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1564087 tn?1308951118 and i'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had hallucinations? seems like i've been having alot lately and are getting worst. i stopped taking my seroquel months and months ago, due too my heart disease. (just thought it was to risky) so, i know its not from my meds.. just wondering if anyone else has ever had any? i've been diagnosed with bipolar1 years ago and i didn't think you could have hallucinations?
Avatar n tn Antipsychotics are used to treat more than just schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. They are FDA approved as mood stabilizers and used for other purposes as well. Antipsychotics vary as to beneficial effects and side effects. If you were prescribed an antipsychotic and have started to experience hallucinations then you should inform your doctor and they decide what to do within their discretion.
Avatar n tn Recently, he was prescribed Amantadine 200 mg per day. He began to have hallucinations. His neurologist said this was due to the Parkinson's and it was just a coincidence that it started when he went on Amantadine. He said the Amantadine is metabolized in the liver, so his being on dialysis has no bearing on the dosage. Is this correct? What should we do?
403156 tn?1290153618 Has anyone experienced hallucinations while not being entirely depressed or manic? I have been diagnosed as BP II for almost 3 years and have never experienced hallucinations until now. I feel like I see things in my peripheral vision that are really not there. I have also occasionally heard things as well. Mood wise, I feel very stable. So this is completely alarming.
Avatar f tn My doctor has recommended Seroquel for my insomnia. Since i am a parkinsons patient, I was wondering if this ,might make my parkinsons worse?
1039200 tn?1314915608 This drug has been a complete godsend for mania, insomnia, agitation and hallucinations, but I'm left with depression, no sex drive, intrusive thoughts and the paranoia has now returned. I also struggle with a racing heartbeat after taking it. I have become a recluse, and wonder if the outcome actually outweighs the problem in the first place. I am torn between insisting on changing medication, trying an antidepressant (which last time sent me into mania), or ditching it altogether.
Avatar n tn Before the onset of the disease, she had been having auditory/visual hallucinations, and feelings of paranoia. After taking her to an Endocronologist he diagnosed her as having hyperthyroidism and cured her with radioactive iodine treatments.She was so bad off they administered the iodine twice. All the while she was still having the auditory hallucinations. The doctor told us that the hyperthyroidism unmasked a bipolar disorder,and ever since then she has been treated with Risperdal.
607502 tn?1288251140 Why are you changing from seroquel to lamictal? I am just curious as I perhaps too might be changing from seroquel to something else in the near future. It's some unwanted side effects for me.I tried stopping the med unsupervised (don't do this at home) and I had a real job sleeping afterwards, so perhaps be prepared for that (I am back on now until I can see my pdoc).
Avatar m tn yesterday i was in the car with my mom and i started thinking imagine if everything started melting and i started imagining everything melting, also today in the morning when i woke up i looked over at my brother and i thought i saw him smiling like a crazy person. are these intrusive thoughts caused by my fear of going crazy?? or are these hallucinations and i really am going crazy??please respond i am really freakin out....
1039200 tn?1314915608 I have always assumed that I have had this experience since I was about 15 - having regular hallucinations before sleep or just after waking. The hallucinations have been varied from people talking / walking around the house to 'spiders' or writing on the wall /geomertric shapes that change and so on. However I googled it today and the examples I read all talked about sleep paralysis as an accompanying feature.
Avatar n tn I accidentally took a seroquel after having been stabilized for some time with no symptomatology . I had awful hallucinations until I began accustomed to this drug. In your opinion should you have gone to the hospital. I thought I was taking one of the drugs that I am currently prescribed for a manic (late age onset) episode.
Avatar m tn I am now not taking street drugs very often and have had my diagnosis. What i don't understand is why i have been given seroquel (on 400mg right now) since everywhere i look i see it is for Bipolar I and i have never been manic enough to have hallucinations or psychosis. Unfortunately i don't get to see my psychiatrist for 1 more month to ask them so I'm asking here. The second question is about its effect on me, I'm not really sure it is really working.
Avatar n tn coincidentally ended up being referred (i'd asked for a second opinion) to two psychiatrists and i was put on seroquel. since probably mid-october 2007 have been on 800mg/seroquel/day, taken at night, though i do play around with my dosage sometimes to help w/my being able to wake up etc. there is a possibility that i'm schitzoaffective, but not really sure.
358304 tn?1409713092 im hoping the seroquel xr will help me sleep, b/c remeron no longer makes me sleepy nor helps with anxiety or appetite. My anxiety is very bad right now and I need sleep. SOOO sleep deprived. Hopefully this seroquel xr 50mg will help with insomnia, anxiety and appetite soon.
Avatar f tn my mother is in a nursing home and has obvious confusion sometimes, short term memory loss, but most of all she has a lot of hallucinations. she tells me she see these things that i know haven't happened, like some man is chopping off little kids arms and legs in front of her and everyone else is just ignoring it. she tells me she has gone places, when I know she hasn't, tells me she is now walking, when i know she can't.
