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15911542 tn?1443914538 Try 1/8 tsp -once a day split it for some in morning and some at nite. See if this helps with the Poo.
691920 tn?1252103061 Others around you may begin to see changes with you which you may not be able to see which are the returning of the person they know under the illness . Hang in there and be kind to yourself during this time and have good honest contact with those your involved with in terms of your on-going care.
Avatar f tn When I came off effexor back in 2009 i had no withdrawal effects at all that i noticed as i was just glad to be feeling better and not so down and depressed and anxious. Yeah the sysmptoms are horrid in the morning and tend to get a little better as the day goes on. Lorraine what did you switch to after effexor?? Monique how long was you on 20mg of prozac for before your doc upped your dose mine wants to wait at least 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn When should i be feeling the feel good effects of prozac i'm coming up to 4 weeks tomorrow and at first felt ok but have gone a little down hill i was just wondering weather its my body trying to adjust to the med. I'm currently taking 20mg in the morning does anybody think this needs to be upped if i have felt good and now gone a little down.I also take omega 3 fish oil and vitamin b complex. having few side effects off the prozac shakes feeling sick and diarrhea.
Avatar n tn I'm on day 6 of Prozac and here comes the dizziness. Out of the blue, woke up this morning and was lightheaded, and off and on through the day. Is this normal? I just switched from Lexapro because it gave me the dizzies. Was on Prozac over 10 years ago and don't remember this as a side effect. I hate to keep switching meds because I want to get thru the bad of one to get to the good. Does that make sense? Should I stick it out? I have a call into my Dr.
Avatar f tn im on prozac twenty mg in the am i was taking 10 in a ma nd 10 in pm i feel not much relief,,but now wthat im taking the whole 20 in the morning imgetting direhha,,dtr started me out on 40 that seemed to give me to many side effects then 30 which was sosso but now he lowered to 20 and im still depressed full of fear tingly legs itchy scaalp im also on xanxa and adderall
Avatar n tn Also, Prozac tends to make you more anxious in the beginning, and if this was a high dose in the beginning it certainly could have effected your judgement because of the anxiety effect.
Avatar n tn Do you know if the worst effects of quitting Celexa occur in the initial stages or at the latter when I am off it? I am tapering as per my doc's guidelines and go to zero in 5 days. I guess I am doing well, but my spouse wants me back on it because he says I am overly positively emotional and too happy. I am not manic in my opinion; just super positive but enjoying little things too much in his opinion.
311051 tn?1193419806 My psych this morning told me it's not the meds, he says that I am just anxiuos and making myself think it's the meds. He also said I could come off of anti- depressants all together if I want to. Has anyone ever had anxiety and depression and gone off meds, and been ok? Please help me! I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn I found it made me more anxious/jumpy after the first week of taking them but that only lasts for about a week. Hang on in there, give the prozac a chance to work, if after 6 weeks you feel no better or feel worse then go back to your doctor. You may want to consider giving yourself a break from work, less pressure on you and time to try and relax. Exercise is always good as well.
308205 tn?1213965677 Yes, I did find the study about Prozac and MS!!!! It was done in the Netherlands. 38 people completed the study. They took 20 mg of Prozac each day. Two thirds of the group on Prozac had NO new areas of inflammation while on the drug. 25 percent of the group on the placebo had new lesions. Detailed brain scans were done every four weeks. Now researchers want to further investigate the effect of higher doses of Prozac. Thanks Jules for bringing this to the forum!!!
Avatar f tn I started to go off the prozac in april. I did it by missing a day every week, then missing 2 tablets weekly, 3 and so on.... Instead of lowering daily doses. This is how my doctor told me to do. This way I slowly stopped withing 3 months, last tablet I took on 24th june. It wasnt easy 3 months. I was slowly feeling worse and worse, some days were awfull. I also started to feel some anxiety for which the doctor prescribed me Alprazolam, which helped but I am only taking 0.
Avatar f tn I'd discuss this with your psychiatrist, but I think your idea of taking it in the morning is worth a try. Prozac can be a stimulating antidepressant.
