out any meds and was hypomanic until I was about 30.The next 10yrs I've spent in anxiety and levels of depression, but I never felt good. I've been on all the major meds except paxil and prozac and none have worked on their own, it was termed as "drug poop out".
Avatar n tn This time around (I have been off the pills since just before Thanksgiving) the doc put me on neurontin, it is non-addicting and helps with the anxiety, insomnia and even helps somewhat with the cravings. I take it 3 times a day and I have found it to be helpful. The worst time for me is the morning I wake up terrified and then once I get up and get moving I start to feel better. I do still have cravings not as bad as they used to be and they are mainly in the morning when I first get up.
Avatar n tn I feel great not being a slave to the drugs that ruined my life. I only hope that with the help of God I stay clean. I take things a day, a moment, a minute at a time. My prayers to ALL of you with this horrible addiction. Hitting rock bottom was what jolted me back to reality - I hope this is not your way. Thanks to all for listening. God Bless!
Avatar m tn To Scott, as difficult as it would be (and I know you are coming off something harder than I am, so it's not like I am saying it should be as doable as it was for me), please try to get stuff for this, and once you take this stuff, I am telling you, it all gets better to go through it. If you can get this stuff when you know it's safe. What you do is make the drink (any protien shake with amino acids, just muscle shake really tastes good and works great) and get the different pills ready.
Avatar n tn I am also taking mood stabilzer devarporic acid tablet as when I take just the prozac I talk a lot and feel very high and up and then I feel depressed afterwards. This mood stabilizer really made a big difference in the fluctuating mood swings. I am happy about it. Continued on next ...
Avatar n tn I would lean more towards that as being the problem. If you don't have a problem with the expense, I would take him just to make sure. I always rule everything out but I also have insurance. Milo's anxiety getting worse since Daisy passed away is not unusual for dogs. They have emotions just like we do. You say he had a bit of a social problem, (probably because of whatever he had been thorugh the first two years of his life before you got him) and he finally had a friend. He misses her.