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Avatar n tn what is the effect on depression when combining alcohol with prozac and adderall
517130 tn?1223039824 Your doctor was remiss in not telling you to avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant. Drinking booze with Prozac will only INCREASE the feelings of depression in your CNS. Why would you want to do that? If your quality of life is so horrible while you are waiting for the Prozac to take effect, better you should ask your doctor for a MILD and VERY SHORT TERM use of an anti-anxiety med. If you DO go that route, then alcohol is absolutely OUT! Mixing those three is just asking for trouble.
Avatar m tn Well you need to talk to your doctor and ask them about it. You shouldnt turn to drugs and alcohol...its unhealthy. Did you try therapy??? If no then try it.
Avatar f tn The danger is the alcohol increases the effect of the drugs, interfering with your cognition, balance, wakefulness, etc. So alcohol is contraindicated when you take these drugs. That doesn't mean you can never take a drink, but it should be rare and moderate. Keep in mind that alcohol often makes us feel a bit disoriented or off balance, which is also a symptom of anxiety, so it can increase the anxiety disorder in many people.
Avatar n tn t believe any doctor would OK the use of alcohol (especially in excess) to someone on medication with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. I think you have plenty to be concerned about. I think your daughter needs to be pulled up on her behavior and I think a collaborative approach would be more effective in her treatment. The doctor is much better able to advise about the situation.
Avatar f tn Also there are dual recovery groups for a person with a psychiatric disability and alcohol/substance abuse issue but if you are doing well in AA that's fine. But your psychiatrist could see what's going on and what medications you need after you've been away from alcohol for enough time. Ask them about it.
Avatar m tn The problems with drinking on Prozac are multiple. One, it is believed that alcohol interferes with the effectiveness of the medication, two, there can be unpleasant reactions mixing the two and three, alcohol consumption on its own will exacerbate anxiety significantly. My opinion would be to play it safe and drink something non alcoholic. Good luck!
Avatar n tn A neurologist recently prescribed Pamerol for my depression, with the bonus that it may also help to relieve chronic headache pain (from an auto accident) and help me sleep. I am wondering about interactions between Pamerol and alcohol, and Pamerol and marijuana, if there are any. Also, is Pamerol an effective drug in the treatment of bulimia nervosa? I have read that Prozac can help with bulimia, but wasn't sure if other antidepressants are as effective. Thank you.
2044839 tn?1331255841 s back to normal. Prozac also works with Lunesta, I know for sure, because she has to take that at night for insomnia. I also know when mixed with amitriptyline, Prozac can cause hallucinations. My friend saw "shadow people" when she was on both at the same time. Prozac and Xanax usually interact fine. In some people, you can feel drowsy in the first week or so, which means you should be careful when you're driving.
Avatar n tn Up until 3 months ago I was on prozac (20mg/day) and doxepin (50 mg/day) for over 6 years; beginning in the summer I gradually got off the doxepin and reduced the prozac to 10mg/day, but no change of symptoms has been noted. I do have high cholesterol, irritable bowel and occasional gastritis. Doctors have checked my blood pressure and done a blood test for liver problems- all normal. Zantac has helped slightly. Other than this the doctors have recommended abstaining from alcohol.
Avatar n tn i see that you say its the prozac, do you have any medical background or knowledge to help with your opinion?? or are you a wishful thinker such as myself.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am sorry to share the not only did I gain weight by developing a sugar craving on prozac, but also developed a craving for alcohol. when I realized what was happening, the prozac was discontinued and my body cravings disappeared. Of course, diet and exercise were needed to lose the weight and the doc had to find another medication.
Avatar f tn Both Xanax and Prozac carry warnings about mixing with alcohol. I found no warning for Adderall. Far be it for me to argue with a psychiatrist, a cardilogist and a pharmacist if they said it was OK for you to consume 2 beers per night. But you still won't get the go-ahead from me. Perhaps I'm a stickler for the rules, but I'm also a stickler for safety. You probably felt "tipsy" last night because some meds can enhance the effects of alcohol, and vice versa.
Avatar m tn Over the past ten years I have used effexor, prozac, paxil, cymbalta, serax (originally for getting off alcohol) and now am on lexapro I have been reading up on Parnate reviews. The people sound like they are describing me when they say how many meds they have tried with lackluster results. I have tried effexor, prozac, paxil, cymbalta, serax (originally for getting off alcohol) and now am on lexapro...I still and always have suffered from SAD.
266195 tn?1215310411 t drink alcohol and Prozac is the only drug I will ever have taken long-term. (I have taken it for about a year previously) Anyone know of any risks of long term usage, or have any experience?
Avatar n tn I am experiencing low blood sugar problems with Prozac withdrawal. Has anyone experienced low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) with Prozac withdrawal? If so did it eventually go away and how did you handle it?
Avatar m tn Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate that very much. Yes, I did go to several CBT and they were not helpful other than confirming what I already knew. I am a former therapist myself, if you can believe that. I exercise, play golf, write and walk Jack, my dog. My wife is also extremely supportive. Sometimes I'm filled with wonder as to how much I was able to accomplish with alcohol and I thought I was pretty happy. Maybe not. I just need a break from the daily grind of symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have switched from prozac to wellbutrin xl due to sexual side affects. Prozac worked great for everything else for the past 11 years. I have been on Wellbutrin for 3 days and have severe insomnia, constipation and dizziness. Will these side effects last long? Will they go away eventually?
Avatar n tn I was originally diagnosed with BPD and dysthymia when I was sixteen, put on Zoloft, and hated it. I've avoided meds like the plague ever since. Since going into therapy again several years ago, I've been working on just the REBT stuff to handle what my current therapist diagnoses as GAD and PTSD. I also have bouts of depression.
Avatar n tn Is it possibile to have an allergy to alcohol? If so, can anything be done outside of abstinence? Could it be an interaction with the antidepressants? Or something more serious? I haven't been able to find any answers on the net or in the library. Thanks.