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Avatar n tn This seems to calm the sensation of ocular excitation and/or overload, and dizziness. I have had numerous tests and seen many doctors, but still have no answer as to why my symptoms persist. When the dizziness fist began in May of 1998, I also had a sensation of fullness in my right ear. Initially, I saw my PCP and he ordered an EEG, MRI and various blood tests including B12, anticardiolipin antibodies and ANA. All tests were normal.
Avatar f tn I just use saline drops and blow my nose. I take sudafed sinus headache and it helps a bit. Mostly I just live with it now,and since I understand how to deal with it better, it's not as scary. I think only a Chiari specialist will ever understand what we are going through completely. I too have a snoring problem, but so does most of america, says my doctor. Having allergies causes enough inflammation to swell sinus pathways and cause snoring....yadda yadda. I'm tired of doctor talk!
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me Paxil, which I had responded to years earlier when I stopped drinking (at the same time I also stopped drinking coffee and using an over the counter medication (Sudafed) which, I have to admit I had become addicted to over a number of years). Anyways, after running blood tests, my doctor found out that I was iron deficient (although not yet anemic). She advised me that this was contributing to my apathetic mood, anxiety and lethargy. I continued the Paxil nonetheless.
Avatar m tn But I have been on different antidepressants, from Dothiapim, Prozac and others. I also have Diazepam which is used in extreme emergencies when I have been really badly stressed. I don't always take those though, as going for a walk in the fresh air or doing other forms of relaxation or anything to distract your mind from the trigger problem, can help. It is very important that you have a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg and drink plenty of water (not beer or alcohol!).
503727 tn?1210442710 I've been on Prozac off and on. And have had all the tests run many times. Anxiety is SO hard to deal with. Dizziness and lightheaded are annoying!
Avatar n tn the most doctors recommned for pregnant women is Tylenol, sudafed, and Robitussin. There are so many critical things happenig during your trimesters,small little things that you wont know until maybe your baby is in preschool. If at all possible talk to you doctor try to taper down. Your littel one needs you now and she or he will need you clean and sober when they arrive.
Avatar n tn thanks I talked to my Doctor and she said just rest and take tylonal. this stinks! I wish i could go home and sleep for a hundred years!
Avatar n tn Just in reference to your comment re depression/anxiety and the symptoms involved in this disussion. I was diagnosed as clinically depressed and have been on Prozac for a number of years, however, it's only in the recent year that I've started the aching muscles, chronic fatigues, sinusitis, headaches and feeling completed exhausted.
Avatar n tn in my early 20's. I started noticing these problems after taking anti- depressants like prozac and lithium (Trial packs only) I also suffered a concusion 7 years ago. Also, sometimes I can hear my heart beat in my ears? (Don't know if that has anything to do with it) Anyways, Its seems worst at night while I am driving but do have spells in the day as well. I have also had 1 or 2 spells besides driving i.e having dinner or at home etc.. . I want to get my sugar checked and then go to a ENT.
Avatar n tn I am a 32 old South African male and since i was the age of 17 i have suffered from Anxiety attacks. I have been on Prozac. Aropax. anfranil and plenty more but none seemed to help much. I started to see a pyscho in regards to the problem and then for 6 years it seemed to be in control. I was happy and got married and things just seemed to get better. My wife annouced that we were expecting our first child and i took the news with joy as i have always wanted a child.
Avatar m tn The bad thing with depression and insomnia, is the meds to help you sleep can make depression worse and increase the risk of suicide.
Avatar f tn I have already seen a doc for that and still see him when I need to. I have a splint and take Motrin and apply moist heat and have a few muscle relaxers if I need them. He knows about my addiction. He won't give me anything controlled! Vicki...I have heard that about Prozac. I wonder if I wait it out, will it go away? Or will I have to change meds? The reason I ask is that some meds have side effects that go away after you get used to the medicine. It's not a migraine.
Avatar n tn there is still no dramatic change in her for the better today she is experiencing great difficulties in thought processes and nervous crying bouts... my husband and i have been trying to research any help online on what we should do for her and have decided to seek help from a neurologist. Can you tell me what a neurologist could help with? Do they specialize in medications for brain functions? Or what sort of testing they may do? The thought of seeking help from a psychiatrist is scary.
369623 tn?1204728451 it give me no relief what so ever, I currently take Prozac for an anxiety disorder, so taking sudafed type medication is hard to deal with on the anxiety level. Any sugestions?