Avatar f tn I'm only 15, but it's been a battle. Yesterday my doctor subscribed 20 mg of Prozac in the morning and 50 mg of the trazadone for sleeping.. i've had alot of side effects from the sleeping being really anxious,scared,and it put me in a heavyheavy sleep, but i would wake up fewer times during the night(4-5) usually it's more like (8-10) but the dreams i would have were so strange...and i have about 3 of them.
Avatar f tn I have experimented with my medicines before to see what time was the perfect time but in the end, once the medicine gets in your system really good, the time that you take it really doesn't matter. You felt better for a little bit there and that was the medicine doing what it is supposed to do. Once we start to feel better though we need to learn how to use what of that energy we need and then focus some of it on the future.
Avatar f tn You can discuss with your doctor about taking the Prozac at night and Ritalin in the morning. That could solve the sleepiness issue.
429432 tn?1343597790 There are directions as far a skipped and missed doses in the insert...if you dont have it, ask your pharmacst in the morning...
Avatar f tn i have recently been taking prozac 20mg per day and 40mg of propranolol for my anxiety since the prozac has started kicking in ive started to notice servere lack in concentration and feel on edge all the time,kind of a high feeling,but then sometimes i can feel really tired all of a sudden..are these normal side effects? will they go away when my body starts getting used to the med?i also feel very on edge like i need to let the steam out.
Avatar f tn Because it might not even have been severe enough for medication -- it's hard to tell if what's going on is what was bothering her in the first place or side effects from the Prozac from your post. And as Anxiousnomore says, when you have an immediate dosage question, call your pharmacist --there are 24 hour pharmacies you can call.
Avatar n tn I was always an anxious person but it has been really bad the last week especially in the morning. Is this a withdrawal side effect. Similar experience?
1327415 tn?1294061489 the psychiatrist thinks that it can't get worse than it already is so i might as well stick with it and see if it helps at all. the problem is i'm under 18 so they only really give teenagers prozac not the others. i can't keep taking it if i feel like this, now i feel low and sick in the head and my body.
1926656 tn?1334973801 if he thinks thats gonna help the situation then he needs to be put in place! I am feeling tons of anxiety lately and i dont care if it is the pregnancy or the hormones, that just means they should be that much more supportive! Plus in your case you are under a large amount of stress and a little support or just to shut up and take you yelling here and there is very much needed!
Avatar f tn I'm ok right now. I feel the anxiety but it's not that bad. I took a Prozac and will take a little lorazepam in a bit to help. I slept well. Had some weird dreams but so happy they weren't nightmares. I have to remember to plan my day today so I can look forward to things in the day. Last night was so nice. We sat next to the statue of Buddha and looked at the stars. This trip has been hard but through all the hardship I'm still trying my best to enjoy.
Avatar m tn If you just started taking the Prozac it could go away. You can also try dividing the dose into two -- half in the morning, half in the evening -- to reduce sedation if the drug is working and you want to stay on it.
581310 tn?1253033150 All SSRI antidepressants can cause problems with sleeping in the first few weeks, Prozac is one of the SSRIs that has more of a stimulating effects (compared to Paxil - which has more of a sedating effect). You should try taking the Prozac first thing in the morning. The sleep problems should go away in another week or so; however, you will likely run into the same problem when you start upping your dose. Relaxation techniques before going to bed may help.
Avatar f tn I asked my doctor if I could do this before I did and she said it was fine. She said it can cause insomnia in some people so that's why its recommended to take in the morning. But if it doesn't keep you up at night it should be fine. All the best!
Avatar f tn Prozac had the opposite effect for me so I had to take it in the morning. It all depends on what works best for you.
Avatar f tn does anyone take prozac (fluoxetine) at night time and if so is better to then than taking it in the morning as its making me sleepy during the has made me feel better in myself than when i was on effexor coz that made me think horrible and one time do sumthing i regret now.
Avatar f tn For the past 4 days I've been taking buspar 15 mg In the morning and 15mg in the evening. After a VERY rough weekend I went in for an emergency appointment with my psychiatrist and she put me on 10mg of Prozac once a day. She said I could just stop taking the buspar. Here is my concern - I had a very good day today (before I took the Prozac) and now I'm scared to stop the Buspar. She said it was totally fine, but I'm worried. This could just be the withdrawal talking, but...
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