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Avatar f tn From time to time, over the first few months I would have a glass of wine, but each time, I would experience a mood swing (irritability, negativity, depression, and all the other fun stuff I was dealing with before I got on Prozac). A couple of weeks ago, my therapist and I decided I might be ready to try a glass of wine or two again (it had been 3 months and I had made a lot of progress).
Avatar n tn I asked my doctor if it was safe to take alcohol (in this small amount) while taking Prozac? He says its fine. Still, I'm a bit worried. Am I being over cautious?
Avatar n tn Could you please tell me where I could get more information on the reaction of prozac mixed w/alcohol? Also, does prozac make your alcohol content higher due to the way it interferes with the process of alcohol?
2044839 tn?1331259441 I would say she's back to normal. Prozac also works with Lunesta, I know for sure, because she has to take that at night for insomnia. I also know when mixed with amitriptyline, Prozac can cause hallucinations. My friend saw "shadow people" when she was on both at the same time. Prozac and Xanax usually interact fine. In some people, you can feel drowsy in the first week or so, which means you should be careful when you're driving.
Avatar f tn I smoke marijuana throughout each day and am thinking of replacing it with Prozac. Is Prozac addictive? Does anyone have feedback or a similar situation?
Avatar f tn As for me I had symptoms of IBS for about three months at least mornings are the worst and it may help to avaoid caffeine, sweet things and alcohol as withdrawal is to do with adrennaline. Take care tell me how your getting on !!
Avatar n tn I've known people on prozac, that quit cold turkey and had no withdrawal symtoms. I didn't have such luck with paxil,effexor. Does prozac not have the withdrawal symtoms, is it not as likely to cause these problems?
Avatar n tn I can't believe any doctor would OK the use of alcohol (especially in excess) to someone on medication with a history of drug and alcohol abuse. I think you have plenty to be concerned about. I think your daughter needs to be pulled up on her behavior and I think a collaborative approach would be more effective in her treatment. The doctor is much better able to advise about the situation.
517130 tn?1223043424 Alcohol is a depressant. Drinking booze with Prozac will only INCREASE the feelings of depression in your CNS. Why would you want to do that? If your quality of life is so horrible while you are waiting for the Prozac to take effect, better you should ask your doctor for a MILD and VERY SHORT TERM use of an anti-anxiety med. If you DO go that route, then alcohol is absolutely OUT! Mixing those three is just asking for trouble.
404138 tn?1308945256 I did really well one day I went to the mall with my bf...and I was okay, my anxiety was ok and therefore I didnt go running for a drink. I feel horrible. Like a horrible person, but I feel so much better when I do it but then afterwards I have SOOO much guilt. I dont know how else to feel ok.please help I dont want to keep going down this path.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with a anxiety disorder... Anyways he upped my prozac to 40 mg and recommended I take 1mg of klonopin per night... I only have been taking the prozac and didn't want to be dependent on anything else And wanted to be able to drink if I wanted to... Last night I decided to take a klonopin only the second time I've taken it in two months... ...
Avatar n tn Because of the potential of topiramate to cause CNS depression, as well as other cognitive and/or neuropsychiatric adverse events, topiramate should be used with extreme caution if used in combination with alcohol and other CNSdepressants like prozac Also report drugs that can make you drowsy such as: sedatives, sleep medicines, psychiatric medications, narcotic pain relievers (e.g., codeine), certain antihistamines (e.g.
Avatar n tn what is the effect on depression when combining alcohol with prozac and adderall
Avatar f tn The danger is the alcohol increases the effect of the drugs, interfering with your cognition, balance, wakefulness, etc. So alcohol is contraindicated when you take these drugs. That doesn't mean you can never take a drink, but it should be rare and moderate. Keep in mind that alcohol often makes us feel a bit disoriented or off balance, which is also a symptom of anxiety, so it can increase the anxiety disorder in many people.
Avatar n tn I now usually drink close to a bottle of red wine in the evening (with supper and after) and I feel deprived if I can't have it. It takes a lot more alcohol to feel "drunk" and I usually don't drink to that point anyway, just to get to the warm, fuzzy & relaxed stage. I don't have any cravings during any other time of the day, just in the evening. I had quit smoking for about 3 years and started again, about 1/2 a pack a day.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing low blood sugar problems with Prozac withdrawal. Has anyone experienced low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) with Prozac withdrawal? If so did it eventually go away and how did you handle it?
Avatar n tn It's been a long time since I was in school and studied this, but I believe it has to do with how the liver metabolizes alcohol which is very different in alcoholics. And probably explains why I had this incredible tolerance from the very first time I ever drank.
Avatar n tn There was thought it could be Lyme disease but test never came back positive. One Dr has prescibed prozac to see if that might help as she could not treat me with hormones (they made thing worse)and now the irregular heart beats happen during at day instead of during the night? Has anyone ever heard of this kind of disorder? Has Prozac helped? I am tired!
Avatar n tn After taking Prozac for 11 days at 10 mgs a day my bladder shut down and I could not urinate. Had to go to a clinic to take care of the problem. The Doctor took me off prozac and said don't take it again. It has been 4 days since I have been off prozac and the bladder has return to normal. Has anyone experienced a problem like this? Are all SSRI's going to have this effect?
Avatar n tn I found if I took a benzo such as Xanax as needed only with Prozac, it was great. Prozac alone does not cut it for anxiety. I hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn Well, I would like to share my prozac experience with you. Ive been on prozac for close to seven years. Mainly, it did help with depression, up until about 2 months ago. In all my life, I have never been through such a deep depression, nor have I ever had suicidal thoughts. I started flying off the handle, which I had a very hard time controlling. On days I would skip my prozac, I was fine. On days I took it, within 2 hours, I became VERY agitated.
2193833 tn?1339414902 However, I agree with what you said that if anything, reducing your anxiety with the Prozac will reduce your overall pressure. Nothing to worry about with your BP hon!
Avatar n tn have been reading a thread about prozac poopout. I took Prozac for 9 years STARTING AT 50, I am now 60. 18 months ago I started having weird things happening. Inner tremors, some lighheaded dizziness *not severe but unsettling, extreme feeling of being shaking cold *something a menopausal woman only dreams about* I am past that * anxiety, muscle weakness, fear,. It isn't panic disorder, I don't have the pounding heart, sweatinge etc. 90% of the time it occurs at night.