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248167 tn?1220363690 Heeeeeelp!!!! Just took my first dose of 10mg of Prozac. Someone please tell me I'll be ok! Scared out of my mind. Doing a lot of body scanning, waiting for side effects.
Avatar f tn I am on Pristiq 100mg for my I am now on Pristiq 100mg for my Depressive Disorder but is getting too expensive to stay on each month, can you suggest another one that will work for my Depressive Disorder. My medication price has gone up this past June and then this past week it has gone up again, I need a cheaper med for depression. Can anyone suggest one for depression- I have been on 8 other ones but did not work for me.
822153 tn?1333062995 m dealing with that problem right now with Prozac and the generic form. You are spot on with the price differential. Prozac is way more expensive that the generic form.
Cat Well, that would depend on your insurance which has copays that differ depending on your coverage. I checked pharmacy pricing of just a bottle of 28 and the price really varied from 30 dollars to 138. So, if you are paying for the script out of pocket, pharmacy shop.
1035021 tn?1296820707 Some psychiatrists do treat Paxil withdrawal by putting someone on Prozac, because Prozac is much easier to quit taking. But quitting Paxil abruptly is not wise. Usually the shrink will only start the Prozac after tapering slowly off the Paxil most of the way. Since generic Paxil is really cheap, it's hard to see how finances could be the problem here. As for 5-HTP, you should not take this and Prozac and Paxil and any ssri.
266539 tn?1281402152 Here a home sitter gets around $30/day for 1 child. However if there are 2 or more in the same family, you're lucky to get 1/2 of that for the 2nd or 3rd child. The pricier places here are more than just a daycare, they intervene with state licensed teachers and a lot of enfases on academics.
645390 tn?1338555377 Do you think that maybe she misunderstood you? I'm on Copaxone and it cost about the same price. My copay is $15.00/month, my insurance covers the rest. I would call your insurance company and ask them how much it will be. If your insurance doesn't deal with shared solutions try calling Pression RX.
1687493 tn?1305600366 Unfortunately there seems to be very little you can do to remedy the situation. It's the price to be paid for taking the meds. you need to cope well with life! So far I've not found anything that is effective in countering the unwanted side effects. Should you discover a 'cure' be sure to let me know.
Avatar n tn I have been off the Prozac for a month and a half, I am not pregnant yet. Me being off the Prozac has cause a lot of problems between me and my husband, because of my moods. To get to my question I need to know if it is okay to take Prozac during the whole nine months of being pregnant? Will it cause any development problems with the baby? Thanks again for your time! Liisa Follow Ups: Re: Prozac & Pregnancy, Please HELP!
Avatar n tn I have been on Prozac20 mg for almost 9yrs, Wellbutrin 300 mg bid for about 5 yrs , and Aderrall 30mg SR for 2 yrs. For the last 4yrs i have experienced significant memory loss, word finding difficult, decreased concentration, night sweats and still feel depressed. The Aderall no longer works. I think the Prozac is causing the memory problems and brain fog. My providers says it's not the Prozac. I'm thinking of weaning myself off the prozac first and then the Adderall.
466048 tn?1207707074 I am on prozac as of last Wednesday. I feel the same if not worse than I did a week ago. Could my medication be the cause or is it too soon for it to be working properly? I have hypothyroid, could have that something to do with it?
449440 tn?1206887304 ok i just started taking prozac for my agoraphobia my depression and my anxity was wondering since i have been on it i have had diarriah and been overly tired how long should this last o and when i try to relax i feel all creapy crawly inside is this normal
308205 tn?1213962077 Hi There,, No I havent heard of the study with prozac, However i've been on Prozac for years I would like to hear about this, Interesting for sure!!!
Avatar n tn Have been taking Prozac 20 mg for about 17 years feel that I should discontinue, and is it still effective? How to withdraw?
Avatar n tn Do you think these things could be from the Prozac or too high of a dose of Prozac? Her grandfather has Bipolar disorder so thats in the back of my mind. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn How long for prozac to start working? I was on 10m. for about 12 days now and doctor just upped it to 20m. I am such a wreck!!! Mostly anxiety attacks just won't quit.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me that It increases moodswings and she put me on a mood stabalizer as well. But you probobly wont need one I am bipolar and my moods are already bad but Prozac will cause mood swings.
Avatar f tn I am on my 4th day of prozac 10mg.....feel spacy a little dizzy and lightheaded, no appetite is this normal? my doc doesn't even think i am depressed and didn't want to prescribe...I have multiple physical symptoms with no diagnosis and wanted to try an antidepressant. I can't say that some of these symptoms were not happening before I started the drug... I just haven't felt right in such a long time...