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Avatar f tn Hiya Sheryl, my doc tried me on this several months ago and i found 50mg extremely strong, the first tablet made me as high as a kite. I told my doc and he said to half the tablet and to take it in the morning with breakfast. To be honest it sounds as if your having an allergic reation to this drug.... trouble breathing and intense icthing are two of the classic signs of allergy.
1709162 tn?1314088432 It takes a couple weeks to adjust to it. Nothing like starting from square one. If your worried , get a cardio stress test and echo cardiogram to ease your mind. Be well.
Avatar n tn Is it possible I will get used to this dose eventually and go back to not noticing it? Should I consider decreasing to 200 if the side effects remain bothersome? I know my doctor wants me to endure the side effects if I get benefit out of this dose, but to be frank I'm not sure it's worth it if this tingling doesn't subside, and I'm having my doubts now that it's been six weeks. Maybe it's all mind over matter?
Avatar f tn What I can have to help me sleep at night whilst starting up on sertraline that's causing me high anxiety and not being able to sleep (insomnia) I started a week ago on 50mg now upped to 100mg 2 days ago iv had zopiclone on and off since June when all this anxiety started and now my doctor won't prescribe me any more but was just wondering if a benzo will help with the sleep issue until the sertraline kick in and work for me, iv been on sertraline in August for 3 week it worked for 5 days the
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 50mg of Sertraline (Manufacturer: Greenstone) to treat some depressive symptoms. I have been on zoloft at varying dosages since 2004, and since then have been on and off the drug twice. Once last summer, and once this past summer. On occasion I forget to take my tablet and until last week, no effect was felt if I immediately started back on it. Last week I forget to take it for one day and then restart.
1378381 tn?1444869615 and it wasn't effecting me any more except for causing my digits(fingers n toes) to lose entire circulation in which i then had to sit with my partner trying to get it back. It was also helping my high blood pressure and migraines. The pressure has deffinately faded some what since I posted. Its still as annoying though. And yes the doctor told me to come off the propanolol and go to the sertraline as i really cant have the loss of circulation.
Avatar f tn I've taken a couple of meds that made me want to move my mouth or lick my lips all the time. My Dr told me to get off them and once I did those weird side effects went away.
Avatar f tn hi, I've been suffering from periods of depression and anxiety for the last 5 years. To cut a long story short it came to a head last month and decided to start a course of Sertraline (50mg). As most people taking anti depressants would say it takes 1-2 months to get the benefits and also putting up with possible side effects. I personally had the side effects of extreme tiredness/ lethargy, lack of motivation and slight Nausea.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had to come home early from work due to an episode. My question is, even at this sudden high dose of Sertraline, are these side effects common? Mostly I'm concerned about the spike in anxiety & OCD. Any input appreciated.
Avatar m tn I just had to post here as I am seriously angered by your comments. This guy has come here to get some real life experiences from people who have been in his situation. Your argument is completely one sided and sounds as if there is no personal experience behind it. See below information from the official NHS website.
5050843 tn?1362873926 I have been taking Zoloft for 8 years at around 50-75 mg (highest dose). I have gone down a couple times to 25 mg to see how I do and each time was unsuccessful finding myself depressed and anxious and feeling as though I needed the help of Zoloft. This last year I had noticed that I was experiencing a lot of negative side effects of Zoloft and not a lot of positives. It wasn't even helping my depression anymore.
Avatar f tn if need be dont be afraid to ask yout doctor for a small dose of zanax to help the anxiety till you notice the sertraline, for me sertraline seems to be the go to for my anxiety but you do get tremours that you do have to work through throughout the first week for some people. its all about keeping yourself in a posative state of mind.. you will get through it and there are people out there just like you and me!
Avatar f tn I mean, I definitely get panic attacks and more frequently the past few months but only because of school. I almost went on to abuse Adderal to get better grades, since pretty much everyone's doing it. (But I didn't) Right now, though, I'm on a very limiting diet. It works. I lost all of the 8.8 pounds in 8 days. That is 1.1 pound a day... That's amazing! I just can not afford to gain any of it back, because I know it will going to just mess me up again.
5620279 tn?1371404278 At the very beginning of the Thomas Recipe there is a warning....that says if you are on an antidepressant, you should confer with your dr. before taking l-tyrosine, 5HTP, or any other mood enhancer. The Thomas Recipe also says you "may" take "up to" 4000 mg...but to scale up or down as needed. It also states if you get the "coffee jitters" to cut your dose down. There is even a statement about l-tyrosine causing the "runs".
Avatar n tn did not want to take responsibility for that area of my health) I have a follow up on my change from 50 mgs of sertraline to 100 mg and a decrease of wellbutrin of 300 down to 150 a day in 2 weeks. The sertraline has taken my already somewhat lack of interest in sex to a null completely. I know this is a side effect, pretty common one.