Avatar n tn My house is so clean there is not one ounze of dog or cat hair and my car is clean also. I starting taking nasacort, sudafed and he gave me an inhaler. Nothing works. I have shortness of breath, I can't hardly breath. I am so depressed and tired I can hardly go to work . I am experiencing the same things as you.
1268176 tn?1270665751 But it is amazing for anxiety and depreesion. I read a study that said it is equally effective as Prozac! Whipes/ wet toilet paper thingies... I like Cottonelle tp w/ aloe that really helps a lot w/ whipes (I know I know it's grose to talk about) I read that some people switch to clinical strength deodorant for sweating. Multi Vitamins (take them as/if you can, if you can't now start when your tummy is better.
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.
535089 tn?1400677119 Dristan Nasal Spray, Neosynephren, Vicks Nasal Spray, Sudafed, etc. and others containing ephedrine or pnenypropanolamine. Over the counter appetite suppressants which contain propanolamine. Most common nasal decongestants can cause a positive reading for Amphetamines. As the cross reactive list suggests at the back of this booklet, amphetamine false positives are the most common. Recent articles in the Journal of Clinical Chemistry ,Vol. 38 No.12 1992 and Vol. 39 No.
Avatar m tn Sudafed Prozac 20mg Entex 30mg B-12 1000mcg Vit C 500mg Ambien 10mg Naproxen 500mg The day before my blood work I had bench pressed 335lbs for 54 reps.
544292 tn?1268886268 Come on in and enjoy the conversation and make yourself comfy. This is the place to be to get off and stay off Tramadol!
Avatar m tn heart racing, hyperventilating, dizzy... tingling arms legs and torso, pulled over and fell out of my car and was rushed to the ER only to be told there was nothing wrong with me... and released 8 hours later... .for the past 4 days I have been on meclezine because the doctor diagnosed me with vertigo, but from what I understand vertigo is just a symptom, not a condition???? if anyone shares my symptoms, or experiences... then please come forward and let me know I'm not alone in this...
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors and all New Friends, Please make yourself at home. Part 28 ... wow. Hang on tight!
544292 tn?1268886268 Morning Buddies, Tramadol Warriors new & old! Welcome and we are delighted to see you! Please make yourself at home.
237509 tn?1189759428 Hi, my husband has been diagnosed with anxiey and depression for 20 yrs. He takes prozac and valium. He sees his Dr. and stays home. For years he would't leave the house. Then he started listening to relaxation tapes from the Midcoast Center. A program he heard of on T.V. Anyway, the relaxation tapes helped him so much that he started going out of the house as long as someone was with him. To make a long story short, there is hope and help for you. See the Dr. about the right kind of meds.
175861 tn?1428186013 I could feel them tensing and shaking--like you would if you were shivering in the cold. Violent shakes. Went to the ER and they did blood tests and urine test and whatever they did came back ok. My thyroid was checked about a year ago and was fine. I've been having hot flashes/sweats a few days before my period--dunno if that's related. I just upped my Prozac to 40 from 20 like 3 days ago. I've been on 40 b4, most of my life in fact, and this never happened.
Avatar n tn Belladonna w/ phenobartitol is what I usually take for nausea or phenergan. If you don't have any scripts then pepto bismol and try to lie down and keep your head as still as possible (standard recommendation for nausea due to opiates) xoxo- D.
Avatar f tn I went the CT route about 6 months ago and at that time it was for lortab, soma, prozac and xanax and it was of course a nightmare. I had no idea what I was doing or that you shouldn't try to detox off of xanax by yourself. I had no idea about this forum back then so of course I knew nothing about vitamins, aminos or even immodium for that matter. It was so awful.
Avatar n tn I was wondering where the best place for me would be to find a complete list of medicines I should stay away from with Long QT syndrome. I have a list but it is over 5 years old, and I am in need of a new one! Thank You!
Avatar n tn HCTZ, Metoprolol, Prozac, sudafed, estrogen, and I chew nicotine gum. No drugs or metabolites were found in my urine. Please help me.
Avatar m tn Last week I had another reaction to something, maybe a combination of things, ( I couldn't breath and took a half dose of sudafed and they think that reacted with some of my perscription meds.) Anyway they gave me a breathing treatment at an Urgent Care. I had 4 people if my room since my oxygen levels dropped etc. The final bill was only about $100! I know that is a lot but it is still a lot cheaper then ER and I needed help!..., most places will let you pay it off!