Avatar n tn Two years ago my nurse practioner placed me on 25mg of Seroquel for insomnia, to be taken only at bedtime. I was on this medication for approximately 4mos. when I went into sudden acute renal failure - preceeded by some of the symptoms related to seretonin syndrome. (i.e. lack of coordination, in and out of conciousness, hallucinations) This all transpired within about a 24-36hr. period. All of which placed me in ICU, intebated and on life support for 3 days. My question is...
Avatar f tn Hi. I've been on Seroquel and then Seroquel XR for about two years now. I was initially prescribed it for bipolar mania, and the resultant insomnia. I have had panic attacks before prior to taking Seroquel, however never constantly, and never for no reason at all. I would have a panic attack after a traumatic event, or when I smoked pot as a teenager, but otherwise I never had them.
Avatar m tn After the addition of seroquel I started having classical music in my head that I could hear when I was hospitalized I asked several people if they heard what I did and they did not. However when I came home from the hospital I didn't have anymore auditory hallucinations. Seroquel helped me a lot with my ocd and gave me a lot of functioning ability. My adverse affects are sleep walking, night sweats and shaking hands until I eat something sweet. I am scared to take a diabetes test.
Avatar f tn i got a new psychiatrist this time hes nice i like him iv only seen him a couple times so far but i look forward to each time and hope he has a answer for what the hell is going on in my head i just want the answer i want a label what am i???
Avatar m tn My uncle was an alcoholic and everytime he quit he would have the strangest hallucinations, we would record him so we could show him later what he looks like when he comes off a binge. We usually gave him 7 days and they quit, like ricart said dont let that post scare you, she was not on the meds THAT long, my cousin was on morphine for almost 7 yrs do to endometriosis that spread through all her organs and she did have some problems, hallucinations etc... when she quit.
202665 tn?1248810333 Recently stopped Cymbalta and started takig Seroquel XR (300 mg). I'm nearing the 10 day mark for my body to handle the drug better, but am having some issues that I can't determine if they are side effects of either going off Cymbalta or the Seroquel. Problems I'm having on a dily basis are: . Extremely lathargic - almost to the point of not being able to function. I take the dose at night . Very "achey". My joints and bones just the extreme at times. .
202665 tn?1248810333 I'm switching from 90mg Cymbalta, 50mg Trazadone, and 10mg Ambien to initially 200mg of Seroquel and increasing the Lithium to 1200mg. I'm wondering if folks have found Seroquel to be better/worse and if any withdrawal was noticed in changing.
Avatar f tn I am having a baby due on Monday the 12th. I had to stay on my Seroquel the entire pregnancy. I was on 400 mg before becoming pregnant and tried to lower it down to 300 mg when I found out. I had to go back up to 400mg after the first trimester because I became moody, and angry. I was on birth control that didn't work due to my hypothyroidism. This is kinda my second Seroquel baby. Except with my first I was off my Seroquel during the first trimester.
5243927 tn?1365515275 I Am currently taking 50mgs of seroquel at night, i was dropped from 400 mgs a night to that. ive been taking 50 mgs now for a month, now my insurance wont pay for it. im on it for my bipolar and for sleep. i cant sleep without it. am i going to go through withdrawals from this?
Avatar n tn i have been on haldol which was crippling, got off it, then onto risperdal, geodon, and seroquel. the most tolerable is risperdal however i tend to need something to help me get to sleep very badly. i dont fall asleep easily. thats when my psychiatric nurse moved me on to geodon then seroquel along with risperal. both of these i find not very tolerable at all. with seroquel i will sleep very sound though i might suffer some bad hallucinations getting there. and i will oversleep with it.
Avatar m tn After the addition of seroquel I started having classical music in my head that I could hear when I was hospitalized I asked several people if they heard what I did and they did not. However when I came home from the hospital I didn't have anymore auditory hallucinations. Seroquel helped me a lot with my ocd and gave me a lot of functioning ability. My adverse affects are sleep walking, night sweats and shaking hands until I eat something sweet. I am scared to take a diabetes test.
Avatar n tn Spouse taking Seroquel, Lithium, & Geodon. Auditory hallucinations & delusions began about a month ago with no prior history of mental illness (we've been together 14 years). He was however abusing oxycodone, oxycontin, xanax, soma, & ritalin. We took him to the ER 3 wks ago & he was put on risperdal 1mg x1 wk, then 2mg before going back to ER. With no past mental illness history & age ~40...
Avatar n tn no your hallucinations are not caused by the seroquel! your illness may have induced the hallucinations, it is very common for bipolar patients to experience these types of hallucinations the lamectical is know to cause Abnormal Dreams, Insomnia, Hypnagogic Hallucination call your doctor for an immediate appointment, you were not having these side effects before you introduced the lamectal, so your doctor would be the one who can work that out also check out http://www.adawebsite.
Avatar n tn I was taking seroquel, risperdal and prozac, developed severe akathisia- stopped all meds and was initiated xanax for the akathisia. I began to feel slight improvement. The seroquel and risperdal was for the sleep so thus once I stopped I could not sleep, no rozerem was initiated- after about 2 weeks on it I began to feel a worsening of the akathisia symptoms, to the point I am having to keep increasing the xanax- despite being off the seroquel, prozac and risperdal for 2 months now.