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1709162 tn?1314088432 maybe sertraline was not for you maybe you were having panic attacks .
Avatar f tn He should of given you a clear indication of the amount you should take..... if you need to talk to someone before you can reach the doc maybe call the local hospital and ask to speak to one of the doc's there and see what they say. And i think to be honest they will tell you to stop taking this med.
Avatar f tn What I can have to help me sleep at night whilst starting up on sertraline that's causing me high anxiety and not being able to sleep (insomnia) I started a week ago on 50mg now upped to 100mg 2 days ago iv had zopiclone on and off since June when all this anxiety started and now my doctor won't prescribe me any more but was just wondering if a benzo will help with the sleep issue until the sertraline kick in and work for me, iv been on sertraline in August for 3 week it worked for 5 days the
Avatar f tn I would recommend telling your Dr you want to get off of this med and try something different. This is your decision of course. If it's not helping your anxiety and actually making it worse along with the stuttering it may be time to get off this med. You've given it more than 6 weeks, which most Drs recommend. Yes, the stuttering should go away when you quit this med. Give it a little while though. I've taken a couple of meds that made me want to move my mouth or lick my lips all the time.
Avatar n tn i have chills right now too, i used to have them as bad as you, chills and shaking, when i took a high dosage of perphenazine, and at a different time when i had a urinary infection. many psychiatric meds have chills as side effects. until recently i was taking 20 mg geodon and 4 mg perphenazine and had mild chills.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had to come home early from work due to an episode. My question is, even at this sudden high dose of Sertraline, are these side effects common? Mostly I'm concerned about the spike in anxiety & OCD. Any input appreciated.
Avatar f tn Meds work differently for different people. You will likely get a better response from your pharmacist who sees many people taking these meds or the person who prescribed these meds since anecdotal evidence from each person here will not likely apply to your body.
Avatar m tn Since we talked about your liver and your intention to do what's best to your liver i will explain why you should drink beer and avoid sugar or high sugar containing alcoholic beverage. When you drink alcohol your liver is like ''oh damn here comes the alcohol, i gotta get rid of this toxic substance!''. Your liver will also say ''damn some sugar! Oh nevermind i gotta get rid of the alcohol first'' so you end up with more toxicity for your liver when adding sugar with alcohol.
1378381 tn?1444869615 Worse than like the pressure you get when you've got a cold. But everythings unblocked. Any ideas on help? Do I wait it out?
Avatar f tn if need be dont be afraid to ask yout doctor for a small dose of zanax to help the anxiety till you notice the sertraline, for me sertraline seems to be the go to for my anxiety but you do get tremours that you do have to work through throughout the first week for some people. its all about keeping yourself in a posative state of mind.. you will get through it and there are people out there just like you and me!
5620279 tn?1371404278 At the very beginning of the Thomas Recipe there is a warning....that says if you are on an antidepressant, you should confer with your dr. before taking l-tyrosine, 5HTP, or any other mood enhancer. The Thomas Recipe also says you "may" take "up to" 4000 mg...but to scale up or down as needed. It also states if you get the "coffee jitters" to cut your dose down. There is even a statement about l-tyrosine causing the "runs".
Avatar f tn Wellbutrin is a very stimulating antidepressant that might make you more anxious, so that could explain why you didn't get prescribed this. You just have to wait and see. But you also need to know more about nutrition -- you don't lose weight by cutting calories drastically, eventually your natural metabolism stabilizes to your norm. Metabolism is the key to weight loss, not calories.
5050843 tn?1362873926 It makes you feel that you will always feel this crazy and there is no hope... but if you can get through a couple weeks you should see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just warned everyone that they may need to leave me alone if I get too "ragey".
Avatar n tn My pulse rate seems high at times, I get panic attacks when I am out in public for fear of passing out...I feel like a mess. I do have a followup with my Dr. next week but it is always nice to hear from others when my appts. seem to be so quick. Thanks!