Avatar f tn J Many times symptoms appear due to synergistic drug interactions. I think you would be best advised to get one physician to review all the meds/dosages/timing and then try to coordinate what you take for treatment. Off the top of my head since your pulse is very low try taking toprol-xl 2x/day instead of 3x. That might allow your pulse rate to come up a bit, but then your BP might rise. This is self medicating and not a good idea.
Avatar m tn We then seen my liver numbers come back down to normal but my bilirubin went up to 11.1. I now have an appointment to see a gastroenterologist 7 days from today. I am asking what can I do until my next appointment to reduce my bilirubin levels... The itching is unbearable! I am on my 3rd day of taking questran, so far that has not helped the itching. PLEASE HELP!!!
Avatar f tn Thats not the case with everyone i know, but i handle mine with meditation. It took me years to get to this point in my life. Its possible if you believe its possible.
4901061 tn?1360737787 Please help with any suggestions on how to get off suboxone or the other pills. I am afraid to tell my Drs about my wanting to get off the meds in fear they will take them away without a tapering process that will be comfortable or without one at all once I say I've stopped my birth control with hopes of becoming pregm when this is over. Any stories or experiences any of you have had I would love to hear. I just joined this site with hopes of answers from others.
1252901 tn?1271135468 Dropped out of high school because of this, and now unable to work or go back to school. Had to get on state assistance for income etc. Is anyone else in this position too? How does one overcome this?
Avatar f tn i am not a Dr but i am a medical assistant, i can say this, you may be going thru early menapause, and if not to be really sure go buy a kit to see if you are pregnant for sure, and then if so, you will have to stop taking the medication, but make sure to talk to your Dr before stoping any medications cuz i am on clonazepam and my Dr is weening me off, because you can have a siezure if you stop cold turkey and possibly die.
645800 tn?1466864555 If you have high blood pressure or are prone to HBP, it can actually raise it enough to have to start medication to get it down. It's a good drug, but those side-effects can be scary if your doctor or pharmacist doesn't make you aware of these things. Sometimes the addition of another medication to stablize your blood pressure and heart rate, so you can continue taking Trazadone. I found that the more I took Trazadone, the worse my blood pressure problems became.
968908 tn?1274874715 I was on Paroxatine 20mg for 13yrs, in March this yr i came off after a long withdrawl, had severe head shocks for months. In June had a relaspe and GP has been trying to get me back on to a SSRI, SNRI ever since. When i initally tried to go back onto the Paroxatine 5mg after the 5th day i suffered from severe akathsia which lasted for 24 hours and left me with weakness in my right hand side. Gp ignored this and put it down to a trapped nerve in back...It was not!!
Avatar n tn Rockstar energy drinks contain huge amount of caffeine and therefore, due to the longer clearance and half-life you can get overwhelmed by caffeine. The way to counter this is by reducing the amount of caffeine by taking green tea of even a small coffee, the effects of a small coffee of cup of tea can be enough giving the fact that you are indirectly hypersensitive on caffeine. Do your tests, know you limits and the time it affects you until the caffeine crunch.
548642 tn?1266183252 Things like anatacids and laxatives, need to be taken with a 2 hr buffer on either side of the treatment meds. For example: Your dosage for Riba is 8 am, no anatacids or laxatives until after 10 am, or taken prior to 6 am. Grapefruits and grapefruit juice is a no-no on treatment. Also, vitamins w/calcium and/or fiber supplements need to be taken outside of the 2 hr window as well. At least this is what I've been told by my doctors.
1910757 tn?1348686919 Because of depression I was already underweight, so my psychiatrist decided to switch me to Sertraline instead, to keep me from losing more weight. The first week I still had some nasty adverse effects like insomnia, sweaty hands and feet, lack of appetite and insomnia. I also stopped taking Clonazepam during the day, but instead I stared taking 0,5 mg and 5 mg of Zolpidem at night, which has helped my sleeping patterns.
Avatar m tn Just to be clear she lets me do it and I've been doing it since I was like 15 and I'm 20 now. I have NEVER had the urge to abuse them nor will I EVER abuse them. Can you please answer my original question?
Avatar m tn Just wondering if anyone has been in my similar situation and how they were able to break the cycle and get on the road to being sober/clean. I have to get off of these and get better for myself and my family. Thanks in advance for any advice or comments,feel free to be mean,laugh or anything else I know what I have let myself get into is just crazy and from what I have read on here so far,these/you people seem to know how I feel or have been going threw some of the same.
Avatar f tn I immediately called and told her to get me off of the medication. She did not want to but I insisted. They started taking the dosage down and it took me over a year to get through the side effects. It was terrible. I could not drive for over a month. I read that the highest dose given should be no more than 350mg to a severely depressed person and believe me I did not fit into that category. To this day if a doctor gives me any pill I will research it fully before I put it in my mouth.
Avatar f tn bless you honest i mean how good are you to speak about it ,i cant help you really with the meds,just wanted you too know that i think you are amazing to still be able to talk to us after all that and let you know we are here to try and help.