Avatar f tn J Many times symptoms appear due to synergistic drug interactions. I think you would be best advised to get one physician to review all the meds/dosages/timing and then try to coordinate what you take for treatment. Off the top of my head since your pulse is very low try taking toprol-xl 2x/day instead of 3x. That might allow your pulse rate to come up a bit, but then your BP might rise. This is self medicating and not a good idea.
188500 tn?1207368551 I know money issues are bad, but can you get any help from family or friends until you can get back to work? Hope it all works out well for you.
572651 tn?1333939396 I think I have bouts of depression. Sometimes I just feel blah - no sadness, no joy. Thankfully it doesn't happen that often. I hate that feeling. I've never discussed it with a doc so I'm not on any medicine.
1322157 tn?1279660281 Grapefruit juice will breakdown some pain medications to fast an can cause you to get too much at one time. You should never take any type of pain medication with grapefruit juice.
Avatar f tn I was recently prescribed xanax an am afraid to take it because of all the warning labels. What does it do to you? Does it help you with the panicy feeling, or just put you to sleep. Is it anything like atarax?
Avatar f tn Weed does not harm fetuses, its way safer than any manmade drug. But aside from that, yes you can take antidepressant, you can take sertraline. My dr switched me to that from prozac when I got pregnant.
1473217 tn?1289246676 yes i know this sarah, but I cant see my rheumtoloigst til JANUARY. so i am trying to figure it all out..i am starting to definately think its arthritis and not joints swell and ache and feel like they are on fire...i tihnk i am going to stay away from the gabapentin til i see him in jan....bc gabapentin is for fibro and if i dont have that then wats the point and its the kind of drug you have to build up in ur system and build down you cant just quit cold turkey........
541465 tn?1219431486 in fact in the beginning,the Methadone-Ultram combo was the best high i ever had,but it never lasts and you end up chasing the monkey[high] till you die if you don't get clean.. the constipation,as all opiate addicts know all to well,becomes unbearably uncomfortable and dangerous as toxins/bacteria/fecal matter build up in your gut instead of being eliminated timely as you try every laxative known to man..Casara Sagrada is the ONLY thing[herb] that kept me semi regular.. my advice?
4901061 tn?1360737787 I am sure your symptoms are coming from the cocktail of meds that you are on.I hope you can get off of all of this and get a sensible doctor.
1580318 tn?1492443745 So to give you a more solid understanding of the subject, here are six classes of prescription drugs you should definitely think twice about taking due to their inherent dangers:But this important information is often shrouded from public view, which intentionally perpetuates the myth that the benefits of FDA-approved drugs far outweigh any risks.
Avatar n tn the penis needs to be expanded occasionally so that you don't lose the ability to expand when you get old. your prostate needs to be cleared out too so that you don't end up with an enlarged prostate when you get old. So in my opinion, not doing it is a bad thing.
19261846 tn?1474821783 Even if the tests are negative, AFTER you have your results, go off gluten. Get B12 shots. Take iron and 750 mg of magnesium citrate (start lower to see if it causes diarrhea). It will take some time to heal your gut, but still, if you are completely off gluten, you should start feeling a bit better in a week or two. The anemia will take time to resolve and it steals your energy. Take vitamin D3, but also get out in the sun. The low mag causes the anxiety.
Avatar m tn Are these two drugs compatable levothyroxine and sertraline hcl? Does your thyroid control your blood sugar?
1477827 tn?1287335896 Blood work was done and it showed that my cortisol was very high and my ferritin was either very high or low I can't remember. But my iron levels were normal. The CBC showed that my red blood cells were small and missshaped along with very few new cells. T4 levels were normal and my thyroid is not painful or inlarged. Plus my blood pressure used to be really high and I was on 3 different blood pressures pills to control it.
Avatar n tn To find a well informed answer to your query about the Sertraline-Propranolol combination, you need to look for information/evidence according to the hierarchy. A systematic review (a review of a number of studies exploring the same issue) is considered the best as far as strength of evidence is concerned. Clinicians' experience, case reports and non-journal articles are lower level sources of evidence.